January 19 , 2006 update
Finale will support new Apple Intel-based Mac computers. The next version of Finale will be available as a Universal Binary version, running natively on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs. There is no release date of this upcoming binary version.

Coda Music Technology Finale 2006 (2006a, 2006b)

music notation software (step-time, real-time)
(real-time notation also using your own acoustic wind instrument)

Finale 2006a is a free, downloadable update available to registered Finale 2006 users.
Finale 2006b is a free, downloadable update available to registered Finale 2006 users. Full version of Finale 2006 costs $600 ($350 for Academic version and $99,95 for upgrade from Finale 2005).
Finale 2006 requires that you register the software within 30 days. You are authorized to install Finale 2006 on two computers (Mac OS X and/or Windows) for your personal use in locations such as home and office

Finale free Demo - Try before you buy
Finale 2006 demo is available for both Macintosh OS X and Window platforms.
Differences between the Demo and Full version:
No saving
Prints only first page with a "demo" watermark
A sample mp3 file is provided in place of Garritan Personal Orchestra Finale Edition

Finale users
The largest publishers, including Hal Leonard engrave with Finale.
Prestigious schools like Juilliard and Berklee College of Music teach with Finale. World-class arts organizations such as the Metropolitan Opera and Jazz at Lincoln Center rely on Finale.
Academy Award winning movies like Million Dollar Baby, The Aviator, Spider-Man 2, Sideways, Polar Express, the Village, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, The Passion of the Christ and Finding Neverland are scored with Finale.

Finale System Requirements

Finale 2006 for Windows
* Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP. Import and export of EPS files supported under Windows 98, and ME only. Garritan sounds supported in Windows XP only.
* CD or DVD-ROM drive.
* 800x600 minimum monitor resolution.
* Minimum 256MB RAM (1GB or more recommended for optional use of Garritan sounds / Kontakt Player: more RAM = more available sounds).
* 200MB hard drive space required for software and user manual. An additional 800MB is required for all Garritan sounds.

Finale 2006 for Macintosh
* G4 or higher recommended. OS 10.2 and higher.
* CD or DVD-ROM drive.
* 800x600 minimum monitor resolution
* Minimum 256MB RAM (1GB or more recommended for optional use of Garritan sounds / Kontakt Player: more RAM = more available sounds).
* 200MB hard drive space required for software and user manual. An additional 800MB is required for all Garritan sounds.

* MIDI interface
* MIDI input and/or playback device
* Printer
* Scanner
* Microphone required for use of Finale Performance Assessment (except when using MIDI keyboard) and MicNotator.
* A soundcard (including Standard DirectSound, MME or ASIO drivers) is required for playing the Garritan sounds in Windows.)

New in Finale 2006
Integrated Garritan Sounds . Studio View and Mixer , TempoTap , Engraver Copy and Paste , Textured Paper , Embedded Graphics , Backwards Compatibility , Mid-Measure Repeats , Split Measure , Create Coda Systems , Resize Noteheads Automatically , Chord Analysis , Mid , Measure Playback Controls , Macintosh Enhancements , Speed & Redraw Enhancements , Improved Human Playback , More MIDI Channels , Support of Native Instruments VST/AU players , Orff Instruments in Setup Wizard , Handbells Used Chart , Auto-Slur Melismas and more

Finale 2006 features


Easy access to the Installation and Tutorial Guide

Setting up your score
New in Finale 2006 — Select Orff Instruments from the Set-Up Wizard (
- )
What instruments or voices do you want? You can even select from pre-defined ensembles or create your own. What key? Time signature? Music font? Tempo? Finale will set up your score, complete with staves in correct order, tempo marking, staff groupingsl. .
Page size , select Instrument , Time signature , final Settings

Pre-designed scores ( - )
When creating a full score, a worksheet, quiz or even a dissertation, the easiest way to start is simply to open a pre-created template. Over 60 to choose from including SATB, Kodály, solfege and more.

Entering Notes

Simple Note Entry
Click notes onto the staff or use MIDI keabord to indicate pitch. Or input notes with the numeric pad and keys ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘C’ ‘D’ ‘E’ ‘F’ and ‘G.’ Change octave. Enter rests. Add accidentals. Add notes in a chord to an existing note. Create triplets. Now add grace notes. Break and join beams.
But entering notes is just the start. Enter articulations on the fly or ‘lock-in’ an articulation to place on several notes. Change the key or time signature simply with key commands. Flip enharmonics, add expressions and flip ties. Re-pitch existing notes, regardless of their durations, using any of the note-entry methods to re-pitch these rhythms. Change layers or create multiple voice lines on the staff as you write or edit.
If you prefer certain key commands, change the defaults in Finale to whatever you like.

Using your acoustic wind instrument
MicNotator: No keyboard required : pick up your clarinet and start making music.
This technology allows you to enter notation into Finale simply by playing your brass or woodwind instrument. Finale’s new generation of MicNotator is now much more accurate.

HyperScribe with Continuous Data
Notate as you play a MIDI keyboard : even record continuous data including the sustain pedal.

recorded in HyperScribe without Continuous Data
recorded in HyperScribe with Continuous Data

SmartScore Lite Scanning
SmartScore Lite now recognizes grayscale images, simplifying the use of scanners, including HP models that save in this format. And Finale now imports scanned SmartScore 3.0 and SharpEye files, capturing notes, text, lyrics, chord symbols and more (Currently Windows only

the original

Scanned into Finale (only 5 edits needed)

Professional Notation

Easily create your own set of commands that Finale will perform with a simple mouse click. Mix several repeated actions into one. Batch file process.
Example: You have a number of Finale files for voice and piano, and you want them to be for Bb saxophone and piano.
Create a script that:
1. Selects top staff.
2. Searches and replaces “Voice” with “Saxophone”.
3. Completes instrument transposition to Bb on top staff.
4. Removes lyrics.
5. Removes chord symbols.
6. Lays out the page in Landscape.
7. Respaces the music.
8. Updates the layout.
Finished result.
New: the ability to invoke plug-ins no matter how many layers of subfolders they may be hidden. Similarly batch processing can be performed in any ridiculous number of subfolders.
Apply Staff Styles.
*Enter notes via FinaleScript.
Expanded ability to execute menu items.

SmartFind and Paint
Let’s say your score has a rhythmic motif that is repeated throughout the score in other voices with other pitches. If you want the articulations, dynamics and expressions copied to all those other voices, just select this feature and you have instantly transferred the desired selections right where you need them.

Control of tuplets with Finale's new Engraver Tuplets
Default positioning looks good, even when the tuplet begins with rests, and tuplets now automatically reposition when notes are raised or lowered on the staff. Brackets follow the angle of the stems when on stem side and follow the angle of notes when on the note side.
More tuplet position options:
Center tuplet number metrically or linearly within tuplet group.
Bracket can extend over full duration of notes or just notes themselves.
Placement options for Beam/Stem side and Above/Below staff.
Specify flat tuplet brackets.
Brackets flip when dragged across staff midline.
Display ratio in multiple forms and ratio + note duration.

Control of "before music" and "after music" space on a measure-by-measure level.
Specify space between clef and key, key and time, and clef and time.
Additional"before music" space at beginning of staff system and for notes
with accidentals.
Specify minimum distance between grace notes in music spacing and retain manual grace note positioning after music spacing.

Grace Note Spacing - Work with multiple grace notes.
You can now specify the minimum distance between grace notes in Music Spacing Options.
Manual grace note positioning can now be retained after music spacing.
Improved user interface affecting grace notes and music spacing in Document Options.

Embedded Graphics

More Music Fonts
More musical symbols from a variety of notation fonts included with Finale:
Maestro Wide , Maestro , Engraver , Jazz

TG Tools Plug-ins
Create Handbells Used Chart - Automatically generate, to your specifications, a chart that shows which handbells are in use in your score.
Smart Split Point - Specify a different split point for selected regions or set your preferences and it will analyze your music and make intelligent decisions.
Process Extracted Parts - Create parts from staves in which multiple instruments have been notated.
Modify Rests - Minimize rests by expanding preceding notes. Shift rests. Split whole, half and quarter rests based on time signatures. Divide note values in half by inserting rests.

Hear Your Music

Integrated Kontakt Player and Garritan sounds - Personal orchestra sounds list

Brandenburg Concerto #3 -- Johann Sebastian Bach
Pictures at an Exhibition -- Modest Mussorgsky
Capriccio Espagnole – Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Symphony #9 -- Antonin Dvorak

- Human Playback

with no Human Playback
using Finale Human Playback and SmartMusic SoundFont

SmartMusic SoundFont
SmartMusic Soundfont playback is expanded from 16 channels to 128. Plus, you can now combine playback of Row-Loff® Marching Percussion Sounds with standard SmartMusic SoundFont percussion.

with no Human Playback and no SmartMusic SoundFont
with Finale’s new Softsynth and Human Playback.

- Save as MP3, WAV or AIFF - Burn an audio CD
Real-time Save As Audio now supports .WAV and .AIFF output for Finale’s integrated Garritan Personal Orchestra (GPO) sounds and other supported VST/AU instruments. Plus, adjustments to the Mixer or Staff Controls during the saving process apply to the generated audio file.
- An example of playing back a Finale file saved as an audio file.

Row-Loff Marching : new percussion sounds in Finale
Sounds include:
Bass Drums: Five Drums plus Rims, Unison and Buzz Roll.
Crash Cymbals: Crash Choke, Hi Hat Choke, Open and Closed Hi Hat, Crash Cymbals, Cymbal Smash Ride Cymbal, Ride Cymbal Bell and Crash Cymbal with Stick.
Snare Drum: LH, LH Rim Shot, RH, RH Rim Shot, Gok (both hands, rim shot), Short Guz, Long Guz, LH Rim, RH Rim, Cross Shot, Stick Shot, Stick Click, and Buzz Roll.
Tenor Drums: Four Tenor Drums each with Rim Shot and Buzz Roll, plus Spock Drum, Spock Drum Rim Shot, Stick Click, High Rims and Low Rims.

"Four Under the Floor" from Bass Logic by Bill Bachman
"Beatlicious" from Quad Logic by Bill Bachman
"Geek" from Quad Logic by Bill Bachman

Composing and Arranging

Auto-arrange - Band-in-a-Box Auto Harmonizing
automatically transforms your melodies, creating up to 6-part hamonies in dozens of styles and voices. Thanks to a partnership with the makers of the popular Band-in-a-Box software, the Auto Harmonizer is free with the purchase of Finale.

Rhythm Section Generator
Creates piano, bass and drum accompaniments (styles: Swing, Ballad, Bebop and Bossa Nova) for your melodies , instantly. .

Instant Drum Grooves
Select any region and apply a pre-created drum groove in the style and feel you want.
You can add to the list of available styles by placing any MIDI file into the Drum Groove folder. The plug-in intelligently copies only the drum and percussion information.

Smart Cue Notes
Give your performers an easier way to recognize their entrances after long multi-bar rests by having Finale automatically create cue notes. Tell Finale what decisions to use in creating cue note entrances, and it does all the work for you.

Smart Page Turns - Everyone's on the same page
Getting the music aligned in individual parts for natural page turns used to take careful evaluation and a fair amount of re-positioning measures and staff systems. Now, just tell Finale what to consider, and it does the page turn formatting for you.

No Edits Required

Intelligent Repeats - Select the measures that will appear in the first ending. Select "Create first and second ending". You're done.
All numbers and brackets are entered and lined up.
Numbers are automatically followed by periods.
Text Repeats and Repeat Endings now have Staff List options, like Expressions.
Specify where text and brackets appear in your score and parts.
Backward Repeat Bars or Repeat Endings can be defined to find their targets automatically.
*The Repeat context menu contains new functions including "Align Brackets" and "Reset Bracket Position".
Enhanced repeat handle functionality including the ability to select multiple handles.
The Document Option "Maximum Number of Repeat Passes" prevents infinite loops that cause files not to play.

Note Spacing - All notes space themselves automatically as they’re entered.

Engraver Slurs - Slurs automatically snap to avoid collisions, ven after transpositions that cause stems to flip.

Automatic Lyric Placement - Lyrics space themselves and the notes they’re attached to automatically.

Automatic Word Extensions - Word extensions actually flow into the score automatically and also wrap to the next staff system. If the music expands or contracts, the extensions stretch or shrink to fit.

Smart Hyphens -Lyric hyphens now wrap to the next staff system automatically. And Coda Music Technology improved how lyrics are copied from verse to verse.

These plug-ins are included in Finale 2006

Point ... Click .... Edit.
Instant editing

Selection Tool - Selection Tool allows you to click on virtually anything: note, articulation, clef, smart shape, chord, lyric, text block or tempo marking so you can move, edit or delete as you choose. Point. Click. Edit

Expression Customization

Creating and editing tempo markings . Many placement options are offered including alignment based on the note or measure.
Text expression - Finale allows you to use multiple fonts in the same expression, align expressions with automatic placement options, and add a description for each expression

Expression Placement - Text Align
Expressions are automatically placed above or below the staff, and can be centered or justified left or right.
Cross-staff beaming Improvements - Creating cross-staff beaming used to be a multi-click process. Not any more. Just select the notes you want to move to the bass staff.
Type ALT- down arrow key.

Contextual Menus

New in Finale 2006 — Key Signature and Mass Edit Contextual Menus
Contextual Menus provide a wide range of editing features in a pop-up menu when Windows users right-click and Macintosh users control-click. Here’s one example: click the staff tool to select some music. Right-click or control-click and you get a menu of choices for turning the selected music into a one-line staff, blank staff, slash or rhythmic notation, 1- or 5-line percussion staff, and more. Even customize your own staff style. Most tools in Finale now have this method of instant editing.

Multiple Undo
Now you can undo any number of your last moves in the current session, even past the point that you saved the document. Applies to all actions including plug-ins.

Educator Tools

Studio View - Teach and practice composition and arranging
Finale 2006 integrates key sequencer features with the Studio View: professional notation and key sequencer features for creating in multi-track environments.
Integrated controls for each staff enable you to set volume, panning, and patch as well as choose to mute, solo, or record.
You can adjust parameters for all staves – in real time – with the new mixer.
Build compositions track by track in Studio View’s multi-track recording environment. Because everything appears in standard music notation, there’s no need for separate sequencing software that uses complex computer symbols. As before, MIDI data can be easily edited.
Mid-Measure Playback Controls offer more detailed feedback and the ability to resume your playback right where you stopped or anywhere you want.

Tools for Teaching Composition and Arranging

Sculpting Musical Compositions
in Studio View students build a composition by adding to it piece by piece, line by line. and work in standard music notation at all times. There is no need to switch to separate sequencing software or learn complex computer symbols. With Finale 2006, students compose, learn, and notate all at once. Then they can print the results as engraver-quality sheet music.
How does it work?
Create - Simply by clicking the Record button, students craft melodies and try different notes. and see the notes appear on the staff and hear them played with internal sounds and Human Playback.
Experiment - While listening to the melody, students experiment with counter-melodies, canons, and the like. Studio View plays back these experiments, encouraging students to make choices
Choose - With melody and counter-melody working together, students continue to experiment with harmonies, bass lines, and instrumentation. Band-in-a-Box Auto-Harmonizing, Rhythm Section Generator, and other composition tools provide creative options.
SmartMusic Accompaniment Wizard
The SmartMusic Accompaniment Wizard guides you through the process, simplifying and automating each step.
Customize what you need - Solo works with accompaniment. Full ensembles. Exercises that can be assessed and graded. Choose to display the music in SmartMusic for the soloist to read.
Create SmartMusic Markers -Edit menu add Intelligent Accompaniment like "wait for note" or any other kind of SmartMusic Markers :
"Multitimbral SmartMusic Accompaniment Generation"
Create SmartMusic Accompaniments containing many instruments primed for SoundFont playback in SmartMusic.
"Customized part playback" lets you practice a part within an ensemble piece in SmartMusic.
"SmartMusic subscription" required to use Finale-created accompaniments in SmartMusic.
Exercise Wizard - Quick custom lessons - Over 50,000 customized exercises
You can create an exercise or multiple exercise lessons in an instant. Just select the mode, note duration, intervals, articulations, key and range.
Select the exercises (O) , (O) ,(O)
Select Key and Articulation for each exercise (O) , (O) , (O)
Select which ensemble you want the sheet music printed - You can also customize your ensemble (i.e. wind ensemble, orchestra, chamber singers), select a pre-defined instrument range level, and how many copies for each
PRINT - It's automatic. Finale will produce every part .
Finale Performance Assessment
Create a Finale file for your students. Your students open the file in a downloadable shareware application called Finale Performance Assessment, or FPA. Here they practice the music - adjusting the tempo, even hearing how it is supposed to be played, playing it over and over until ready for a performance - and are automatically recorded in a file they can save to disk for their portfolio, or email to you, their family, or friends. Their performance is assessed on-screen: notes they played correctly appear in green and incorrect notes appear in red.
FPA is now available for MIDI keyboard, woodwind and brass players.

Share and Connect Internet
Connecting to Finale NotePad
This free downloadable (Windows , Macintosh OS X) notation software can be used to create up to 8 staves, but can also open a Finale file from the same or earlier version. You can even read the most complex Finale family file, edit notes or type in text. Create an assignment or test in Finale, have the students take the test with Finale NotePad. This means as a Finale user, you can now share your music with anyone on the Internet. When they download Finale NotePad, all of your friends, relatives, colleagues, or publishers can play back, print and even edit the music.
Your Music Online
Post your music for the world to see, play and print at Finale Showcase or post Finale files on your website, a free site hosted by MakeMusic. Anyone can see and play back your music using Finale NotePad. .


Import Graphics
New in Finale 2006: Embedded graphics allow to easily transport your files to anyone.
Create interest in your music with the addition of graphics (embedded or linked). Import graphic files as TIFF or EPS. Macs can also import PICT.
Export as a Graphic
Create quizzes, textbooks or worksheets by exporting music into word-processing software. Finale allows you to save as TIFF. Macs can also save as PICT or EPS.

Tablature / Fretboards - Pickins
Wide Selection of Fretted Instruments
Choose your instrument from the Setup Wizard and enter your music. There is little left to do.
Finale can handle notation for an array of fretted instruments.
Enter notes directly into TAB staves using a mouse, computer keyboard, or MIDI device. Or copy from a companion Standard Notation Staff to a TAB staff and vice-versa. Specify the lowest fret to use as you paste.

Once the music is in the tab staff youcan edit. For example, to change a fret number from '2' to '3', just select the note and type '3'.

Up and Down arrow keys move a selected number to other strings. Numbers appear in orange when out of fret range.

Various stem styles are applied. Use the "Tab Styles" library that comes with Finale or create your own.

Bends and shapes automatically convert when you paste between Standard and TAB staves.
Notating hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends and releases is a breeze.
User-defined defaults for guitar bends are standard.
Custom Smart Shapes now contain an expanded list of guitar-specific lines.
Bends can effortlessly do stair steps and double bends.

Prices list
Finale (notation, compostion, educational) softwares comparison charts
Finale 2001
Finale 2003
Finale 2004
Finale 2006 updates

Coda Music Technology Headquarters
6210 Bury Drive , Eden Prairie, MN 55346-1718 , Usa
Tel: 952-937-9611 , Fax: 952-937-9760
Listing of International Dealers

Coda Music Italy
Midi Music (Torino)
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Technical Support:
Usa tel: 952.937.9703 (M-F, 11-4 CST)
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Notation Software Support
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