"Openminded" quotes.
(A voyage of discovery, in which we shall visit many strange foreign lands, with strange foreign peoples, and still stranger customs- George Frazer)

Success is man's god. (Choephorae)

Klaus Schulze about Techno:
"Music goes on. Develops, changes, old sounds and rhythms come back, vanish and come back again. A few new things or long forgotten things are added. Every few years a new generation of doers and customers is ready to join that game. Of course they want their very own music, different from the older people's music. This goes constantly on and on... At least in Germany, in Europe, the recent trend is called Techno. I do my very own music since 1972. I found my very own style very early. Since then I've seen many musical fashions and trends coming and going. I still play "the same" . Of course I notice all these many trends. Some I do like, some not. And partly I consider them, but only if I like them and it fits to my own musical world. Some of the Techno stuff I do like, I play this pure electronic rhythmic music since many years anyway. So I didn't had to change a lot. All I had to do was to put a bit more bass onto my music, put my rhythm a bit more in the foreground. I was a rock drummer in my early years. Since 1974 I use rhythm, drums, and sequencers in my concerts and on my albums. I remember when I used for the first time very heavy digital computer rhythms on my album Dig It (1980); the hard-core Schulze fans went furious. A few years later it was accepted, and all second and third generation electronic musicians used it also. When "Techno" was new, most "electronic" fans hated it. Now, a few years later, solo rhythm computers and pure rhythm are the thing! "
(sender : Karl CR/TR)

Daniel Paul Schreber (Memoirs of My Nervous Illness):
"I cannot of course count upon being fully understood because these things are dealt with which cannot be expressed in human language; they exceed human understanding. Nor can I maintain that everything is irrefutably certain even for me: much remains only presumption and probability. After all I too am only a human being and therefore limited by the confines of human understanding; but one thing I am certain of, namely that I have come infinitely closer to the truth than human beings who have not received divine revelation".

(sender : Psychonight)

Bob Moog on modular Moog synthesizer:
"My very first prototype (early 1964) consisted of two VCO's and one VCA, period. With that amount of stuff, a tape recorder, and some simple mixing and equalizing equipment, you could make a variety of new sounds that seemed absolutely amazing at the time. Next came ADSR envelope generators, envelope followers, and a simple keyboard controller. The VCF didn't come for another couple of years".

(sender : Andrea M.)

Jeff Mills on the notion of time:
I think that the notion that we generally perceive time may not be the only option we have on how to define its meaning and how it works. For instance, scientists believe that the understand how time works is based on the parameters of their scientific logic. But, what are the chances and possibilities that their parameters are incorrect or have been mislead due to the lack knowledge or to accept something that is not logical. Most, if not all of us live on 24 hourly sets, a day. We believe that all directions (North, South, East and West) are equal as the universe expands evenly, Up is up and down is down.

(sender : Dax Dan 81)

Richard D. James (aka Aphex Twin) about live show:
"I use my laptop computer for everything now, I've got one effects unit controlled by the computer as well. I think the next shows will just be the laptop, and a 2 channel mixer."

On Steinberg's ReCycle:
"Yeah, it'squite a wicked program. The most useful thing about it is it creates a bank on your sampler, and gives it loads of sample names. And that saves you an hour, at least. You can cut something up into, like, 90 samples, and transfer it over SCSI in a minute. That would take two hours normally. I might play a violin or a trumpet scale into Pro Tools -- every note I can think of -- and then bang it into ReCycle, chop it up into little bits, bang it into the sampler, and you've got a complete bank of sounds in your sampler in about five minutes".

(sender : Ellen -TX-)

Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream)
"There have been moments of frustration, when one is unable to optimally translate mental ideas into audible structures. But this has nothing to do with boredom. It is causally impossible for music to be boring - perhaps there are untalented composers, who put the buildingblocks of sound together in a boring fashion".

(sender : Bill59 Seq)

Albert Einstein
When I examined myself and my methods of thought, I came to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.-

-On Tetraktys of Pythagoras:
I swear by him who the Tetraktys found, whence all our wisdom springs and which contains Perennial Nature's fountain, cause and root.

Max Planck
The man who cannot occasionally imagine events and conditions of existence that are contrary to the causal principle as he knows it will never enrich his science by the addition of a new idea. -
(sender : Jean-Philippe A. -from Aix- )

Bertrand Russell
What we need is not the will to believe but the will to find out.

Arthur Schopenhauer
Everyone takes the limits of his own vision for the limits of the world.
(sender : Max NRG)

Jean Racine
" Une extreme justice est souvent une injure "

The high-minded man must care more for the truth than for what people think.

Alfred North Whitehead
Almost all really new ideas have a certain aspect of foolishness when they are first produced.

(sender : Tatj ML 154)

George Bernard Shaw
All great truths begin as blasphemies.

(sender : Moustache46)

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Art is long, life short; judgment difficult, opportunity transient. (Wilhelm Meister)
(sender : Rodrigo H.)

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
The sagacious reader who is capable of reading between these lines what does not stand written in them, but is nevertheless implied, will be able to form some conception. -

(sender : Rodrigo H.)

Success is man's god. (Choephorae)

R. M. Pirsig
Il Buddha, il Divino, dimora nel circuito di un calcolatore o negli ingranaggi del cambio di una moto con lo stesso agio che in cima a una montagna o nei petali di un fiore".
(sender : Pink Rain)

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Hermes Trismegistus
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