Musitek SmartScore 3
music scanning for Windows, Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X

SmartScore 3 is published in 5 editions: the Professional Edition (318 euro), the Songbook Edition (238 euro)
and three packages designed for MIDI creation, piano music or solo guitar music (79 euro).

Pro Edition: a fast way to get sheet music, opera, hymns, musicals, orchestral parts and scores into your computer.

SongBook Edition: Transpose and print entire songs seconds after scanning. Watch as fretboards and chord symbols are recognized, then change as you transpose keys. Choose a style for automatic drum accompaniment or create new ones. Sing along with your friends in Karaoke view.

Piano Edition: Now, pedal markings (Pedal down, Pedal up, Sustain, Damper) are recognized. Automatically recognizes and plays back arpeggios and glissandos.
Midi Edition: MIDI Editor is expanded with more useful features.
Guitar Edition: Improved differentiation of contrapuntal voices. Better control of tightly-spaced originals avoids mismatching of voices. Improved flagged note recognition.

SmartScore 3 features: more accuracy

-99% more recognition accuracy on well-printed pages
-More symbols are recognized and applied to playback
-Improved lyric and text recognition
-Precision recognition of guitar fretboards and chord symbols
-Improved recognition of triplets, whole notes, chords and endings
-New options for hymnal fonts, pedals and tightly-spaced notes

SmartScore 3 features: more useful tools

-Change playback properties of nuance markings locally or globally
-Better control of page layout and symbol repositioning
-Properties Tool allows you to change playback parameters of articulations, hairpins, dynamics and legatos locally or globally.
-Automatic drum track library. Add new patterns with MIDI import
-Greatly expanded guitar chord library
-Better MIDI integration. More powerful MIDI editing tools
-New Karaoke view with bouncing ball and moving lyrics
-Burn ENF playback to Audio CD. Convert ENF to PDF files (Win and Mac OS X)
-Export lyrics, chord and guitar symbols to Finale 2004
-Export NIFF files to Sibelius 3 keeping page layout intact

Less Problems

-Specific transposition issues fixed
-Jumps, codas and repeats improved
-Improved Image Editor

Improvements and fixes in 3.0.6 update

-Fixed problem with exporting lyrics, text and lyrics to Finale 2004
-Improved scanning control of HP and Epson printers (Win XP and ME)
-Reverse default arc direction when inserting ties with right-click (Mac: alt+click)
-Improved automatic note beaming
-Specific stabilization issues improved
-Guitar Chord Library expanded and improved
-Recognition of guitar fretboards improved
-Triplets recognition improved
-D.C and D.S. jumps problem fixed
-Duration of last note of slur group no longer extended.
-Text editing improved
-Selector tool for extended trills improved
-Properties Tool extended
-Image Editor tools improved
-Playback Console interface updated

New Features In Version 3

Project Window:
Scan multiple pages of printed sheet music and with a push of a button, watch it as it reconstructs onscreen in seconds; ready for playback, transposition, part extraction, reprinting or exporting to other programs. An interface includes split screen viewing of both the original scan (in yellow) and the editable SmartScore ENF view (in white).

Recognition Options
Precision recognition of lyrics, text, fretboards and chord symbols
Precision recognition of guitar chord symbols makes transposition of song sheets nearly instantaneous. New options for marked or implied triplets, special lyric layout and other options to make scanning more accurate than before.

Guitar Chord Editor
Guitar chord / fret symbols are recognized with more accuracy. Transposing the key signature transposes guitar fret and chord symbols automatically. Change or add new finger patterns quickly and easily with the Guitar Chord Editor.

Score Structure
Extract parts to new documents, turn parts into a conductor’s score or a score into parts. Optimized parts are intelligently linked and can even be re-linked.

Error Check
SmartScore find and locate mistakes, including ones made by the publishers.

Piano roll, overview and MIDI event list give complete control over the underlying MIDI playback structure. Velocity and Tempo graphical controllers allow for smooth dynamic shading.

Edit Shapes
More fine control of objects in Edit Shapes mode. Move headers, text, frets and chord symbols, change beam angles, fine tune legato/slur end points and arc curves. Nudge notes and rests for a more polished, professional finish.

Properties Tool
Change playback properties of hairpins, dynamic marks, legatos, trills and other symbols. Apply change to a single object or to all similar symbols. Store customized changes to symbols as new default for future SmartScore files.

Select Drum Accompaniment:
Automatically apply up to 30 up-to-date drum patterns to accompany your song. Or create your own to add to the library.

Create Drum Pattern
Create your own drum patterns from scratch to add to the accompaniment library.

Karaoke View
Sing along with your friends to the moving lyrics and bouncing ball.

CD Writer (Win and Mac OS X)
Create audio CDs from SmartScore ENF files. Sort, restack and burn multiple songs onto CD. Useful for practicing or just listening in your car.

System Requirements (Win):

-Win 98 / 2000 / NT / ME / XP
-Pentium II or better
-128 Mb RAM (recommended) + 32 Mb disk space

System Requirements (MAC):

-OS X: Any computer that runs OS 10.2 (Jaguar) or later
-OS 9: System 9.1 with QuickTime 3.0 or later
-PowerPC or better
-128 Mb RAM + 32 Mb disk space

SmartScore 3 also available for downloading

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Wordwide distributors

Italy Midi Music tel.(++39) 0113185602, e-mail


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