Native Instruments Kore
Universal Sound Platform, the first (studio/stage oriented) host system by Native Instruments, .

technical specifications, pricing and availabiliy: Spring 2006

A Single Interface
Kore's uniform interface gives you instant access to all the sounds on your computer. The groundbreaking fusion of software and hardware makes using instruments and effects easier.

Komplete Compatibility
All presets included with NI instruments have been pre-configured and categorized with a variety of attributes, making the combination of Kore and NI Komplete 3 powerful.

Total Integration
Kore can host any VST and AudioUnit instrument and effect. It runs stand-alone or as a plug-in within all major sequencers. KoreSounds can consist of multiple instruments and effects and can be transferred between songs, systems and studios.

Master Your Performance
Beside its power within a studio environment, Kore is also built to be used live on stage. Advanced performance features and the Kore controller enable you to play your instruments and effects, switch between presets and recall songs all while staying focused on your performance.

Stephan Schmitt, founder and president of Native Instruments said:
"After ten years of developing software instruments, our goal was to create the one solution that finally makes everything come together. We believe that Kore will be a significant step forward for musicians and producers in many ways, and that it will make their individual process of creating and performing music much more efficient, convenient and fun."

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2006 February issue 146

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