Violet Design the 8-monitor (standard and vintage)
"The 8" near-field monitors are designed for use in recording, broadcast and TV studios, in movie and video industry, project and home recording studios, as well for high-end quality home stereo, surround and cinema systems, ost compromiss-less applications where sound quality is the most important factor.

eur 350.00

"The 8 Standard" is designed as passive 2-way near-field studio monitor, to replace white cone mixing monitor at quality level, adequate for today’s much higher audio standards. "The 8 Standard" monitor sound is fundamental, accurate, neutral, very detailed and transparent.

"The 8 Vintage" monitor has the same size, component configuration and wiring as "The 8 Standard", but is designed as acoustic alternative to it. It’s overall sound quality is the same, but subjectively it sounds different, more "live" and "musical", less tiring your hearing and brain.

These monitor models are based on the best quality loudspeaker components. LF woofer’s diaphragm and dust cap are molded as one piece and made of the highest quality composite material. HF tweeter soft dome is made of treated-coated textile. Large diameter aluminium wire voice coils are ferro-fluid cooled. Loudspeaker components are individually checked before installation. "The 8" monitors are ready for full-range, bi-wire or bi-amplifier connection. Passive crossover is made of the best quality components and is impedance corrected. Tweeter’s high power capacity lets to eliminate protection circuit and coming from it dynamics distortion. Crossover board and cable connection are moved to separate monitor base box, eliminating internal vibrations, resonances and reflections, crossover component damages and connector air noise from loudspeaker enclosure.
Crossover is fully separated for low and high frequencies for bi-wire connection, and internally bypassable for bi-amplifier connection. Cable connection is realized through industry standard 4-pole gold plated Speakon connector. Speakon pins 1+ and 2+, and 1- and 2- respectively must be connected together on cable connector in case connection with full-range loudspeaker cable. Loudspeaker box musical quality is coming from use of natural wood materials. Loudspeaker enclosure is made of 25 mm, but massive front panel of 65 mm thick multi-layer Baltic birch. All the monitor box external forms are rounded to minimize sound reflection affects. Port openings at both ends are trumpet shaped to reduce air noise. Total result is faster impulse transient response, smoother frequency response, reduced sound coloration and distortion, better low frequency damping and wider polar pattern. Loudspeaker enclosure is hanged into special shock-mount system to eliminate unwanted mechanical LF vibrations and resonances between the box and control room equipment and furnishing. Monitor is magnetically shielded for use in setup with computer monitors. Each ready monitor is measured in an anechoic chamber for optimum of performance.

Violet recommend using of Violet's audiophile quality speaker cables to minimize power and damping factor loss, RF induction and noise, and to maximize audio transparency. Vioet very low resistance cables are shielded and RF protected, made of the best quality wire and connector components. Result is real sound quality difference in comparing with standard speaker cables.
Violet Design speaker cablesare available as option.

System 2-way passive near-field
Transducer type electrodynamic
LF woofer / cone / voice coil - diameters 200 mm / 140 mm / 75 mm
HF tweeter / soft dome / voice coil - diameters 110 mm / 31 mm / 28 mm
Frequency range +/- 3 dB 39 Hz to 22 kHz
Sensitivity (2.83V / 1m) 88 dB
Max SPL 1m (IEC long term) 110 dB RMS
Peak SPL 1m, pair, IEC short term > 127 dB peak
Full-range or bi-wire system:
Nominal impedance 4 ohms
Long term IEC / transient (10 ms) power 180 W / 1200 W on 4 ohms
Bi-amplified system:
Recommended crossover frequency / slope: > 2800 Hz / > 12 dB/octave
Nominal LF impedance 4 ohms
LF long term IEC / transient (10 ms) power 150 W / 1000 W on 4 ohms
Nominal HF impedance 8 ohms
HF long term IEC / transient (10 ms) power 90 W / 600 W on 8 ohms
Input connector 4-pole gold plated Speakon socket
Signal polarity Positive polarity voltage on Speakon pin 1+ respectively pin 1- produces towards move of LF cone Positive polarity voltage on Speakon pin 2+ respectively pin 2- produces towards move of HF soft dome
Dimensions and weight H500 x W330 x D300 mm, 25 kg
Monitor comes completed with a shock-mount.

F8STD full-range loudspeaker cable
F8BIW bi-wire loudspeaker cable
F8BIA bi-amp loudspeaker cable

Violet Design Ltd.
P.O.Box 3393, Tallinn, 10506, Estonia
tel: (+372) 6455007
fax: (+372) 6466054

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tel: +390 498 701 075
fax: +390 498 702 083

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2006 May issue 149

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