Terratec CAR 4000
Up-to-date Hi-Fi device, including high quality compression and a complete jukebox functionality

Analogue and digital audio recording (MP3, WAV) and playback (MP3, WAV, WMA)

Saves Audio CD's on a pre-installed hard disk drive

Automatic recognition of artist, album and title (Gracenote CDDB support)

Variable database with extensive filter functions and personal chart

Simple and convenient data transfer with a PC using a USB-interface

Interface for mobile MP3 players (MMC slot)


The C.A.R. 4000 is a complete digital audio centre for the Hi-Fi rack. It combines the functionality of a digital audio recorder, a CD player and a digital jukebox for thousands of music tracks - all in one.

Nowadays, most users know about the advantages of MP3 as one of the most popular audio compression formats: It reduces the size of an audio title to 1/11 of its original size. Terra Tec's C.A.R. 4000 now enables you to use all of the advantages of the MP3 format, in combination with your Hi-Fi equipment. C.A.R. 4000 is able to record all audio signals coming from the audio inputs of your computer and other audio equipment, and save them to the pre-installed hard disk drive. No matter if it is a tape recorder, a tuner or a microphone, C.A.R. 4000 will digitise and save them all.

C.A.R. 4000s record Audio-CD-tracks to the built-in hard disk drive (at least 540 hours in CD quality); using the digital selection function, the extensive CDDB support allows automatic detection of artist, title and album for indexing your music (without the need for an internet connection). The graphic display offers easy control for convenient browsing through your favourite audio tracks. You can magnify the display while playing your music to be able to read the information from across the room.

You can choose the format of your saved audio file; a compressed MP3 file, or an uncompressed full-quality WAV format. To further enhance the variety of audio sources you can use, a digital input for Mini-Disc users is also included.

Furthermore, in addition to the usual stereo line output there is also integrated a microphone amplifier connection, an optical digital output and a configurable headphone output. Friends of mobile MP3 will also benefit from the insertion for MMC memory cards. If you want to go jogging you can use it as a gas station for your portable player and refill your memory card. After having finished the recording, you can use the remote control functions to enter information such as the artist, album and track title - just like composing an SMS message from your mobile phone.

As well as creating all kinds of playback selection filters, you can also evaluate any, or all, tracks using a 'personal preference' scale from +2 to -2 . Using the remote control you can put together your personal music charts. For an easy update of your hit list, you can use the bundled Windows application to communicate with your C.A.R. 4000 from your PC. The C.A.R. 4000 can also play, for example, ordinary audio CDs, or data CDs containing MP3 tracks. Winamp playlists (M3U) can be read, played and extended. Other features include an extensive timer function for recording and playing, automatic signal detection (ASD) for recordings (automatically starts recording when an audio input is detected), PartyLock password protection against prohibited use, a configurable interface (normal, advanced and professional settings) and individual saving and editing of almost all settings.



2 separate Line inputs (rear, cinch)

2 MIC inputs (front, 2 x 6,3 mm, 1/4" jacks, also useable for stereo microphones)

Digital input (rear, optical)



Line output (rear, cinch)

Digital output (front, optical)

Configurable headphone output (front, 6,3 mm, 1/4" jack)


Other connectors

USB (slave)


Supported Media


CD-ROM including CD-Rs and CD-RWs

FAT16/32 file system on hard disk

ISO 9660 Level 1 and 2 file systems including long filename support

Memory card (MMC)


Direct recording to Hard disk drive


Supported playback formats

MPEG Audio Layer 3 (MP3) including variable bit rates (VBR)

MS Audio (WMA)

Microsoft Wave (WAV)

CD Audio (CDA)


Supported recording formats

MPEG Audio Layer 3 (MP3)

Microsoft Wave (WAV)


CD Drive

Playback of WMA, MP3 and WAV files directly from the CD

Playback of common audio CD's with automatic detection of artist, album and title (Using CDDB)

Direct reading of audio CD's for saving on a memory card or hard disk drive

CWhip technology (change while play - enables changing a CD while playing tracks from a memory card or a hard disk drive)


Hard disk

Recording capacity of at least 540 hours (MP3 files with 128 KB/s)

Complete data management via computer and USB connection

Fully compatible with a computer using the FAT32 file system


Display (LCD)

Graphical display (resolution of 128 x 64)

Zoom function of display while playing

Background lighting (turn on and off through software)

Readable in dark and bright environments



Creates, loads, edits, saves and plays playlists

Supports Winamp-Playlist (M3U)

Merge different playlists


Data base

Convenient browsing through the entire contents

Search for filenames, artists, album or other IDTag information

Complete maintenance via PC through USB connection and Windows software

Rate each track for simple set up of a personal playlist

Extensive filter functions (i.e. specific styles, moods or years can be included or excluded)

Edit, save and load filter settings


PC software

Manages all audio files on PC and C.A.R. 4000 memory card and hard disk

Adapt function for simultaneous data update (PC < > C.A.R. 4000)

Remote control functions

Configurations, filters and other settings can be set up and edited with a computer and transferred to the C.A.R. 4000

Configurable and practical up-to-date software interface


PC software system requirements

Intel PII or AMD K6 or faster

USB interface


CD-ROM drive for software installation



Power, Previous, Next, Rewind, Forward, Play, Pause, Record, Stop, Eject, Escape, Softkey ,Up, Down, Scroll wheel with button, Menu


Additional functions

Displays and uses IDTag information

CDDB database can be updated by CD or PC/USB through an internet connection

Select next track while playing

Various timer functions for recording and playback, automatic power on

Advanced and variable reproduction modes in addition to common functions

Automatic signal detection while recording (ASD)

ASD means automatic signal detection; a configurable threshold determines the start and the interruption of a recording

The C.A.R. 4000 operating system can be updated via CD or USB/PC, ensuring that future formats can be de- or encoded, additional functions be added or improved.

Interface can be configured for easier handling (normal, advanced and professional)

Party Lock password protection against prohibited use

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2002 issue 103

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