Vienna Symphonic Library
Symphonic Cube
10 Sample-based Vienna Instruments collection
(Formats: VST / AU / VI stand-alone)
Solo Strings
Chamber Strings
Orchestral Strings I
Orchestral Strings II
Woodwinds I
Woodwinds II
Brass I
Brass II

Standard library: euro 3.200,00
Extended Library: euro 5.300,00
Full library (Std. + Ext.): euro 9.200,00

The 10 Vienna Instruments Collections will be released over a period of several months, starting with Solo Strings, Chamber Strings, Orchestral Strings I, Orchestral Strings II and Woodwinds I in January 2006. Woodwinds II, Brass I, Brass II, Harps, and Percussion will follow until April 2006. Further Vienna Instruments, such as Saxophones (soprano, alt, tenor, bariton, bass saxophone), and the Vienna Konzerthaus Organ, will follow the Symphonic Cube.

Listen to demos

Pictures at an Exhibition
Promenade 1
Promenade 2
Baba Yaga
Cum mortuis in lingua mortua
Planets - Neptun, the mystic
4th Symphony - Scherzo
Tristan und Isolde - Liebestod
A Midsummer Night´s Dream - Scherzo

System Requirements

PC Intel/AMD 2 GHz (3++ GHz recommended) with Windows XP
Apple G4 1 GHz (G5 recommended) with Mac OS X 10.4 or higher

* 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended)
* VST or AU compatible host
* DVD drive for installation
* Fast separate harddrive
* 88 key master keyboard (recommended)

* Over 800,000 samples and over 550 GB of sample data in 44.1kHz/24bit
* Comprehensive upgrade paths for Vienna Symphonic Library customers (Discount Calculator)
* Vienna proprietary Multi Impulse Response Mixing and Reverberation Engine prepared for future MIR integration,
* Online Video Tutorials
* VST and AU formats for Windows XP and Mac OS X, plug-in and stand-alone

New Instruments and Articulations
The SYMPHONIC CUBE contains all of the samples that are included in the PRO EDITION and the HORIZON SERIES, plus much more, for example:
* Fast Interval Performances
* Performance Trills
* Arpeggios
* Mordents
* Upbeat Repetition Performances
* Ponticello
* Sul tasto
* Harmonics (flageolet)
* Ricochet
* Zigane (Gypsy) and Harsh styles
* Small Clarinet in Eb
* English Horn II (French Style)
* Triple Horn
* Muted trumpets and trombones
* Timpani II
* Concert Toms, Roto Toms, Taiko Drums and more ...

Multi Impulse Response Mixing and Reverberation Engine
MIR Based upon the principle of multi impulse response convolution, the Vienna Symphonic Library digitizes ("samples") the characteristics of enclosures like the Great Hall of the Wiener Konzerthaus with unprecedented detail and methodology, taking this technology to the next level and capturing the great concert stages of the world in three dimensions. Due to the close association between the Vienna Symphonic Library samples, the Vienna Instruments' audio engine, and the MIR reverb engine, the typical directional characteristics of each instrument are taken into consideration when formulating the "correct" sets of impulse responses. For instance, the horns, whose bells are directed to the rear, will be automatically assigned different spatial aspects than the forward blaring trumpets. With the upcoming MIR engine, the user will be put in the position of a conductor, working on stage, thinking in musical terms rather than in technical abstractions.

User Interface
* Pre-configured Patches for intuitive playing with zero learning curve.
* Performance Detection algorithms integrated in Patches without the need to switch manually between articulations.
* Trigger comprehensive sets of articulations using hardware controllers (MIDI learn), key switches, and speed, without ever leaving the current MIDI channel.
* Layer Articulations for simultaneous or crossfade performances in one Preset.
* Easily design your own Instruments using Drag & Drop.
* Switch Velocity Crossfades and Release Control on/off on the fly.

The Engine
* Powerful proprietary streaming audio engine, developed by Vienna Symphonic Library’s engineering mastermind Christian Teuscher.
* Up to 3,456 Articulations (Patches) on one MIDI channel.
* RAM pre-load of up to 25,600 stereo samples (based on 1.6 GB available RAM under Windows; 48,000 samples on a 3 GB Mac G5).
* 64 stereo voices per instance streaming from disk.
* Extremely low load times (average 1 sec. per Patch) using pre-caching.
* Lossless real-time de-compression for using less RAM and hard disk resources.
* RAM Optimizer kicks unused samples out of RAM.

Performance Detection

Interval Detection
Provides natural intervals and note transitions for legato, portamento, glissando, spiccato, marcato, détaché styles in real-time.

Repetition Detection
Lets you play natural repeated notes in legato, portato, staccato, spiccato styles at any speed.

Pattern and Trill Detection
Avoids same-sample occurrences, even within complex phrases and trills.

Speed Detection
The tempo of your performance automatically triggers the appropriately articulated samples and switches seamlessly between articulations.


Solo strings

Instruments: Violin , Viola , Violoncello , Double bass
Standard/extended Library
Articulation Performances (playing styles)

Chamber strings

Violin Ensemble (6 Musicians)
Viola Ensemble (4 Musicians)
Violoncello Ensemble (3 Musicians)
Double bass Ensemble (2 Musicians)
Standard/extended Library
Articulation Performances

Orchestral strings I

Violin ensemble (14)
Viola ensemble (10)
Articulation Performances
Standard/extended Library

Orchestral strings II

Cello ensemble (8)
Bass ensemble (6)
Articulation Performances
Standard/extended Library


Instruments: Harp I , Harfe II

Woodwinds I

Flute 1
Oboe (French style)
Flute ensemble (3)
Oboe ensemble (3)
Clarinet ensemble (3)
Basson ensemble (3)
Articulation Performances
Standard/extended Library

Woodwinds II

Flute 2
Alto flute
Oboe (Viennese style)
English horn 1
English horn 2
Small clarinet in Eb
Bass clarinet
Contra bassoon

Brass I

Tenor trombone
Trumpet ensemble (3)
Horn ensemble (4)
Trombone ensemble (3)

Brass II

Piccolo trumpet
Bass trumpet
Triple horn
Horn ensemble (8) / Epic Horns
Bass trombone
Contrabass trombone
Contrabass tuba
Wagner tuba


Standard percussion
FX Percussion

Does the Vienna Innovation Program (VIP) still exist?
Of course. Just like you could upgrade from the First to the Pro Edition at a moderate price, you’re now able to upgrade to Vienna Instruments.

I already own Sample Libraries by the Vienna Symphonic Library. Where can I find my upgrade (VIP) price?
VIP prices apply to Extended Libraries. There are fixed prices for the basic module, consisting of the software instrument (i.e., the audio engine and the user interface) and the Standard Library. Extended Libraries are cheap for owners of Vienna Symphonic Library Sample Libraries, and for many registered users only cost a small fee. Please find out your individual prices using our Discount Calculator.

Why don’t VIP prices apply to the Standard Library?
In concert with distributors and local dealers, calculating an individual price for every single user would be impossible. Therefore, the price of a Collection’s Standard package is the same for all users. As for activating the Extended Library, prices can be determined online for each user according to which Sample Libraries were registered by the user, and which Instruments or Collections he or she wants to extend. However, licensing the Extended Libraries is extremely cheap for many users of Vienna Symphonic Library Sample Libraries You can find out your individual prices with Discount Calculator.

How large is the amount of data I have to download for the Extended Libraries?
A: The Extended Libraries already are included on the DVDs in your box, even if you only pay the price for the Standard Library and the software, so that you don’t have to download a Library. Upgrading to the Extended Library and its purchase are handled online by simply activating that part of the Library.

How do I find out whether I want to buy only a Collection’s Standard Library or its Extended Library, too?
A: After registering a Collection, you can test the Extended Library for 30 days along with the Standard Library. After this testing period has run out, you will only have access to the Standard Library. Extensions can be activated immediately and at any time, for whole Collections as well as for single Instruments.

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