APRIL 2002 issue 103

Voyetra MusicWrite series:
Maestro, Songwriter, Plus
Music Composition and Notation software

Compose, play, edit and print music on your PC . The Voyetra MusicWrite series makes it easy to create and print sheet music, whether it's the whole score or just the drum notation. Connect a MIDI keyboard to your PC, play the keys and see the music transcribed on the screen. Use a mouse to edit your compositions with drag-and-drop. Copy, paste, insert notes, chords and ties, add lyrics and copyright info to the sheet music. You can see the notes on your PC screen, hear it played on your MIDI synthesizer or PC soundcard, and print the sheet music for others to play.


Each version (Plus, Songwriter, Maestro) provides different levels of sophistication.

Compose music by inserting notes, chords and symbols with just the click of a mouse.

Insert dynamic symbols and hear them affect your score when it plays back.

Songwriter and Maestro editions support drum notation.

Play back your music using your PC sound card or an external MIDI synthesizer.

Record music from your MIDI keyboard and see it instantly converted into music notation.

Add your name, song title, copyright and more.

Add chord names and guitar chord symbols.

Add lyrics and display them with any Windows Font.

See your music written on a printed page.

Use the printed music to file for a music copyright.

Edit notes with ease until the song sounds exactly as you like.

Hear the song played on MIDI instruments and change orchestration as it plays.

Music teachers and educators can easily prepare lessons and exercises for their students.

Students can hear how pitch and tempo corresponds to written notation on the PC screen.

Guitar tablature feature makes it a tool for guitar players.


For MusicWrite Maestro & Songwriter

Processor: Pentium-class 200MHz processor with MMX or better (Celeron 400 for Windows 2000/XP)

- 32 MB required - 64 MB recommended for Windows 98 / ME
- 64 MB required - 128 MB recommended for Windows 2000 / XP

Hard Disk Space: 36 MB

Operating System: Windows 98 / Millennium / 2000 Professional / XP

Display: 800 x 600 high color (16-bit) video display

Soundcard: 16-bit DirectSound-compatible soundcard (the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz recommended)

CD-ROM: 4X speed or higher CD-ROM


- Printer for printing sheet music (recommended)

- MIDI keyboard with MIDI cable interface recommended


For MusicWrite Plus

Processor : Pentium-class 200MHz processor with MMX™ or better

RAM: 32 MB required - 64 MB recommended

Hard Disk Space: 6 MB

Operating System: Windows 98 / Millennium

Display: 800 x 600 high color (16-bit) video display

Soundcard: 16-bit DirectSound-compatible soundcard (the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz recommended)

CD-ROM: 4X speed or higher CD-ROM


- Headphones and/or speakers connected to the soundcard output

- Some applications also require a MIDI-compatible musical keyboard with MIDI cable interface

Midi / real-time input : additional infos ....... for novices with minimum equipment.
Each version of the MusicWrite series uses an external MIDI synthesizer or MIDI keyboard as a music input device. The MIDI keyboard connects to your PC sound card with an optional MIDI adapter cable.This allows your PC to record the notes played on the MIDI keyboard so you can edit them on the screen. In addition, if the MIDI keyboard also has a built-in synthesizer, your PC can use it to play the music you've written.

(compose, play and print)

For "serious" composers, musicians, students and educators. This top-of-the-line composer's tool includes 94 staves, 32,000 events per track, an EZ Template for quick score setup, a 16-channel mixer, and dozens of other tools. An intuitive screen layout with powerful and easily accessible symbol palettes, toolbars and templates will let you focus on writing, not searching through the program for menus and features.


Score editing
The Score Editor allows you to edit standard music notation, right on the screen. With up to 94 staves at your disposal, Music Write gives you the power to notate anything, from single staff guitar tablature with lyrics to a full orchestra. Create music in a variety of ways including mouse click entry, MIDI recording and digital audio recording. Includes symbols and markings for even the most difficult passages.

MIDI Piano Roll Editor
The Piano Roll editor displays MIDI tracks in piano roll format, just like a sequencer. You can also add wave files to your piece using the wave window. The display can be expanded for higher resolution editing of notes

Midi Controller Editor
lets you enter and edit continuous MIDI data like controllers, tempo, note velocities and pitch bend. For here, you can control every nuance of your song.

Track Sheet
This is a summary of your track information, used for naming, moving, deleting and editing tracks and track parameters.

Track Mixer
Control the playback parameters of each track in real time. Change volume, pan or expression of the instruments in your compositions.

Midi Event List Editor
View and edit all MIDI musical events in your composition. Each MIDI command issued to your synthesizers is listed in sequence, so you can see exactly what notes and parameters are being changed at each point in the song.

Song Editor
This displays an overview of your music as a string of colored bars filled with notes and other musical data. Above the list of bars is an area displaying the time signature changes, key signature changes, repeats, double bar lines, end bar lines and rehearsal marks. These provide visual cues on the structure of your music.

Create Guitar Tablature
MusicWrite Maestro lets you turn your MIDI music compositions into standard 6-string guitar tablature. Your notes are represented as fret numbers on the appropriate string in traditional guitar tab notation.

(compose, play and print)


Compose with the Score Editor
MusicWrite let you to notate a wide variety of musical styles, from single staff guitar tablature with lyrics to an eight-piece band. You can create music in a variety of ways including mouse click entry and MIDI recording. Use symbols and markings for more complicated passages.

Organize your compositions with the Track Sheet
The Track Sheet is a summary of your track information, used for naming, moving, deleting and editing tracks and track parameters. Keep you complex compositions organized.

Includes "Introduction To Songwriting"
Learn the basics of songwriting and composition with this helpful primer. A useful tool to both novice and advanced composers.  

(compose, play and print)

An inexpensive way to start writing music with your PC
MusicWrite Plus is perfect for musicians who don't need sophisticated notation features. The editing lets you to add or delete notes freely or change a note just by dragging it to a new location. Bars of music can be cut and pasted just as you would edit text in a word processor. Click the Play button and your PC plays the music. You can choose from 128 instrument sounds. When your song is complete, press the print button to print out your sheet music.

The MusicWrite Plus screen displays your composition on a musical staff, with lyrics beneath and chord symbols above. Creating music is as simple as clicking a notation symbol and placing it on the page. Songs can be recorded from a MIDI keyboard or inserted with the mouse. Just select a note and drag it onto the musical staff. You can add lyrics, chords, guitar symbols, dynamics and more. You can import MIDI files. Even if you're new to music you'll find MusicWrite Plus is a great way to learn music notation by experimenting and writing your own songs.
Includes "Introduction To Songwriting"
Learn the basics of songwriting and composition with this helpful primer. A useful tool to both novice and advanced composers.

Feature comparisons





Tool Tips & Online Help




MIDI Instrument Record/Playback




Print Notation




Enter Guitar Fretboards




Video Tutorial



(same as Songwriter)

Sample Songs




Adjustable Symbols




Auto Template Setup



Multi-part Arrangements




Enter Drum Notation



Customize Guitar Chords




Number of Staves


16 (8 x 2, 6-8 per page)

94 (47 x 2, 36 per page)

Number of Voices




Note Resolution




Measures per Line




Lines of Lyrics




Changeable Fonts




Graphical Edits/Repeats




Song Editor




Piano Roll Editor


Control Editor




Event List Editor


MIDI Event Editor




16-channel Mixer


Export Picture File






Voyetra e-mail, Usa fax 914-966-1093, Usa tel. 914-966-2150

Voyetra Italy:
ALBATROS Multimedia, Crespellano, Tel.: 051 96 96 79, Fax: 051 672 13 01, e-mail


PC MIDI Center
Ave. Santa Fe 1670. Local 67
1060 - Buenos Aires
Telephone: 54-114-815-3568
Fax: 54-114-815-3567


Computer 2000 2000 N.V./S.A.
Assesteenweg 117/1
1740 Ternat
Telephone: [32] 2 583 83 11
Fax: [32] 2 583 83 33



TRIAD Distribution
20 Barnes Court, Building G
Concord, Ontario,
Canada L4K 4L4
Telephone: 1-905-738-5262
Fax: 1-905-738-9964


Amecon under the Czech Republic listing.


1 Rega Fereou Str.
1087 Cyprus
Telephone: [357] 2-499971
Fax: [357] 2-499986

Czech Republic

US Headquarters:
10 Ferry Wharf
Newburyport, MA 01950
Telephone: (508) 463-7469
Fax: (508) 463-7480

Czech Republic Headquarters:UniMedia
Amecon Multimedia Group Member
Attn. Igor Smerda - Managing Director
U Vystaviste 9-11
17000 Praha 7
Czech Republic
Phone: + 420 2 3338 1198
Fax: + 420 2 2431 2715


PC Industry

Brams Sidevej 1
Telephone: 39-63-66-48
Fax: 39-63-66-48


RGM Microsistemas C.A.
Centro Comercial La Tienda Local 001-A
Frente al C.C. Alban Borja
Guayaquil - Ecuador
Telephone: 593-207899
Fax: 593-4-202995


Wave Systems
39 rue Louis Rouquier
92300 Levallois Perret
Telephone: 1-475-74506
Fax: 1-408-90595


CDV Software
Neureuter STraße 37b
76185 Karlsruhe
Telephone: 721 97224-0
Fax: 721 97224-24


M3C Systemtechnik GmbH
Grossbeerenstr. 51
10965 Berlin, Germany
Telephone: 30 789 079-0
Fax: 30-785-68-49

Hong Kong / China

Dragontek International Ltd.
G.P.O Box 13512
Central Hong Kong
Telephone: 276-58873
Fax: 233-44565


Amecon under the Czech Republic listing.


Express Utama
Jl. Pintu Besar Selatan No. 71-D
Jakarta 11110
Telephone: 21 6322332
Fax: 21 6303134


Marom Musical Instruments
68, Pinsker Street
Tel Aviv 63568
Telephone: 362-98236
Fax: 3-620-0760


(located in USA)

Grow Up Japan
1731 BuchananStreet
San Francisco, CA 94115ib
Telephone: 415-771-4093
Fax: 415-771-4837

The Netherlands (Holland)

Computer 2000 B.V.
Computerweg 10-12
3606 Maarssen
The Netherlands
Telephone: [31] 34-65-85-000
Fax: [31] 34-65-85-001

New Zealand

32 Sheffield Crescent, Burnside 8005
Christchurch, New Zealand
Telephone: 3-358-7079
Fax: 3-358-7277


PMC &endash; Personal Multimedia Computers Sp. z o.o.
Emilii Plater 47 Str.
00-118, Warszawa, Poland
Telephone: 22-826-1889
Fax: 22-827-9572


NIPOSOM, J. Nabais, LDA.
Rua Humberto Cruz, 4
1900 Lisboa
Telephone: 351-1-848-7677
Fax: 351-1-840-95-17


SPRiNT Computers
28-30 Romana Street
2000 Ploiesti &endash; ROMANIA
Telephone: [40] 64 193 213
Web: http://www.sprint.ro


OPTIMA (name in US)
Multimedia Club (name in Russia)
80/2 Leningradsky Ave.
Moscow, Russia
Telephone: (095) 158-5386
Fax: (095) 158-5386
Web: www.online.ru./sp/mpc/digest

Saudi Arabia

Future Computer Systems (FCS)
City Center &endash; Medina Road
P.O. Box 435, Jeddah 21411
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Telephone: 996-2-6673120
Fax: 966-2-6675289

TRIWEF Corporation / Triad Sales International
200 Valley Road, Suite 204
Mt. Arlington, NJ 07856
Telephone: 973-770-2800
Fax: 973-770-2808


Amecon under the Czech Republic listing.


Amecon under the Czech Republic listing.


Corcega 89, entl.
08029 Barcelona &endash; ESPANA
Telephone: (93) 430-97-90
Fax: (93) 321-31-73


EKAB Distribution
Molijns Vag 8
589 41 Linkoping
Telephone: 46 8 36 93 00
Fax: 13 36 93 20


STG Distribution
48 Chemin Naville
CH &endash; 1231 Geneva
Telephone: (22) 830-04-84
Fax: (22) 830-04-88

United Kingdom

Et Cetera
Valley House
2 Bradwood Court
St. Crispin Way,
Lancashire, BB4 4PW
Telephone: 01706-228-039
Fax: 01706-222-989


Sigma Delta
Art Music Corporation
3030 Royal Palm Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33140-4604
Telephone: (305) 672-7146
Fax: (305) 672-4604



2002 issue 103


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