2002 issue 109

88-note weighted synthesizer, Modular synthesis, Plug-in system

The S90 contains the best sounds of Yamaha's MOTIF synthesizer, plus a new, three-layer sample of a top-of-the-line grand piano; a complete sonic palette for creating any style of music.
Complete with a USB-MIDI interface, Modular Synthesis Plug-in System expandability, bundled software applications and more, the S90 meets the needs of any music-making environment, from studio to stage. Easy to use thanks to the large LCD screen and intuitive hands-on user interface. The Balanced Hammer Effect keyboardprovides smooth piano action.

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110MB of Sounds

The S90's wave ROM hosts an extensive voice libraries. Here you'll find good piano sounds , including a new grand piano voice featuring three layers of stereo samples that switch dynamically according to how hard you strike the keys.
Plus there's an exhaustive selection of sounds from the MOTIF music workstation, including many of its popular electric pianos, strings, brasses, synthesizers and drum kits. And for those who want even more synthesis power, the S90 provides three expansion slots to add Modular Synthesis Plug-in System boards.

Advanced Master MIDI Control Functions

Not just a synthesizer, the S90 also makes a MIDI controller. Equipped with four assignable data sliders, it provides extensive realtime control over external synthesizers. Plus four programmable keyboard zones let you create complex split and layered voice combinations using a mix of internal and external voices. Entire MIDI setups can be stored in User Performance memory and recalled at the touch of a button.

88-Note Keyboard with Piano Touch

The S90 uses the same Balanced Hammer Effect (BH) keyboard as the MOTIF 8. Based on the Graded Hammer Effect keyboard found in Yamaha's digital pianos, this weighted-action keyboard provides smooth and realistic piano touch, because it features a balance from top to bottom, voices such as drums and synth basses will feel more responsive to your playing. And for even more performance expression, it also features aftertouch.

USB-MIDI Interface

Equipped with a USB-to-MIDI interface, the S90 is ready to connect to your USB-equipped Macintosh or Windows computer without the need for any additional hardware.

SmartMedia Playback Sequencer

The S90's playback sequencer lets you play back standard MIDI files (format 0) directly from a SmartMedia card. You can use this function to build up a library of up to 100 songs, any of which can be instantly called up at the touch of a button for live performance. Chain playback is also possible. The included File Utility software makes it quick and easy to transfer MIDI files from your computer to a SmartMedia card, so you can leave your PC at home the next time you do a gig.

Easy to use

Its intuitive user interface, centered on a 240 x 40 dot LCD screen and rotary encoder, lets you quickly navigate through menus and edit various settings. A Function Control matrix and four physical sliders give you instant access and realtime control over part volumes, filter cutoff, effects, EQ and other frequently used parameters. And with the S90's Category Search function, pressing a button is all it takes to find the sound you're looking for.

Interactive Arpeggiator

The S90's realtime performance arpeggiator packs a wide range of patterns and styles. In addition to conventional arpeggio patterns, it's loaded with an impressive array of musical phrases, including guitar strumming, drum grooves, keyboard riffs and more. Instead of trying to clone these performances with computer-generated algorithms, the S90 uses a more musical approach: it uses MIDI data recorded by real musicians. You can even program your own patterns and layer several arpeggiated voices together in a Performance.

Plug in to the Modular Synthesis Plug-in System

With three expansion slots for Modular Synthesis Plug-in System boards, the S90 is potentially four synthesizers in one. Offering new synthesis capabilities from FM to physical modeling as well as more polyphony, effects and multitimbral parts, these plug-in boards let you customize the S90 with the exact synthesis power you need, whenever you need it. The voice data for every plug-in board currently available is already stored in the S90's ROM, so you'll have a ready selection of new sounds the moment you install a plug-in board.


Keyboard 88 keys, Balanced Hammer Effect Keyboard (Initial Touch/Aftertouch)

Tone Generator AWM2, Modular Synthesis Plug-in System

Polyphony 64 Notes (Expandable with Modular Synthesis Plug-in System boards)

Multitimbres 16 parts (internal) + 3 or more Plug-in Board parts (1 for each Single Plug-in Board; 16 for Multi Plug-in Boards), A/D Input


Preset: 384 normal voices + 48 drum kits

GM: 128 normal voices + 1 drum kit

User: 128 normal voices + 16 drum kits Plug-in Preset Bank: 64 (for AN, PF, DX, DR, PC), 192 (for VL)

Plug-in User Bank: 64 (for each Plug-in slot)

Performances : User 128 (Up to 4 parts)

Filter 21 types

Effects: reverb x 12 types, Chorus x 25 types, Insertion 1 x 25 types,Insertion 2 x 104 types, Variation x 25 types (available for Performance/Song), Master Equalizer (5 bands), Plug-in Insertion (available when the PLG100-VH is installed in slot 1)

Expandability: 3 Slots for Modular Synthesis Plug-in Boards

Arpeggiator: Preset 1 x 128 types, Preset 2 x 128 types, User x 128 types MIDI Sync, MIDI Transmit/Receive,Channel, Velocity Limit can be set.

Sequencer SMF Playback (Direct play only)

Master User: 128

Sequencing Software controllable via the Remote

Control function

For Windows : Cubase VST ™ V5.1r1, Logic Audio Platinum Ver. 5, SONAR 2,Cakewalk Pro Audio Ver. 9.0, Pro Tools V5.0, SQ01

For Macintosh :Cubase VST /32, Logic Audio Platinum Ver. 5, Pro Tools V5.0

Controllers: Pitch Bend wheel x 1, Modulation wheel x 1, Master; Volume Slider x 1, Assignable Control Slider x 4, Rotary Encoder x 1

Display 240 x 64 dot graphic backlit LCD

Filter 21 types

External Memory: SmartMedia (3.3V) Card capacities up to 128 MB are supported



Connecting MIDI and Audio with mLAN
Yamaha's new mLAN interface technology makes it possible to route all your digital audio and MIDI signals (both input and output) through a single, high-speed IEEE 1394 cable, greatly simplifying the process of connecting and configuring your digital musical equipment. Equipped with an expansion slot for optional mLAN interface boards, the S90 gives you access to this music network technology.



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1,357 (W) x 386 (D) x 163 (H) mm; 23.0 kg
53 3 /8" (W) x 15 1 /8" (D) x 6 3 /8" (H); 51 lbs.

Accessory: TOOLS for S90 CD-ROM

Yamaha Musica Italia (++39) 02935771


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