Tascam DV-RA1000
High-Definition Audio/DSD Master Recorder

larger size

1.299,00 Euro

The DV-RA1000 is a professional solution for recording high-definition audio at up to 192kHz/24bit to CD or DVD+RW media. It also features Sony's DSD format, the basis for the audiophile Super Audio CD (SACD) and DVD Audio, as an available recording format.
As a CD recorder, the DV-RA1000 is able to create standard audio CDs (CD-DA) in studios or meeting room installations. When operated as a professional master recorder, users can record WAV and DSDIFF files directly to CD and DVD discs and transfer such files via USB 2.0 connection to and from a computer.
Professional inputs and outputs include balanced analogue XLR and unbalanced analogue RCA connections, digital AES/EBU I/O (running at normal, double-speed or double-wire formats) and SDIF-3 I/O (for external conversion and processing of DSD audio).Also available advanced features like Word Sync In, Out and Thru, Wired remote control, RS-232 serial control and multiband compression and EQ .

Main Features

High-quality stereo recording at up 192kHz/24-bit or DSD format

Records standard CD-DA, Broadcast Wave and DSDIFF files to DVD+R/RW, CD-R/RW media
Create high-quality audio CDs or create professional audio files and master recordings for DVD audio and SACD production

Multiband compression and 3-band EQ for master processing
Increase the subjective loudness and adjust the tonal balance of your recordings

Fade in/out and editing functions
Optimise your recordings before you finalise

USB 2.0 port
Use the DV-RA1000 as a DVD data drive for your Macintosh or Windows computer

Balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA I/O
Record directly from analogue sources via the DV-RA1000's professional-grade A/D converters

Balanced AES/EBU inputs and outputs
Record digital signals at high sample rates (normal, double-speed or double-wire formats)

SDIF-3 DSD I/O for external conversion and processing of DSD audio
Transfer raw DSD audio to and from a computer or external digital converter

Dedicated input level control

Adjustable maximum output level

±6% pitch control
Speed up or slow down playback for various purposes

Word Sync In, Out, Thru
Synchronise the DV-DA1000's audio clock with your system

Wired remote control and RS-232C serial port
Control the recorder from a remote location

PS/2 keyboard connector
Easily edit titles and control the transport from a standard computer keyboard

User-definable function keys
Set-up shortcuts for frequently used functions

Large, backlit LCD display
Control the recorder from a remote location
Power-on Play feature
Start playback automatically when mains voltage is switched on

Auto track increment
Create track numbers automatically during recording

Various playback modes such as auto cue, auto ready, single/continuous, program and A/B play
Use the DV-RA1000 as a high-quality CD/DVD audio player

Headphone output

Supports UDF disk format
Create cross-platform compatible media


Master Recording
Record your final mix at the best possible digital resolution for CD or SACD

Transfer analogue masters to DSD or 192kHz for remastering to SACD or DVD audio

Live Recording
Connect to a quality mixer or mic preamp for classical recording

Sound Installations
Put in any system where you would use a professional CD recorder

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2004 november issue 131

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