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UASC-1 external self-powered sound system for digital and analog audio on Mac, PC or Notebook

UASC-1 offers musicians, DJ's and producers a mobile monitoring studio solution that satisfies the requirements of both analog and digital audio applications. Once connected to the USB port of a Mac, PC or Notebook, UASC-1 delivers to the user a 48 kHz at 96 dB Signal to Noise Ratio.
Full duplex
Ultra low latency (ASIO2 support)
Analog inputs & outputs @ 48 kHz
Digital inputs & outputs
Optical inputs & outputs
Built-in headphone amplifier
Digital volume control
Extreme portability
USB self powered


Up to 48 kHz sampling rate
Stereo inputs on RCA gold plugs
Stereo outputs on RCA gold plugs
Line levels inputs & outputs for direct connection to an amplifier
Digital Volume control (Vol up & down) for both analog & Headphone
Full duplex operation (simultaneous playback & record)
THD+N < 0.005%
Signal to Noise Ratio > 96 dB
Integrated enhanced audio front-end for a high dynamic range
Built-in stereo headphone amplifier (can drive as low as 8 Ohms headphones)
20 Hz - 20 kHz bandwidth

Digital & Optical
Up to 48 kHz sampling rate
Digital S/PDIF input & output on RCA gold plugs
Optical S/PDIF input & output on RCA gold plugs
Input signal auto detection
Full duplex operation
No quality loss due to analog conversion
Bit to bit true conversion

Simultaneous audio output through analog, digital & optical
Headphone output can be used as a second analog output
Ultra-robust aluminium case
Extreme portability
Dim 100 x 80 x 30 mm
Works fine with all standard USB audio drivers (Mac & 98/Me/2000/Xp)
Full ASIO, DirectSound and MME support
1 Year warranty
Delivered with Wave Idea CD-Rom

Typical Applications
Gaming - MP3 - Audio CD & DVD
UASC-1 can be used to simply add high quality audio to your computer while playing games, listenning MP3s, internet radio, CDs or DVDs
No driver, no IRQ, no DMA configuration is required when using UASC-1 in this simple application, simply plug and play high audio quality with absolutely no configuration.
Music creation - Soft synthetizers - Professional audio
Using the generic Window & Mac USB drivers: latencies Down to 30ms , depending on the computer & software
Wave Idea proposes additional drivers (ASIO) that allow to reach ultra low latencies (Down to 4ms @ 48 kHz)
Musicians who create computer based music will be able to easily install the UASC-1

FA Questions

I'm looking for a USB Audio interface, that can be easily connected to my computer, in order to listen my favorite CD, DVD and MP3. Does UASC-1 answer to my needs ?
Yes, if you are not a music composer, you don't need to install any driver, you don't need to configure any IRQ, DMA. Simply connect UASC-1 between the USB port of your Mac, PC or laptop and your amplifier. UASC-1 is Plug & Play with all generic audio drivers, and does not require any additional configuration for this simple application

What can I do with digital and optical inputs and outputs since I don't own any studio equipment
You can connect your DVD player or Minidisc digital or optical output to USAC-1 in order to record audio with absolutely no loss of quality. Indeed, recording from a digital source allows to avoid any loss of quality, resulting in a digital sampling

Is UASC-1 compatible with my USB computer port?
Yes, UASC-1 is fully compatible with all computer featuring a USB port. It is plug & play with both Mac & PC, without any driver requirement

I create music with my computer, using soft synth such as Reason, Reaktor, Rebirth, Fruity loops, ... Is UASC-1 compatible with these soft ? Is UASC-1 able to fully exploit these enhanced soft ?
Yes, UASC-1 is fully compatible with Mac & PC software that play and record audio. In addition, an enhanced ASIO driver is delivered with UASC-1, in order to reduce audio latency down to few milliseconds. UASC-1 is compatible with ASIO-2, MME and directX. Using the ASIO driver allows to transform your computer into a low cost studio

I have a Mac OS-X, do I need an ASIO driver to reach low latency ?
No, Mac OS-X doens't require an additional ASIO driver to reach very low audio latencies, Wave Idea performed complete tests using this OS, and measured latencies lower than 4 ms with a standard Mac laptop

I'm a confirmed musician, I own a computer and hardware gears (synth, sampler, ...), is UASC-1 interesting for my professional application ?
Yes, UASC-1 features a complete set of Input and outputs (Analog, Digital, Optical, headphone). It is therefore able to be connected to your instruments digital and optical outputs, inputs, as well as to your amplifier analog input. In addition, any analog audio source can be connected to UASC-1 line input. With the above connections, digital and analog recording and monitoring will become possible

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advanced technologic sound magazine
2003 april issue 114

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