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MARCH 2004

06 march 02004 - Sydney - AU
07 march 02004 - Melbourne - AU
17 march 02004 - The Matrix - Dubai
19 march 02004 - The Gallery - Turnmills - UK
20 march 02004 - The Coach - Belfast - Ireland
26 march 02004 - Empire - Radfeld - Austria
27 march 02004 - LaDune - La Grand Motte - France


November 2003

2003-11-03 release:
V. A. Tomcraft - The Mix

2003 releases

'Into the Light' (single)

'Brainwashed (Call You)' (single)

"MUC" (album)

Tomcraft: " While working on the album MUC we often listened to Depeche Mode and Brian Wilson… Styles vary from electro to electro-rock or electro-pop, from trance to melodic tech-house and there's even a tech-reggae track on it called 'Like The Sun'. On this album we had the freedom to produce exactly what we liked – that is what makes it so different from most of the other dance albums"

Tomcraft & Eniac
"Great Stuff"


The German DJ and producer Tomcraft (aka Tom Brucker) began working the decks at clubs as a teenager and was quickly snapped up by Kosmo Records, the hip dance labelbased in Munich. Since then he's released a bunch of chart-topping singles, worked with a host of big names (Eniac,Sasha) and performed at cool venues (Frankfurt's Dorian Gray, Ibiza's Space) and raves (LoveParade, Mayday). Tomcraft started making waves on dance charts during the late '90s, with such hypnotic offerings as"The Mind," "The Circle," and "Powerplant." The latter two tracks were used as theme tunes for the popular sci-fi TVseries 'The X-files' and the single "25:17" was a track based on samples from Quentin Tarantino'scult movie 'Pulp Fiction'. Since 1998 he has worked on scores of compilations, such as Sasha's GlobalUnderground, San Francisco mix. In 2001 he released the album "All I Got", which featured all of his biggesthits.



Loneliness (single)

Bang Bang



All I got (album)

All I got (Tomcraft & Eniac)








Punk Da Funk



The Lord


The mission


The Circle







Roller Coaster

This is no House



Nackig (Tomcraft Remix) on Nackig, 12" (Urban)
Pulverturm (Tomcraft Mix) on Real Retro House Classix EP 10, 12" (Mostiko)
Are You Real ? (Tomcraft Mix) on Are You Real ?, CD5" (Edel)
Never Ending Story on DJ Empire Presents: A Tribute To Giorgio Moroder, CD (BMG)
Nackig (Tomcraft Remix) on Nackig, 12" (Urban)
Y.O.U. (Tomcraft Remix) on Y.O.U., 12" (Jive)
Trance & Acid (Tomcraft Remix) on Trance & Acid (Remixes), 12" (Tracid Traxxx)
The Spirit (DJ Tomcraft Mix) on The Spirit, 12" (Orbit Records)
Flash (Tomcraft Remix) on Flash (The Official Club Mixes), CD5" (Virgin Records (UK))
Koyaanisqatsi (DJ Tomcraft Remix) on Koyaanisqatsi, 12" (Club Tools)
Planet Violet 2003 (Tomcraft R.I.P. Club Mix) on Planet Violet 2003, 12" (Kosmo)
Flash (Tomcraft Remix) on Flash (The Official Club Mixes), 12" (EMI Records)
Spaceface (Tomcraft remix) on Split Personality (Limited Collectors Edition), 3xCD (Incentive)
Chase The Sun (Tomcraft Remix) on Chase The Sun, 12" (Netrecord-z)
Punk Da Funk (Tomcraft Mix) on Punk Da Funk, CD5" (Kosmo)
You (Tomcraft Remix) on Energy 02 - The Annual, CD (Energetic Records)
Friends (Tomcraft Vs Eniac Remix) on Cream Future Trance 2003, 2xCD (Virgin Records (UK))
Pulverturm (Tomcraft Mix) on Kosmonauts The Sound Of Kosmo Records Vol. 1, CD (Kosmo)
Spaceface (Tomcraft Remix) on Spaceface, 12" (Absolutely Records)
Redemption 2.0 (Tomcraft Remix) on Redemption 2.0 - The Club Mixes, CD5" (Zeitgeist)
Punk Da Funk (Tomcraft Mix) on Punk Da Funk, 12" (Kosmo)
Alive (Tomcraft Remix) on Alive, CD5" (Serious Records)
Redemption 2.0 (Tomcraft Remix) on RMB And Friends - A Tribute To RMB, CD (Zeitgeist)
Seven Days And One Week (Tomcraft Remix) on Positiva Remixed Volume 5, 2x12" (Positiva)
Friends (Tomcraft Remix) on Friends, 12" (Direction Records)
Bottle Living (Tomcraft Vocal Mix) on Bottle Living, CD5" (Mute Records)
Bottle Living (Tomcraft Vocal Mix) on Bottle Living (Promo), 12" (Mute Records)
Bottle Living (Tomcraft Dub Mix) on Bottle Living (Promo), 12" (Mute Records)
Bottle Living (Tomcraft Vocal Mix) on Bottle Living / Hold On, CD5" (Reprise Records)
Late At Night (Tomcraft Mix) on Late At Night, 12" (Parlophone Records)
Bottle Living (Tomcraft Dub Mix) on Bottle Living, DVD (Mute Records)

Overdose on This Is Tech-Pop, CD (Ministry Of Sound)
Loneliness on The Annual Spring 2003, 2xCD (Ministry Of Sound)
Loneliness on Clubber's Guide Summer 2003, 2xCD (Ministry Of Sound)
Versus (Radio Cut) on Dream Dance Vol. 17, 2xCD (Dance Division)
Loneliness on Meltdown, CD (ZAP Music)
Loneliness (Klub Kut) on Ministry Of Sound: DJ Skribble & David Waxman Present - American Anthems, 2xCD (Ultra Records)
Overdose (Killa Radio Mix) on Advanced Electronics, 2xCD (Synthetic Symphony)
Hardtrance on Goa Rave, 2xCD (ZYX)



"'Into The Light' is dedicated to my 4
month old son Maximilian"

" I'm a DJ and not a dance act with a booty-shacking teenage gogo singer traveling from club to club performing one track only "

" The Budapest scene is fresh & exciting, the crowd goes mental and takes off their clothes! "

" My main musical influences are Depeche Mode, Beastie Boys, Cowboy Junkies, Run DMC, Felix The Housecat "


Listen to ...
For a while

Under the blue
Into the light
Like the sun

advanced technologic sound magazine
2003 november issue 119

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