Virtuoso Works Notion 1.5
music composition and performance software
for composers, educators, performers, students, pro audio
Over 1000+ voice polyphony.
String sections, winds, brass, piano, harp and percussion
Mac / Window

listen to Handel - Messiah (Aria)
listen to Stravinsky - Rite of Spring
listen to Fray - A Shiny New Quarter

Regular Price: $599.00
Academic Price: $399.00
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Operating System MinimumOS X 10.3.9 - Recommended OS X 10.4.0 or later
Processor Minimum 1.0 GHz - Recommended 2.0 GHz Dual Processor
RAM Minimum512 MB - Recommended 1 GB
Hard Disk Space Minimum 1.5 GB free disk space - Recommended 1.5 GB free disk space
Operating System Minimum Windows XP / 2000 (SP4) - Recommended Windows XP / 2000 (SP4)
Processor Minimum 1.7 GHz Pentium or equivalent - Recommended 3.0 GHz Pentium or equivalent
RAM Minimum 512 MB - Recommended 1 GB
Hard Disk Space Minimum 1.5 GB free disk space - Recommended 1.5 GB free disk space


• Fast and simple interface for entering music
• PC keyboard/mouse entry and keyboard shortcuts
• MIDI keyboard entry, real-time, stretch-time, and step-time
• MusicXML: import from Finale, Sibelius, and score scanners
• Up to 64 staffs, and two voices on each staff
• Fast, anti-aliased screen rendering and refresh
• Automatic note and expression alignment
• Standard and non-standard key signatures
• Complex time signatures
• User-defined beaming

Expressive and realistic playback of:
• Dynamics, crescendo, diminuendo
• 15 different articulations, slurs
• Tempo changes
• Grace notes, arpeggios
• Pizzicato/arco
• Pedal marks
• Fermatas
• Quarter tones
• And more!

• Sample-based playback of orchestral instruments
• No external software, hardware or MIDI assignment
• Low-latency playback in DirectSound and ASIO
• Reverb from natural, recorded decay
• NTEMPO: real-time “conducting” of the score
• Replay of NTEMPO performance
• WAV file creation, faster than real-time playback
• Instrument audio mixer: mute, solo, balance, pan, and decay
• Double-voice playback of different instruments
• Global transposition and tuning
• Plays repeat signs, multiple endings, D.S. al coda, etc.

Included samples sounds

Notion samples were recorded at Abbey Road Studios, in Studio One using:
72 channel NEVE VRP Legend / 88RS consoles
Avalon M5 preamps, Neve Preamps, Massenberg Preamp
Protools HD2 96 kHz, 24 bit
2 Valve Neumann M50 and 2 Neumann TLM 50 for distance mics
3 Valve Neumann M50 for room ambience
Neumann U47fet, U87, KM184, KM84 for close mics on single instruments
5 Schoeps MK 21 for close mics on sections

Violin Section (12) Legatos, staccatos, accents, pizzicatos and trills in multiple timbres
Viola Section (10) "
Cello Section (8) "
Bass Section (6) "
Piccolo Legatos w/vibrato, staccatos and trills in multiple timbres
Flute "
Oboe "
English Horn "
Clarinet Legatos non-vibrato, subtones, accents, staccatos and trills in multiple timbres
Bass Clarinet "
Bassoon Legatos w/vibrato, staccatos and trills in multiple timbres
Horn Legatos, staccatos, accents, trills and brassy sounds in multiple timbres
Trumpet "
Tenor Trombone "
Bass Trombone "
Tuba "
Timpani Strikes and rolls in multiple timbres
Snare Drum "
Triangle "
Suspended Cymbal "
Cabasa "
Guiro "
Tambourine "
Tam Tam "
Gong "
Bass drum Strikes, muted strikes and rolls in multiple timbres
Claves Strikes in multiple timbre
Orchestra Crash Cymbals "
Xylophone Strikes and trills in multiple timbres
Glockenspiel "
Harp Single notes in multiple timbres
Piano Strikes and trills in multiple timbres

VirtuosoWorks, Inc
201 S. Elm St. Suite 300
Greensboro, North Carolina 27401
tel. 336.275.2994

advanced technologic sound magazine
2006 May issue 149

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