2001 issue 99


Hard Disk recording studio
Digital Mixer

AW 2816: the O2R lives on with improved sound and performance

In this compact console-style unit you get a fully-digital 28-input/18-output mixer with the power and performance of the Yamaha 02R Digital Mixer, a 16-track-plus-stereo 24-bit hard disk recorder, and a CD-RW drive to archive your masterpieces and master the final versions to CD.

All signals remain in the digital domain from input to CD so there's no chance for degradation.

16 or 24-bit recording (uncompressed)

16 tracks plus a stereo track... and virtual tracks for as many as 130 tracks total

Precision editing and pinpoint location capability

Accepts a wide range of 2.5" IDE hard disk drives (up to 64 gigabytes)

28 input channels, 18 mix busses

Motor Faders and full mix automation

Powerful channels functions inherited from the industry-leading 02R Digital Mixer

Dual top-quality DSPs for effects processing

CD-R or CD-RW drive (CD-RW drive sold separately)

Master your own audio CDs without leaving the digital domain

Convenient, reliable data storage and retrival

Directly load audio and other data from CD-ROMs

MIDI Remote with automix


AW2816 and a computer is connected via TO HOST terminal. This is a true "hybrid" system which will be sync by MIDI clock.

Digital audio data(Maximum 8ch) is transmitted via MY8-AT (adat interface) which is installed into Option I/O slot

MIDI Remote provides you the controlling the mixing of sequence software by using the faders on AW2816.

Guitar or Bass can be directly connected to Channel 8 also features a Hi-Z unbalanced input.

The AW2816 mixer offers the features and performance of the O2R Digital Mixer plus a number of enhancements. All AD and DA conversion is 24-bit, and all internal processing is 32-bit, with the exception ofthe EQ stages which employ 54-bit processing. In the AW2816 special attention has also been paid to the head-amp design of analog circuits in the entire system that can affect the signal prior to the A/D converters.

Versatile I/O Configuration With Digital Patching

Right out of the box the AW2816 provides 8 balanced inputs including two XLR-connector inputs with switchable phantom power for microphone input and 6 balanced TRS jacks for microphone or line input. Channel 8 also features a Hi-Z input for direct connection of electric guitar or bass. There's also a digital stereo input and dual stereo effect returns. An option slot accepts a range of optional input cards, providing up to 8 additional inputs. Routing all of these inputs to the AW2816's 16 hard-disk recorder tracks and/or 18 buses might seem like a daunting task, but digital patching actually makes it easy and efficient and degradation-free. No matter where you route your signals all patching is done digitally so, unlike the patch bays used in even the biggest commercial studios, there's no chance for signal degradation. Patch configurations can be saved in the internal "Patch Library" memory for instant recall when you need them again.

New-generation DSPs and Refined Effects

Yamaha's newest generation of custom DSP (Digital Signal Processing) LSIs, provides th AW2816 with 02R and AW4416 level features and performance. The AW2816 includes two refined effect stages. There is a full range of reverb, delay, echo, chorus, flanging, symphonic, phasing, auto-pan, tremolo, pitch change, rotary speaker simulation, ambience, modulation, distortion, and amp simulator effects for guitar that can used in a "send/return" configuration or inserted directly into input channels or the stereo bus as required. A preset "Effect Library" provides an impressive range of setups that can be used as is or as a starting point for your own variations. Original setups can also be stored in the library so you can recall then whenever they're needed.

EQ and Dynamics On All Channels

With the exception of the dual stereo returns, the main stereo outputs and the remaining input channels all feature thesame flexible 4-parametric equalization and dynamics processing found on the O2R and AW4416. The effect returns feature 4-band parametric EQ without the dynamics processing. Of course, there are also EQ and Dynamics Libraries that contain a range of professionally pre-configured EQ and dynamics settings for many specific recording tasks, and you can save your own setups so you don't have to redo a multitude of settings every time you want to create a specific sound.

96-scene Memory and Full Mix Automation

The AW2816 Scene Memory allows you to save up to 96 individual scenes complete control and parameter setups for each song you record. You can save different setups you might want to use in different sections of a song, or alternative mix setups that you can then audition and compare at the touch of a button. Scene changes can also be fully automated on the time axis. But the AW2816 provides much more mix automation capability than just scene changes. Actual fader movements and parameter changes can be recorded and reproduced in real time. The AW2816 (60-millimeter ) motor faders accurately represent actual levels when using automation or switching between mix layers or scenes. There's no need to manually match fader levels just reach for the faders and create in the most intuitive, natural way possible.

Easy and advanced operation: the evolution in software

While carrying on the basic user interface introduced in the AW4416, the AW2816 provides a number of important refinements. The signal routing (patching) displays, for example, have evolved into a more graphic format, making the patching process much more easy and intuitive. And the QUICK REC function has been further refined for faster, easier setup. Another addition is the MIDI REMOTE function: AW2816 faders and channel ON keys can be assigned MIDI messages so they can be physically controlled from an external MIDI controller or sequencer. What is more, MIDI control data can be recorded as automix data for vastly enhanced automix versatility. And the AW4416 Shortcut Key function has been enhanced with the addition of a "Control Key Assign" function that allows you to assign your own operations to specific controls. All of these advanced features are brought together in a large 320 x 240 dot backlit LCD panel.

16 trk HD recorder

24-bit Linear (Uncompressed) Recording On 16 Tracks, Plus Stereo

Although you can record in the 16-bit mode if you like, for maximum quality and resolution the AW2816 allows full 24-bit linear, uncompressed recording on 16 independent tracks and a stereo track. You also have a choice of 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz sampling frequencies. Furthermore, each main track allows recording of up to 8 virtual tracks for a maximum of 130 tracks. You can use the virtual tracks to record alternate takes, for example, and then audition and select the best take later during mixdown. The hard-disk recorder section also features an "All Rec" mode which allows up to 8 trakcs to be recorded simultaneously ideal for recording a band in one take, or for recording multi-miked drums, for example.

Advanced Editing Functions

One of the advantages of hard disk recording is non-destructive editing capability. In addition to basic operations such as copy and move, the AW2816 offers advanced editing functions including time compression and pitch change capabilities that give you extraordinary creative control. And since all editing is non-destructive (the original audio data is left untouched), you have as many as 15 undo/redo levels so there's plenty of margin to change your mind even if several edits don't turn out as expected.

Flexible, Intelligent Location

The same "intelligent location" capability provided on the AW4416 makes pinpoint location on the AW2816 fast and easy. You have direct START, END, RTZ, A, B, LAST REC IN, LAST REC OUT, and ROLL BACK keys as well as up to 99 assignable locate points per song which can be specified in time or measure numbers. For even finer location precision a Wave Display lets you search for locate points while viewing the audio waveform. A tempo-map coupled metronome as well as auto punch-in/out with precisely programmable IN and OUT points provide even further control and versatility.

2.5" IDE Hard Disk Drives

The AW4416 comes with one 20 -gigabyte hard disk drive that should be more than enough for most recording needs. If you need more recording capacity, the AW2816 will accept up to 64-gigabyte 2.5" IDE hard-disk drives. With optional HDD adapters you can have two or more drives ready to be conveniently swapped or moved to a different AW2816, essentially functioning as removable media for maximum data portability. A single song can occupy up to 6.4 gigabytes of hard-disk space, and a single disk can hold up to 30,000 songs.


Recording Time (Under the continuous 16 track usage)
20GB HDD at 16bit / 44.1kHz: approximately 230 min.
20GB HDD at 24bit / 44.1kHz: approximately 150min.

Convenient Recording Utilities

...... enter comments for each song, a built-in calendar makes it easy to organize and manage your data by date, a hard-disk optimization utility which eliminates unnecessary data, and a defragmentation utility that ensures optimum performance from your hard disk at all times, the "Quick Record" function that automatically sets up 8 tracks (or up to 16 when an optional I/O card is installed) for recording when starting work on a new song ...... and so on.

Internal CD-R or CD-RW Drive

With a CD-R or CD-RW drive installed you can take your projects from initial recording right through to creating audio CDs that will play on standard CD players. But there's more: use inexpensive, reliable CD-R or CD-RW disks to back up your valuable audio and mix data. You can also play back audio CDs, and load data from commercial CD-ROMs
ATAPI CDdrive can be installed easy by customers.
-CD-R/RW drive is an optional product (sold separately)
-External CD-RW drives must be SCSI types

-To prepare a CD-R/RW drive yourself, use a model in this compatibility list

•For Internal HDD

IBM (YAMAHA) DJSA-220 (20GB), DARA-212000 (12GB), DARA-206000 (6GB), IC25N020ATDA04-0 (20GB), HDD25-20G

•For Back up storage


Internal type (ATAPI): YAMAHA CRW2200E Series, CRW2100E Series

External type (SCSI):

YAMAHA CRW8424SX Series - ( CRW8424SX drives with firmware versions earlier than 1.0 cannot be used with the AW2816. (The AW2816 may not operate properly with firmware versions earlier than 1.0.) Make sure that the firmware of the drive is higher than version 1.0. You can download the latest firmware version from this link ) , CRW8824SX Series, CRW2100SX Series

Plextor PX-W124TSe, PX-W1210TSE


-MO drives

External type (SCSI):

I/O DATA MOF-RM1300(1.3GB) , MOF-1300 , MOA-S640 (640MB) (1.3GB) - (WAV file exporting and OS updating is supported in FAT16 formatted 230, 540MB only. 640MB or 1.3GB MO media is not supported)

Hard Disk:

I/O DATA HDVS-UM20G (20GB), HDVS-UM40G (40GB), HDVS-UM60G (60GB) - (Supported with after V1.20)



IOMEGA ZIP 250 (250MB)



Mini-YGDAI Cards

MY8-mLAN: mLANInterface

MY8-AE: AES/EBU Interface

MY8-ATADAT Interface

MY8-TD Tascam Interface

MY8-AD 8 ch AD Interface (TRS x 8)

MY4-AD 4 ch AD Interface (XLR x 4)

MY4-DA 4 ch DA Interface (XLR x 4)

3rd Party's Cards

Apogee AP8AD 8 ch AD Card

Apogee AP8DA 8 ch DA Card

Waves Y56K DSP Effect Card

20GB 2.5" Hard Disk Drive

HDD25-20G (one unit included in the AW2816 product package)

Foot Switch FC-5 

In addition to Yamaha Mini-YGDAI cards which can provide I/O in a range of formats ADAT,TASCAM, AES/EBU, analog the AW2816 expansion slot will accept a number of high-performance upgrades:


MY8-AE 8 ch 24bit AES/EBU D-sub25Pin x 1

MY8-AT 8ch 24bit ADAT Optical x 2

MY8-TD 8ch 24bit TASCAM D-sub25Pin x 1 BNC (WORD CLOCK OUT) x 1

MY8-AD 8ch 20bit TRS Phone x 8

MY4-AD 4ch 24bit XLR3-31 x 4


MY4-DA 4ch 20bit XLR3-32 x 4

•Connect With Computers, SCSI Devices, and MIDI
The AW2816 comes equipped with a SCSI interface for direct connection to a wide range of data storage devices such as MO drives, hard-disk drives, and CD-RW drives. MIDI and TO HOST connectors are also provided for direct connection to MIDI-capable computers and MIDI devices. The AW2816 can act as either master or slave for synchronization via MTC or MIDI CLOCK for virtually unlimited system expansion. The AW2816 is also MMC compatible, and allows remote control via MIDI control change and parameter change messages. There's a footswitch jack too that lets makes it easy to punch in or out while playing a guitar or other instrument.


General Specification

Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 0.02% (@1kHz , LINE IN to STEREO OUT)

Frequency Response : 20Hz-20kHz (0+1 / -3dB, MIC / LINE IN to STEREO OUT)

Dynamic Range: 104dB (LINE IN to STEREO OUT)

Power Requirements: AC120V (UL, CSA) , 230V(CE)

Power Consumption: 35W (excl. options)

Dimensions, Weight : 480 (W) x 429 (D) x 141 (H) mm, 9.5kg (excl. options)

Mixer Section

A/D Conversion Rate: 24bit - 64 x oversampling

D/A Conversion Rate: 24bit - 128 x oversampling

Internal Processing: 32bit (EQ=54bit)

Sampling Rate : Internal 44.1kHz (6%) /48kHz (6%) , External 44.1kHz (- 6%) - 48kHz (- 6%)

Simultaneous Mixing Inputs (28 Total) ; Selected Inputs via Patch Bay 12 (8 MONO + 2 STEREO)

HD Recorder Playback: 16

Bus (18 Total) : GROUP x 8, AUX x 6, STEREO, SOLO

Mixing Layer: INPUT 1 - 8, RECORDER 1- 8, RECORDER 9 - 16

Channel Functions:

INPUT 1- 8, RECORDER 1- 16 ( Attenuation, Phase, Delay, Dynamics, Bus assign, 4band full parametric EQ, Pan, Channel ON / OFF

EFFECT RETURN 1, 2: Attenuation, Phase, Delay, Bus assign,Pan, 4band full parametric EQ, Channel ON / OFF

Bus Function: STEREO OUT (Attenuation, Phase, Delay, Dynamics, Bus assign, 4band full parametric EQ, Balance, Channel ON / OFF), BUS 1-8 (Attenuation), AUX 1-6 (Attenuation)

Memory: Scene Memory 96 per Song , Automix 16 per Song , Patch Library 20, Channel Library 64, EQ Library 128, Dynamics Library 128, Effect Library 128

Automix Parameter: Fader, AUX, ON, PAN, EQ, Scene Memory, Libraries Recall, REMOTE Screen, Fader1-8 and ON keys

Faders: 60mm motor drive x 9

HD Recorder

Internal Tracks: 130 (16tracks x 8virtual tracks, Stereo track)

Simultaneous Play tracks: 16tracks

Simultaneous Record tracks: 8tracks

Recording Resolution: 16bit / 24bit Uncompress

Internal (HDD): 2.5inch IDE (One unit included in the products package)

Max. HDD capacity: 64 GB, Max. capacity per 1song / 6.4GB (12,000 regions)

Max. No. of Songs: 30,000 songs


Mark (per song) : 99

Direct Locate: Numeric Keypad (Time, Measure)

Punch I/O: Auto punch I / O, Manual Punch I/O


Time Compression / Expansion: 50% - 200%

Pitch Change: 1 octaves

CD-RW Section

Supported Drives: ATAPI - Internal type

Function: Make / Playback Audio CD , Import, Load/Save back up data from / to CD-ROM to / from HDD, WAV file importing / Exporting


File System: AW2816 Original Format

Display: 320 x 240 dot backlit LCD (with contrast controller)

MIDI : MTC (Master/Slave) , MIDI Clock, MMC, Program Change, Control Change, Parameter Change, Bulk Dump

Oscillator: Sine Wave (100kHz, 1kHz, 10kHz) , White Noise to BUS 1-8, AUX 1-6, STEREO

SCSI: Save/Load backup data, WAV file importing/Exporting


Analog Input

MIC/LINE INPUT 1,2 XLR / TRS phone Balanced +4dB (Line) - -46dB(Mic)

MIC/LINE INPUT 3-8TRS Phone Balanced +4dB (Line) - -46dB(Mic)

CH8 Input Hi-Z Phone Unbalanced +4dB (Line) - -46dB(Mic)

Analog Output

STEREO OUT (L,R) RCA pin Unbalanced -10dBV

MONITOR OUT (L,R) TRS Phone Balanced +4dB

OMNI OUT 1-4 Phone Unbalanced 0dB

PHONES TRS Phone Unbalanced 100mW+100mW (40load)

note: 0dB=0.775Vrms 0dBV=1Vrms

Digital Input & Output


Option Input & Output

OPTION I / O SLOT Mini-YGDAI (max. 8in / 8out) 24bit



TO HOST Mini DIN 8pin


SCSI SCSI-2 / D-sub Half Pitch 50pin

Yamaha Musica Italia Tel: 39-02-93577-1
Yamaha Corporation of America Tel: 1-714-522-9011, Tel: 1-616-940-4900
Yamaha Canada Music Tel: 1-416-298-1311
Yamaha de Mexico Tel: 52-5-686-0033
Yamaha Musical de Venevuela Tel: 58-2-959-1603
Yamaha Europa Tel: 49-4101-3030
Yamaha Music Nederland Tel: 31-30-2828411
Yamaha Musicsoft Europe Tel: 44-181-987-9485
Yamaha Musique France Tel: 33-1-6461-4000
Yamaha Scandinavia Tel: 46-31-893400
Yamaha Denmark Tel: 45-44-92-49-00
Yamaha Norway Tel: 47-6716-7770
Siam Music Yamaha TEL: 66-2-641-2951
Yamaha Music (Malaysia) TEL: 60-3-7030900



2001 issue 99


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