Portable 4-Track digital Recorder
Midi Arragnger and Sound Module
MP3 Encoder and Player

The Pocketstudio 5 is the new compact multitrack digital recorder from TASCAM. It's a portable four-track digital recorder that uses innovative Compact Flash cards for media. In addition to its four audio tracks for your vocals, guitars and other instruments, the Pocketstudio 5 features an internal MIDI tone module, so it can be used to play back sequences along with its audio tracks. Plus, you get 100 standard MIDI files included, so you can plug it in and immediately start jamming over multiple genres of backing music. The Pocketstudio 5 adds over 100 built-in great-sounding effects for instruments and vocals and you can make a final stereo mix in MP3 format, and send it to your computer with the Pocketstudio 5's USB port for placement on web sites.
The Pocketstudio 5 has compact design and ability to run for two hours using standard AA-sized alkaline batteries as its power source (an AC power supply is also included). You also get a 32MB Compact Flash card to get you started, as well as a built in condenser microphone and a headset mic. You can also edit your tracks with the Pocketstudio 5 with automatic punch-in/out capability, track bouncing, copy/paste editing of audio and MIDI using bars-and-beats and more.

Record four digital audio tracks on Compact Flash media

Internal synthesizer module for playback of MIDI sequence files

Over 100 built-in high-quality effects for vocals, guitars and other instruments

Audio/MIDI editing: copy/paste with bars/beats, bounce tacks, automate punch-in/out

USB port for interfacing your music with Mac® and Windows® computers

Mixdown to MP3 format for putting your music on web sites and emailing to friends

Playback MP3 audio files

Includes 100 song styles that can be re-arranged to create original music

Also includes a built-in condenser mic, a headset mic, an AC power supply and a 32MB Compact Flash card

$599 USD

Tascam Italy contac: TEAC tel.(++39) 0266010500 - fax.(++30) 0266010484

advanced technologic sound magazine
2002 issue 101

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