Terratec Producer Axon AX 100 mk II
Guitar-to-MIDI controller
Connecting electric or acoustic guitars and basses to the MIDIfied studio

AX 100 mkII controller/synth , front
larger size

AX 100 mkII controller/synth , rear
larger size

AX-101 pickup
larger size

Axon AX K 100 cable

Axon AX 100 mkII controller/synth : eur 499
Axon AX 101 pick-up : eur199
Axon AX K100 cable : eur 29

AXON AX 100 MKII - Package content:
* MIDI cable
* Footswitch (AXON AFT 100)
* Power adapter
* User manual
* Cubase LE software editor (on CD)

(not included)
The Axon
A X 101 pickup and Axon AX K100 cable
How to recognize the pitch of a string before it fully sounds.
The Axon Engineers have developed an early recognition system that analyses the impulse that occurs at the very instant a string is played. This system recognizes the pitch of a string before it fully vibrates. Dynamics and length are then computed as the string continues to sound.

Demo video (QuickTime) by Burr Johnson


Pedals Part ( 1 ) ( 2 )
Arpeggiator and more
Splitting the frets
Splitting the picking zone
Controller & PC control
Splitting the strings
Sequencing with MAC & PC

The Axon controller single-unit rack mount has an early-recognition system which evaluates the impulses from the strings as soon as they are picked and converts them into values for pitch, dynamics and length by a 32-bit RISC processor..
On the Axon AX100 mkII, you can either choose from over 500 internal sounds, 10 drum kits and an SFX kit or trigger external sound devices such as samplers and synthesizers. Then, depending on the sound generator you are using, a guitar can become a synthesizer, an electric piano or a saxophone. With the 12 play area zones, the Axon AX100 mkII even makes your guitar multitimbral: you can play different instruments by splitting the fretboard, strings or pick position.
Optional connecting pedals and buttons add effects and even more variety to your playing, as does the built-in arpeggiator.

Fast guitar-to-MIDI controller with impulse early-recognition system
Compatible with electric and acoustic guitars and electric basses
Automatic pick position recognition
12 play area zones
128 programmable presets
32-bit RISC processor
Built-in tuner
Over 500 high-quality sounds (GM and XG-sound compatible)
10 drum kits and one SFX kit

Terratec Producer Axon AX100 mkII forum

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