Tascam X9

Professional Performance DJ mixer

The TASCAM X-9 is a new tool for
that combines a highly flexible 4-channel mixer with a dual effects processor and a dual sampler.
Designed specifically for
high-end creative"
the X-9s control surface is laid out to combine high performance and intuitive ease of use. Its multitude of analog and digital inputs allows incredible flexibility for interfacing with a wide variety of DJ gear such as vinyl turntables, dual CD decks, external effects devices and other audio tools.
The X-9 includes a wide variety of high-quality built-in effects. You can add reverb, delay, echo, flanging, auto panning, pitch control, a transformer effect and a low pass filter to any audio signal that passes through the X-9, with 30 locations to store your settings for later use. The X-9 also features parametric EQ an essential control feature for exciting custom mixes. All EQ settings are also storable and recallable. Also, using the X-9 sampling function, you can select a sampling source from Input 1 through 4, from the master output, the microphone input, or both sides of the crossfader. Including a customizable fader start function, which can be assigned to several controllers on the mixer. Combininable with TASCAMs CD-302 Dual CD Decks or any other audio playback tool.

X9: Mixing and audio manipulation tool for professional DJs

4-channel stereo inputs on line and phono inputs

2 coaxial digital inputs (channels 1 and 2), 2 external line inputs (channels 3 and 4)

2 built-in digital effects processors with reverb, delay, echo, flanger, auto pan, pitch control, transformer and low pass filter; 30 storable effects settings

Dual sampler

Fully-parametric 3-band EQ on each input channel with 100 storable patterns

3-stage adjustable input fader curve, Input fader reverse, Cross fader reverse, Cross fader curve control

1 microphone input with 2-band EQ

Low/Mid/High Cut control for both cross fader sides

Booth output, analog balanced Master output with attenuator, analog unbalanced Master output with attenuator and pre/post master fader switch

Coaxial digital Master output with pre/post master selection in the menu

Headphone outputs on front and top panels, with 3-stage headphone EQ

4 fader start/stop connectors

Optional MIDI In/Out/Thru connectors

External stereo effect send/return connectors

2 assignable foot switches connectors

$1375.00 USD

TASCAM (Parts Department)
7733 Telegraph Rd.
Montebello, CA 90640-Usa
Tel: 323-727-4840


Tascam Italy contac: TEAC tel.(++39) 0266010500 - fax.(++30) 0266010484

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2002 issue 103

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