YAMAHA DME Satellite series
DME8i-C, DME8o-C, DME4io-C

3 new DSP programmable I/O expansion boxes to create virtually any audio system
Available Q3 of 2006

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Engineered for designs and facilities requiring a distributed DSP system, the Yamaha DME Satellite Series includes the DME8i-C (8 analog inputs), DME8o-C (8 analog outputs) and DME4io-C (4 analog inputs/4 analog outputs), .

Each processor is housed in a low-profile, single rack space unit, and is capable of producing 80 percent of the DSP power of the fully-featured Yamaha DME24N. Each unit has been designed for maximum flexibility, and includes Ethernet connections, USB and RS422 control ports, an 8 in/4 out GPI port, plus primary and redundant CobraNet ports.
DME Designer V2.0, a software upgrade based specifically on the needs of contractors, will also be available with the release of the DME Satellite Series. The upgrade,compatible with current DME products, DME Satellite and Yamaha SP2060 processors , will provide programming and control for all units, and feedback suppression for models DME24N and DME64N.

The DME Satellite can be used in conjunction with the DME64N/DME24N, or set up in a system on its own
It allows to construct an audio distribution system to meet any requirement.
For large scale installations, you can use the DME satellite as a decentralized Input/Output expansion with signal processing capability.
For small to mid-sized installations, you can use the DME satellite on its own.
Analog IN-OUT plus Digital Audio Network via CobraNet and control network via 100BASE-TX Ethernet

Studio-quality sound
24bit / 96 kHz, plus the same legendary Yamaha analog circuit used in the DME24N.

On-board DSP
Unlike ordinary Input/Output expansion boxes, the DME Satellite is equipped with an internal DSP.

You can use the bundled DME Designer software for control, monitoring, and creation of configurations, in exactly the same way as you would for the DME64N/DME24N.

Although the DME Satellite is not equipped with the SPX effects, it has eighty percent of the power of the DME24N.

8 IN / 4 OUT on-board GPI terminal
allows you to use the optional wall-mountable four-switch, 4 fader CP4SF control panel.

Highly compatible with touch-panel controllers such as AMX and Crestron

The DME series communication protocol is designed to facilitate extremely easy creation of programs for control from external devices.

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