Digidesign PROTOOLS HD systems

Digidesign PROTOOLS HD systems

Pro Tools HD is a specialized version of a digital audio workstation (a computer-based audio production environment operating entirely in the digital domain). Digital audio workstations (DAWs) essentially replicate and expand on the functionality available in analog studios, offering recording, mixing, editing and mastering capabilities all in one system. Pro Tools HDs use the resources of your computer and the dedicated HD processing card(s) installed within it. As a professional musician, engineer or producer, your specific functional needs should determine the scope of the Pro Tools HD configuration you choose. At a minimum, the configuration will include the following:

-Digidesign-approved Macintosh computer (Windows coming soon)

-A Pro Pro Tools HD 1, HD 2 or HD 3 core system:
HD 1 (HD Core card)
HD 2 (HD Core card + HD Process card)
HD 3 (HD Core card + 2 HD Process card)
(available new DigiLink interface standard for connectivity of HD Core and HD Process cards at lengths of up to 100 feet .
100-foot DigiLink cable supports up to 96 kHz sample rates)

-All three core Pro Tools HD systems require at least one HD audio interface
(192 I/O or 96 I/O) to facilitate I/O functionality.

-Compatible hard drives
(DigiDrive 36-10 k and DiDrive 73-10 k: Pro Tools-compatible 36 GB and 73 GB Hard Drives optimized for certified compatibility with Pro Tools, prices in U.S.Dollars: $ 990.00 and $ 1,550.00)

These ProTools HD Audio Production Workstations incorporate a highly advanced hardware architecture. Along with more DSP power, the HD systems feature support for increased sample rates (up to 192 kHz), high-resolution audio interfaces and peripheral options, higher track count and I/O capacity, expanded routing flexibility ... Based on the Digidesign TDM II digital audio workstation technology, Pro Tools HD systems provide unparalleled recording, editing, processing, and mixing power, total session transferability, and intuitive ease. Available in several configurations to accommodate diverse applications, the modular nature of each system enables to expand as the needs grow.

Pro Tools HD 1
High-Definition Audio Production Workstation
US Price: $7,995 (plus audio interface)

Pro Tools HD 1 features the HD Core card, supporting up to 32 channels of I/O, (requires the purchase of HD audio interface/interfaces) 96 simultaneous audio tracks, and housing a host of powerful DSPs that provide the dedicated mixing and processing audio.

Pro Tools HD 2
Expanded High-Definition Audio ProductionWorkstation
US Price: $9,995 (plus audio interface)

Pro Tools HD 2 includes the HD Core card and an additional HD Process card, offering more than double the mixing and processing power of HD 1 systems, support for 64 channels of I/O (requires the purchase of HD audio interface/interfaces), and up to 128 simultaneous audio tracks.

Pro Tools HD 3
The Ultimate High-Definition Audio
US Price: $11,995 (plus audio interface)

Pro Tools|HD 3 features the HD Core card and two additional HD Process cards, supporting up to 96 channels of I/O (requires the purchase of HD audio interface/interfaces) and 128 simultaneous audio tracks.

Pro Tools HD Systems for Power Macintosh requirements

Digidesign PCI Cards Supplied with System:

Pro Tools HD 1

HD Core card

Pro Tools HD 2

HD Core card

HD Process card

Pro Tools HD 3

HD Core card

HD Process (2 cards)


Other card options


Digidesign Software Supplied with System:

Pro Tools 5.3


Optional Digidesign Software


Optional Digidesign HD-Audio-Interfaces (one required):

192 I/O

96 I/O

Other Optional Digidesign Audio-Interfaces:

-Connect 1 or 2 (requires "Y" cable adaptor)
to a single 192 I/O or 96 I/O Legacy Port:
888|24 I/O
882|20 I/O

-Connect all 16 channels t
o a single 192 I/O or 96 I/O Legacy Port: 1622 I/O

-Connect 8 channels or 16 channels (requires "Y" cable adaptor)
to a single 192 I/O or 96 I/O Legacy Port:
24-Bit ADAT Bridge I/O

Optional HD Cables - DigiSnakes & DigiLink

Optional Digidesign Hardware:


Fader Pack (up to 5)

Edit Pack

Control 24

Sync I/O

Optional Control Surfaces & MIDI interfacfaces

Optional Expansion Chassis Supported


Power Macintosh supported CPU Models & Requirements

Power Macintosh G4 (AGP graphics)

Third-Party Video Capture Cards

Complete details for specific computer models

Additional Computer Requirements

-System Software:
Mac OS v9.1, 9.2, 9.2.1, or 9.2.2
(depending on CPU model)

-Total System RAM:
Minimum 256 MB
Pro Tools application "Preferred Size" memory allocation set to 134 MB
DAE is no longer an independent application, and therefore requires no additional RAM
Do not change the "Minimum Size"
Virtual memory is not supported

-Additional RAM is required for:
High edit density sessions, extensive use of plug-ins, and addition of options like MachineControl (384 MB recommended)
Sessions larger than the default track size (default session sizes are 64 tracks at 44.1/48 kHz, 32 tracks at 88.2/96 kHz and 12 tracks at 176/192 kHz) - 384 MB minimum, 512 MB recommended (Pro Tools application "Preferred" memory allocation set to 225 MB)

-Monitor, color required, minimum resolution of 1024 x 768

-Opcode OMS v2.3.8 (supplied)

-Apple QuickTime v5.0.2 (supplied)

-ATTO Express Pro-Tools v2.3.2 or higher (supplied)

-Hard Drive:
Minimum Requirements

-SCSI Acellerator Card Required

Pro Tools|HD Systems with Pro Tools 6.0.1 for
Mac OS X Requirements

Pro Tools|HD Systems for Windows XP Requirements

ProTools HD System configurations

A number of variations are available to you when configuring a Pro Tools HD system. Based on how much processing power and I/O you require, you can readily construct a system to meet your needs as well as to flexibly accommodate future variations. Comprised of a Pro Tools HD core (i.e., Pro Tools HD 1, 2 or 3) and any additional components you wish to integrate (such as PRE, MIDI I/O or SYNC I/O) Pro Tools HD systems give you up to 128 tracks of simultaneous recording or playback, and are expandable up to 96 channels of I/O. Below, diagrams show you how to set up some typical Pro Tools configurations for professional music applications.

Pro Tools HD 1 (Basic)
HD audio interfaces connected to the HD Core card in the computer allow you to route input from instruments, sound modules and microphone preamplifiers into Pro Tools, as well as back out to your audio monitoring system. A SCSI accelerator card and two Digidesign-approved, dedicated hard drives are attached providing record or playback of 64 simultaneous tracks of audio at 48KHz. At the end of the SCSI chain, a CD burner is added.
ProTools HD: basic diagram

Optional Digidesign interfaces for Pro Tools HD Systems

192 I/O (US Price: $3995.00)
It features an additional I/O option bay, allowing you to add more inputs or outputs.

96 I/O (US Price: $1995.00)
It offers high-resolution, multi-channel audio interface.

SYNC I/O (US Price: $2095.00)
It serves as the master synchronization device for Pro Tools HD, supporting all major industry-standard clock sources and time code formats.

MIDI I/O (US Price: $595.00)
This USB interface features ten MIDI input/output ports, MIDI I/O also supports Digidesign Time-Stamping for timing accuracy.

PRE (US Price: $2495.00)
It offers eight channels of mic preamplification, providing an analog path into the Pro Tools HD environment.

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