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digital recording from concept to CD

Yamaha AW16G vith optional CD-RW drive.
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It all starts with a intuitive interface. A Quick Rec function lets you quickly assign inputs to recording tracks through the visual of its graphic display. Navigation is easy too, with dedicated buttons that let you switch between the functions you use most, such as Record and Monitor modes. Eight channel inputs with 24-bit A/D conversion let you record up to 16 tracks of audio (eight simultaneously) with high fidelity. Plus each track can contain up to eight virtual tracks for recording alternate takes, giving you creative freedom for your music.

There's a Quick Loop Sampler too for making drum grooves and adding sound effects. Once your tracks are recorded, you can add dynamics and parametric EQ to each channel and use the AW16G's built-in effects . Selected Channel knobs, conveniently located next to the LCD panel, give you direct access to these and other parameters, allowing you to adjust them on the fly as you record and mix your tracks. And with the optional CD-RW drive, you can burn CDs of your final mix without ever leaving the digital domain.

Whether you work mainly with acoustic instruments or use software-based synthesizers and sequencers, the AW16G can easily integrate into your existing production environment. Equipped with eight mic/line inputs (including two phantom-powered XLR inputs and one hi-Z guitar input), the AW16G can accommodate virtually any type of analog input source. Plus optical S/PDIF input and output terminals allow you to connect digital peripherals, such as DAT recorders, MD decks and CD players, to import and export digital audio. MIDI IN, OUT and THRU jacks let you connect the AW16G to external synthesizer workstations, drum machines and sequencers for synchronized recording and playback. And if you use a computer for music production, you can use the AW16G as a MIDI Remote Control surface for control over the virtual mixing console and playback transport of popular software packages, such as Cubase, Logic and Sonar, using the physical faders and controls of the AW16. You can program your own remote templates by sending MIDI control data from a device to the AW16G win Remote mode. Control the filter cutoff of a synthesizer or the channel volumes of an XG tone generator, for example. If you prefer to edit audio data with a software-based editor, you can use the AW16G's WAV Export function to transfer recorded audio tracks to your computer via the optional CD-RW drive.

Compact and lightweight, the AW16G makes a portable digital recorder to complement a computer-based recording studio, useful for rehearsal studio, gig, recording of live performance. Eight analog inputs provide ample room for complex microphone and instrument setups. Mic an entire drum set, for example. The AW16G can record up to eight tracks simultaneously, so you can record the kick drum, snare, cymbals and toms to separate tracks, if you'd like. Once you get back to the studio, you can transfer the recorded data to your computer for editing and mixdown.

And when inspiration strikes, the AW16G's Sound Clip function is ready to capture the moment (without having to deal with input routings, track assignments and other timeconsuming setups). Working essentially as an endless tape recorder, Sound Clip gives you up to 180 seconds of looped recording time using special memory, separate from that of the 16 record tracks. This gives you the freedom to experiment with musical ideas before committing them to a project. Just plug in, hit record, and jam away. You can even record yourself playing the sample pads, or jam along with a drum loop as you record. Whenever you come across a great lick or melody, stop the recorder and copy the phrase to a track, or assign it to a sample pad, and use it in a recording session.

Although packed with powerful recording functions, the AW16G is easy to set up and use. Simply route the input sources to the tracks you want to record to by pressing the respective Input and Track buttons. The display will graphically show the connections you have made.

Guitar sound recording: rather than having to mic your guitar cabinet to get a warm compressed sound, simply choose one of the 5 speaker simulator presets and tweak the settings to your liking. You can then add distortion/overdrive, compression and other effects to shape your tone just the way you want it. A hi-Z input is provided for recording guitars with maximum clarity and punch.

Features help: each of the AW16G's 16 playback tracks can have up to eight virtual tracks for recording multiple takes or variations of solos. Scene Memory lets you store the AW16G's current mixer settings, such as fader levels, pan position, muting and effects routing, and recall them at the touch of a button. This makes it easy to lay out the basic structure of your song (intro, verse, chorus, etc.) and "A-B" different mixes for comparison.

Built-in loop sampler to add realistic drum tracks and sound effects to your recordings. Simply assign audio samples to the 16 flash memory locations and tap the sample pads as you record. Right out of the box, the AW16G comes with a sample library containing over 250MB of professionally produced drum kits, loops and other stereo samples for you to use in your music. You can even record your own samples directly into memory, copy and paste audio phrases from tracks you've recorded, or import WAV files from a CD. And even if the original loops don't match the tempo of your song, the AW16G's Slice function will automatically sync them to the proper BPM without changingtheir pitch. Each sample pad has its own recording track, so you don't have to use up any of the 16 audio tracks to record samples.

Once all your tracks have been recorded, use the AW16G's advanced mixing and audio processing capabilities to give your song a professionally produced sound. Pan controls let you spread your tracks across the stereo field, and dynamics processing and precision 4-band parametric EQ on all channels allow you to carefully "carve out" a place for each instrument in the mix. Two onboard digital effects processors provide variety of effects templates for vocals, guitars, bass and drums, which you can use "as is" or as a starting point for creating your own effects library. A total of 13 types of mastering effects are also included. The AW16G uses the same DSP found in other AW series professional audio workstations.

07 08 Dynamics processing: AW16 gives you compression, expansion, gate and ducking on ALL channels, providing powerful and flexible dynamics processing to help you get the most out of your recordings.

Equipped with the optional CD-RW drive (CDRW16G), the AW16G lets you burn your final mix right to inexpensive CD-R media. For making CDs of long continuous jam sessions, the AW16G includes a Song Marking feature that lets you split a single song file into separate tracks. You can also use the CD-RW drive to back up your recording session data. Plus the AW16G is compatible with the backup file formats of both the AW4416 and the AW2816 Professional Audio Workstations, so you can import backup CDs directly from either of these workstations without having to first convert the audio tracks to a standard format like WAV. The CD-RW drive's improved recording speed allows you to make more CD copies of your demo in a shorter period of time.


Internal CD-RW drive CDRW16G
Installing the optional CD-RW drive is quick and easy. Simply slide it in and secure two screws. There's no need to open up the unit or install any software drivers. Just plug and play

Footswitch FC-5: for Punch In/Out recording and other operation enhancements.

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