KORG micro X
portable synthesizer

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euro 650 circa
available June 2006

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The Korg microX music synthesizer is packed with l sounds generated by the HI synthesis system featured on the Triton (Extreme, Studio) series. Designed to fit into today’s computer-based home and on-the-go studio, the microX is the complement for any musical genre, production style, and performance scene.


• High-quality sounds delivered by the HI synthesis system used on Triton (Extreme, Studio) series.

• 640 programs based on a new 64MB ROM, covering a wide range of styles.

• Combination mode allows up to eight programs to be freely combined to create complex sounds. 384 preloaded combinations are provided.

• Up to four high-quality effects can be used simultaneously, with effect types that cover a broad range from sound-field simulation to creative transformations.

• Four-channel audio output allows sound-creating and mixing techniques such as using external effect processors and surround applications.

• Multi Sets provide easy setup and instant recall of 16-part multi-timbral groupings for use with your external DAW software.

• Powerful dual polyphonic arpeggiators provide a wide range of possibilities, ranging from realistic phrases to distinctive flourishes.

• External control setups can be used to control your DAW software, soft synths and other devices.

• USB connector allows direct MIDI connection to your computer.

• Editor and Editor Plug-in software are included for seamless editing of microX sounds from within your DAW software.

Packed with hundreds of sounds
The microX’s sound generator is the same HI synthesis system used by the Triton series. In addition to Korg classics, many new PCM waveforms created specifically for the microX are provided, with a special emphasis on cutting edge synth and dance sounds, as well as unique ethnic timbres.
Effects are an important part of your sound, and the microX lets you use up to four of them simultaneously; one insert effect, two master effects, and one master EQ. You can choose from 89 different types of effects, with realtime modulation and tempo-based control of many of them.
There are 640 Programs created by Korg’s team of sound designers, covering all musical styles including dance, electronica as well as more traditional needs. In addition, you can combine up to eight of these programs into a Combination to create even richer and more complex tones, with 384 Combinations preloaded.

Easy operation
The microX’s sound search functionality is based on the category select function as on Korg’s workstation series, with a dedicated Category button to access this handy aid. It is further enhanced by direct access to the most popular categories such as synth, keyboard, bass, and drums from front panel buttons, making selecting the desired category even more intuitive. There's also an Audition button that automatically plays an appropriate demo phrase for each sound you select, making it easy to get a quick idea of how to use that sound effectively.
The microX has an innovative ClickPoint cursor for fast navigation and a large dial for value changes

Control capabilities
The microX plays can be used as a controller. The 25-note velocity-sensitive keyboard is a perfect when space is at a premium, and the joystick can control multiple parameters simultaneously in all four directions. Besides being used to tweak and modulate the internal sounds, effects and arp parameters, the four knobs on the panel can be used via the External Control function to control up to twelve parameters on your computer DAW software, soft synths or a hardware sound/effects module. Sixty-four external control templates are provided for popular software synthesizers and DAW programs, so you can start using this function right away.

Editor software
for easily editing the microX’s sounds from your computer is also provided. You can use the editor as a stand-alone program, or as a plug-in within your DAW software, providing seamless linkage of all microX operations with your DAW.

Dual polyphonic arpeggiators
In addition to five basic arpeggio patterns, the microX provides 251 different phrases, covering everything from simple patterns to complex polyphonic phrases and drum grooves. You can also create your own original patterns and store them in any of the internal memory locations.

Individual outputs for professional setups
In addition to the usual two-channel output, the microX provides two individual outputs that you can use to output specific parts independently. This is convenient when you want to send separate signals to external recording devices, or if you want to try out different playback setups.

The microX packs a broad range of sounds and functionality into a compact package. It will easily fit into your production environment, and gives you plenty of freedom in setting up your performance system. For convenient transportation and storage, the microX comes standard with a plastic carrying case.


Tone Generator:
HI (Hyper Integrated) sound engine
48 kHz sampling frequency
642 multisamples + 929 drumsamples

25-key, velocity sensitive

62 voices, 62 oscillators (in single mode)
31 voices, 62 oscillators (in double mode)

Effect Section:
Stereo digital multi-effect system – all can be used simultaneously
2 Master Effects (mono in, stereo out)
1 Insert Effect (stereo in/out)
Master EQ (3-band stereo)

Number of Effect Types:
89 (available for Insert effect and Master effects)

Programs, Combinations, Multi-sets, Drumkits:
640 user Programs (640 preloaded)
384 user Combinations (384 preloaded)
128 user Multi-sets (16 preloaded)
40 user Dumkits (30 preloaded)
GM sound map compatible - 128 programs + 9 GM2 drum kits (ROM)

Dual Polyphonic Arpeggiator:
Two arpeggiators, useable simultaneously in Combination and Multi Modes, one arpeggiator can be used in Program Mode
5 presets, 251 user arpeggio patterns (251 preloaded)

octave up/down switch
Audition key
Category key

External Control:
64 sets (12 controls can be assigned in a set)

240 x 64 dots LCD with backlight, graphical user interface


Control Inputs:
Damper (half-pedaling supported)
Assignable switch/pedal

In, Out

USB: Type B (transmits MIDI only)

Power Supply: DC 12 V

Current Consumption: 10 W

23.86” (W) x 8.90” (D) x 3.15” (H)
606 (W) x 226 (D) x 80 (H) mm

Weight: 5.29 lbs. / 2.4 kg

Included Items:
AC adapter, USB cable, CD-ROM (microX Editor, microX Plug-In Editor, KORG USB-MIDI Driver)

Windows system requirements to connect via USB:
Supported OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition/Professional/x64 Edition

Supported Computer:
Computer with USB port and the ability to run supported OS
*Driver software for Windows XP x64 Editionis beta-version.

Macintosh system requirements to connect via USB:
Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.2 or later

Supported Computer:
Apple Macintosh with USB port and the ability to run supported OS.

Note: USB MIDI has been tested and works under Rosetta and Universal Binary on Intel-based Macs, using the standard Class Compliant driver. In this case, however, Port Names will be shown as generic names like Port 1, Port A etc. instead of the product name.

System Requirements of KORG USB-MIDI Driver (Win):
Supported OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition/Professional/x64 Edition

Supported Computer:
Computers with USB port and ability to run supported OS
*Driver software for Windows XP x64 Editionis beta-version.

System Requirements of KORG USB-MIDI Driver (MAC):
Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.3 or later

Supported Computer:
Apple Macintosh with USB port and ability to run supported OS

Sys. Req. for microX Editor/Plug-In Editor (Win):
CPU: Intel Pentium III / 1 GHz or faster

Memory: 256 MB or larger

1,024 x 768, 16-bit colors or higher
Operates as stand-alone or VST/RTAS plug-in.

Supported OS:
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition/Professional Edition Service Pack 1 or later

Sys. Req. for microX Editor/Plug-In Editor (MAC):
CPU: Apple G4/400 MHz or faster

Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
Operates as stand-alone or VST/AU/RTAS plug-in.

Note: This software does not currently run on Intel-based Macs, either under Rosetta or as Universal Binary. When this changes we will make a public announcement.

Memory: 256 MB or larger

Monitor: 1,024 x 768, 32,000 colors or higher

Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
Operates as stand-alone or VST/AU/RTAS plug-in.

XVP-10 EXP/VOL Pedal
EXP-2 Foot Controller
DS-1H Damper Pedal

Korg Italy: Syncro, E-mail tel.(+39) 0717391914
Korg Australia: MUSIC LINK E-mail tel.61-3-97656565
Korg Austria, Germany: MUSIK-MEYER E-mail -Tel 49-6421-9890
Korg Belgium, The Netherlands: VOERMAN AMERSFOORT E-mail Tel.31-33-4612908
Korg Brazil: PRIDE MUSIC E-mail Tel.55-11-6975-2711
Korg China: TOM LEE MUSIC E-mail Tel.852-2737-7688
Korg France: GAFFAREL MUSIQUE E-mail Tel. 33-1-34483838
Korg Hungary: ATEC HUNGARY E-mail Tel. 36-27-342-595
Korg India: AUDIO PLUS E-mail Tel. 62-21-6125368
Korg Russia: A&T TRADE E-mail Tel. 7-095-796-9262
Korg Spain: LETUSA E-mail Tel. 34-91-486-28-00
Korg UK E-mail Tel. 44-1908-857100
Korg Usa E-mail Tel. 1-516-333-9100
Korg Ukraine: A&T TRADE E-mail Tel. 7-095-956-1105

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2006 May issue 149

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