Ultimate Sound Bank
X-treme FX

Virtual instrument plug-in for
and Windows (VST/RTAS/DXI)
dedicated to sound effects
Useful to create effects for video, CDROM, games, music and broadcast programs.

euro 399,00

demo download

X-Treme FX is a virtual instrument dedicated to sound effects. For sound designers it means having a soundbank and the ability to work faster with a set sound shaping tools (layers, filters, envelopes, LFOs…).
X-treme FX comes with 5 thousands ofsound effects. The soundset occupies over 8 Gigabytes of disc space. Included categories are: Atmospheres, Scenes, Unreal, Science-Fiction, Sub & Drones, Natural, Urban, Foleys and Musical. Scenes are provided: one preset loads up an ensemble of related sounds, useful for live mixing or creating a virtual soundscape..
To taylor your sound, all sound shaping controls are in a single window. The interface offers sound-design tools allowing you to twist and reshape each sound to fit your project.

- Over 5 000 included presets
- New presets every month on our website, free to all registered users
- A staggering 8 gigabytes of sounds
- Powerful dual layer architecture
- Includes a large selection of sound FX and textures from the acclaimed Hollywood Edge libraries
- Full MIDI implementation
- Comprehensive multi-effect section with 29 high quality algorithms
- Zone-Edit allows powerful edition of individual keygroups (Multimode filter, envelopes, timbre, etc... can be edited individually)
- Audition Presets: next to the preset selection menu, a small speaker icon can be clicked to listen to the preset, tuning is user-selectable

Turbocharged UVI-Engine:
- Preset management allowing you to reorganize the presets directly on your hard drive
- Preset selection: enter the preset number for direct access
- Next/previous program selection arrows
- All 4 LFOs sync to your sequencer's tempo
- Every LFO features a waveform selection menu (7 waveforms included)
- Comprehensive multimode filter with a new overdrive section
- The overdrive is included in the augmented list of modulation destinations
- Effects section that can be synced to the sequencer’s tempo

Ultimate Sound Bank

advanced technologic sound magazine
2005 April issue 136

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