VirSyn Cantor ( v.1.6 )
A virtual singer

euro 349,00

Imaging entering your lyrics in plain english (and german in the new version 1.6 ) and then “sing” your lyrics instantly just by playing the melody on your MIDI Keyboard .......
Add expression with realtime parameters controlling vibrato rate and depth or changing the character of the singing voice from female to male.
But CANTOR even goes beyond creating realistic “human” singers.
Many parameters have no relation to human vocals like “Metallize” which turns your virtual singer more into a singing Gong...
The voice editor allows you to edit the character of your virtual singer by defining the base spectrum for vowels and consonants. For those of you ever wanting to create your own alien language the Phoneme editor gives you access to the atoms of the vocal synthesis engine. With this editor you can define the formant structure and the noise characteristic of each phoneme used by the vocal engine. And for any edits you are going to do the changes are immediately audible in realtime.

Choir rendering function
For generation of choirs with hundreds of voices . Every choir voice is generated separately with adjustable random variations in pitch, start time and sound characteristic. Using different base voices result in mixed choirs.

MIDI / Lyrics import
You can import now MIDI files into the score editor. With MIDI files containing the lyrics the song text is also imported .


- 8 part vocal synthesis engine
- plays lyrics in realtime
- english phoneme dictionary (120000 words)
- german phoneme dictionary with 100000+ words)
- german phoneme sets and voices
- no samples used
- score editor
- voice editor
- phoneme editor
° Realtime editing
- Brightness
- Humanize
- Metallize
- Gender factor
- Vibrato
- Breath noise
° Interfaces
- stand alone mode
- VST 2 / AudioUnit
- ReWire / RTAS (Sept. 2004)
° Microtuning
- Scala compatible microtuning

System requirements:
- Mac G4 > 400 Mhz
- PC Pentium III > 600 Mhz
- Athlon XP/MP
- 256 MB RAM
- Mac OX 10.2 / WinXP

Audio demos:

(inspired by 'Cold genius' from
Henry Purcell´s opera “King Arthur”)

(deep bass voice)

(vocoder / robot voice)

(vocoder / robot voice)

(soprano like voice)

VirSyn Software Synthesizer
Bruchsaler Weg 4
76327 Pfinztal
Tel: +49 7240 202956 – Fax: +49 7240 202957

VirSyn Italy Distributor
Via Gulli 54
10154 Milano
Tel: +39 02 48702843 – Fax: +39 02 48702861

Galassia 303 (retailer)
Via de Rusticucci
61032 Fano - (Pesaro) - Italy

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2005 July issue 139

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