Emu Modern Symphonic Orchestra
(Overture 4 SE notation software included)
for Proteus X and Emulator X

euro 272.00

E-MU´s Modern Symphonic Orchestra offers a collection of over 10GB of the string, brass, woodwind and percussion samples (5 DVDs) , all meticulously sampled and programmed for just the right expressiveness in each recorded note to convey a truly realistic feel. Together with the included Overture 4 SE notation software, E-MU's Modern Symphonic Orchestra offers a "plug-and-play" soundset for Emulator X and Proteus X that lets dial in the orchestral sound every time.
The library has been set up so that the instrumental sounds of the orchestra are laid out based on a live performance setup from the Baroque era. While there are many ways to set up an orchestra on stage, in working with orchestral samples, this pre-panned Baroque-style setup works the best to give you the most realistic sound possible.

Programmed specifically for the Emulator X/Proteus X sound engine, each of the Modern Symphonic Orchestra's presets is mapped to the MIDI real-time controllers for enhanced expression. The pitch wheel and modulation wheel, and other continuous controllers create various performance effects such as: bend-up/ down, voice switching, chorus, or layer crossfade.
Many presets in Modern Symphonic Orchestra include multiple voices for each note. Depending on the preset, when you play a note on your controller, several factors determine what voice plays, including: modulation wheel position, note velocity, keyswitch, cycled or random voice switching.

FLEX Preset Technology
The Modern Symphonic Orchestra introduces the concept of Flex (or "flexible") Presets. Flex presets are multi-voice, multi-sample presets that automatically or manually switch voices to realistically emulate a performing musician. The flex preset control keys allow you to choose between different up/down bowing patterns for strings, and various tonguing and articulation techniques for woodwind and brass.

Modern Symphonic Orchestra includes the following banks:

Disc 1 - Strings (765 Presets)
includes the sound of the full strings broken down by sections:
1st Violins 10 violins on the far left.
2nd Violins 10 violins to the left of the center.
Violas Eight violas in the center.
Cellos 12 cellos to the right of the center.
Basses Six basses to the far right.
All Strings 1st violins, 2nd violins, violas, cellos, and basses mapped to keys in the appropriate ranges.

ESC - Advanced Sound Design Notes:
*Automatic Up/Down bowing for the sustained notes
*Up/Down bowing for staccato, detache' that including separate presets for Up/Dn, Dn/Up, Up/Dn/Dn, Dn/Up/Up (triplets)
*Presets designed for the Pizzicato, referred to as Dbl 1, Dbl 2, Trp 1, Trp 2, and Qdp (Quadruplet)
*Keyswitch preset that allows you to switch between each of the bowings using the keyswitch
*A "KSW All+Flx" preset that contains the sustained Up/Dn, détaché, and staccato in one preset so you can switch between those articulations and bowings using a keyswitch

Disc 2 - Woodwinds (696 Presets)
includes each of the woodwind instruments found in a standard symphony orchestra:
Contra Bassoon
English Horn

ESC - Advanced Sound Design Notes:
When you use woodwinds from the same family in harmony (such two flutes or two clarinets), use the same solo woodwind as the second part, and then, in your sequencer, you can use a technique called delay that lets you "slide" the second part down a few ticks. This creates a more realistic sound and avoids a recording problem called phasing.
Additional Features:
Double, Triplet, Quadruplet and Random tonguing creates a more realistic sound to avoid a "machine gun" effect when repeating the same key
A "KSW AllFlx" preset that contains the sustained, staccato, 1/2 step and whole step trills in one preset so you can switch between those using a keyswitch

Disc 3 - Brass (728 Presets)
features symphonic brass instruments:
Solo Instruments:
French Horn

Duet Brass:
2 Trumpets
2 French Horns
2 Trombones
2 Tubas

Large Brass:
Trumpets - Three trumpets.
French Horns - Four French horns.
Trombones - Three trombones.
Bass Trombones - Trombones specially designed to reach C1.
Tubas - The "bottom" of the brass section.

ESC - Advanced Sound Design Notes:
For a balanced sound, the Modern Symphony Orchestra uses a Baroque orchestral setup with the brass stretching from left to right (left of center to right of center). Duet Brass presets create the sound of two brass instruments playing in unison. Use these when you want a slightly larger sound than a single brass instrument.
Additional Features:
Double, Triplet, Quadruplet and Random tonguing creates a more realistic sound to avoid a "machine gun" effect when repeating the same key
"KSW AllFlx" preset that contains the sustained and staccato, so you can switch between those using a keyswitch

Disc 4 - Percussion (26 Presets)
includes banks for the following percussion instruments:
Solo Instruments:
Tubular Bells

ESC - Advanced Sound Design Notes:
A comprehensive percussion battery with an assortment of specialized presets that include everything from short, sustained and damped hits to edge and center drumhead samples. These presets have all been mapped to the powerful Emulator X and Proteus X effects and synthesis architecture, giving you real-time control over attack, decay, timbre and ambience.

Disc 5 - Symphonic Collection (64 Presets)
The Symphonic Collection Disc is a composition tool that gives you over 50 plug-and-play combination presets, covering everything from individual instrument sections to the grand "Symphonic Collection" preset that puts an entire orchestra at your fingertips spread over 32 MIDI channels.

ESC - Advanced Sound Design Notes:
This bank also includes multisetup presets that allow you to switch different setups by changing the channel on your MIDI controller. For each multisetup preset, there is a setup for each of channels 1 through 32.

Disc 6 - Overture 4 SE Notation Software

Overture 4 SE is easy-to-use notation software for composers, arrangers, music educators, and students , andfor anyone who wants the flexibility to create complex musical scores, and do it quickly

Overture 4 SE Notation Software Features
Plug-and-play VST host for Emulator X and Proteus X that loads all controller and key switches for the Modern Symphonic Orchestra presets right out of the box
Allows on-screen composition as notation via computer mouse/keyboard; MIDI controller/keyboard; or by importing standard MIDI, Encore, Music XML and MusicTime files
Records and plays back MIDI files with record-to-.WAV functionality

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