24-bit/96kHz FireWire
USB Audio Interface for Mac/Window

Available: March 2005

US$ 200.00

Hardware requirements:

Laptop or desktop PC. The unit works with USB enabled Mac (OSX) and PC computers.
*Note: The included software is for Windows PC's only.
If you use another platform you will require your own recording software.

PC Operating System requirements for the included software:
Win95, Win98, ME, Win2000, Win2000pro, XP, XPPro

Mac Users

Although there is no software included for Mac users, XP SOUND do recommend users download some FREE Mac software: free Audacity sound editor download Mac OS X

XP202 Features

USB audio interface for Mac or PC
• 24-bit 96kHz operation
• USB powered
• Two onboard mic preamplifiers
• Stereo line input
• Stereo phono preamplifier
• Stereo headphone amplifier
• Mix/balance control
• Two parallel stereo outputs (one front, one rear)
• Simple to install
• Great for laptops
• Transparent desk stand included

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advanced technologic sound magazine
2005 February issue 134

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