YAMAHA P-140 , P-140S
Electronic Pianos
(for piano students, or for anyone who wants to keep playing)


larger size


larger size

euro 1.200,00

Yamaha Electronic Pianos have full-sized keyboards that sound and feel like an acoustic piano, but take up less space

Authentic Piano Action with 88-key GH (Graded Hammer Effect) keyboard
AWM, 3-layer Dynamic Stereo Sampling
Sleek and Stylish design
New orange LED
14 voice demo songs, 50 preset songs

The P-140 offers both the authentic feel of an acoustic piano and the advanced features of today's digitals. It brings users a wide range of instrument voices, from organs and harpsichords to the new, all-in-one piano and string dual voice. Recorded using Yamaha's AWM sampling technology, all onboard voices accurately reproduce the subtlest harmonics of the actual instrument with great realism.

Dynamic Stereo Sampling

To offer truly authentic sound, Yamaha takes piano voice sampling to a new level. With three separate layers of stereo samples each set at a different velocity, Dynamic Stereo Sampling changes not only the volume, but also the harmonic structure of the notes depending on how hard you play the keyboard, just like a real acoustic piano. An exclusive fourth sample layer recreates a piano's unique sustain resonance whenever the damper pedal is pressed, while key-off samples add even the most subtle sounds of felt dampers coming to rest on piano strings. The P-140's newly designed, built-in powered speaker system.

Realistic Piano Action

The P-140 features Yamaha's Graded Hammer Effect keyboard,. It's designed so that the keys in the lower registers have a heavier touch than those in the upper, which helps to create the feel of an acoustic piano.

Stylish Design and Matching Keyboard Stand

The sleek and stylish P-140 is designed to impress with rounded corners, built-in speakers, and a new orange LED. These new features are all built into a compact chassis available in either silver or black with wood top panels of maple or dark oak respectively.

50 Preset Piano Songs

A selection of 50 different piano songs is provided for your listening pleasure. Since many of the songs are classic piano pieces, anyone taking lessons can listen to them for reference. Feel like practicing? Mute the left or right hand parts of any internal song for hands-separate practicing. You play one hand, while the P-140 accompanies you with the other. Music educators agree that this is an essential part of learning any piece of music.

Control Interface
Type Graded Hammer (GH) Keyboard
Number of Keys 88
Touch Sensitivity Yes
Type 7-segment LED
Number of Pedals 2 (Pedal Jack)
Functions Sustain, Sostenuto/Soft/Expression/Song Play,Pause
Half Pedal Yes (Right)
Tone Generation
Tone Generating Technology AWM with Dynamic Stereo Sampling
Number of Dynamic Steps 3
Number of Sampling Banks 30
Stereo Sustain Samples Yes
Key-off Samples Yes
Number of Polyphony 64
Number of Voices 14 x 3 variations (Bright/Normal/Mellow)
Number of Preset Songs 50
Number of Songs 3
Number of Channels 2
Song Data Capacity 65KB (ca. 11,000 notes) Flash ROM for User Song, 352KB for Musicsoft Downloder
Compatible Data Format
Playback Original Format
Recording Original Format
Reverb Yes
Chorus Yes
Brilliance Yes(variation)
Dual Yes
Split Yes
Demonstration 14 Voice Demo
Overall Controls
Metronome Yes
Metronome Sound 1
Tempo Range 32-280
Transpose -12 to 0, 0 to +12
Tuning 427.0Hz - 453.0Hz (0.2Hz steps)
Scale Type 7 types
Language for Display Number & Alphabet
Storage and Connectivity
Flash Memory (Internal) Yes
Headphones Yes (2 mini)
MIDI Yes (In/Out)
AUX Pedal Yes
AUX Audio Out Yes (Fixed)

Music Rest Yes
Pedal FC3
Amplifiers and Speakers
Amplifiers 6W x 2
Speakers (12cm x 6cm) x 2
Power Supply
Power Consumption Depends on region
Design Plastic case + Wooden top board
Color/Finish Dark Oak / Black
Width 133.4cm (52-1/2")
Depth 35.1cm (13-13/16")
Height 14.0cm (5-1/2")
Weight 17.8kg (39 lbs., 4 oz.)

Yamaha Musica Italia Tel: 39-02-93577-1
Yamaha Corporation of America Tel: 1-714-522-9011, Tel: 1-616-940-4900
Yamaha Canada Music Tel: 1-416-298-1311
Yamaha de Mexico Tel: 52-5-686-0033
Yamaha Musical de Venezuela Tel: 58-2-959-1603
Yamaha Europa Tel: 49-4101-3030
Yamaha Music Nederland Tel: 31-30-2828411
Yamaha Musicsoft Europe Tel: 44-181-987-9485
Yamaha Musique France Tel: 33-1-6461-4000
Yamaha Scandinavia Tel: 46-31-893400
Yamaha Denmark Tel: 45-44-92-49-00
Yamaha Norway Tel: 47-6716-7770
Siam Music Yamaha TEL: 66-2-641-2951
Yamaha Music (Malaysia) TEL: 60-3-7030900

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2005 December issue 144

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