Tascam DS-M7.1

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innovative and flexible interface device that provides affordable and mid market 8-bus digital consoles with fully comprehensive surround sound channel monitoring capabilities, in film, video and music production, post production, mastering, and theatre sound applications.
The powerful 24/96 capable, 8-channel unit offers an upgrade easily incorporated
within the existing production environment, for mixing in 4.1, LCRS, 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1
configurations and delivering comprehensive 'downmix' monitoring control, for use with
digital consoles that support surround panning.

The DS-M7.1 operates at 44.1 to 96 kHz sampling rates
and 32-bit floating point processing. Interfacing with the consoles digitaloutput buses, the unit routes the signal to both stem recorder and multi-channelspeaker outputs. Industry standard input compatibility is assured with support for allthree professional digital formats; the unit comes equipped with TDIF as standard,while slots are provided for optional AES/EBU and ADAT cards. A dedicated stemrecorder interface features TDIF, AES/EBU and ADAT I/O interfaces as standard. Inputsare switchable between console output and external playback source, and an AES/EBU(with analogue card option) insert is provided for thru-encoder monitoring.

The DS-M7.1 is equipped with both balanced analogue and AES/EBU digital multiple monitor outputs. A comprehensive bass management system, with cross over points at 80 Hz, 100 Hz and 120 Hz, effectively simulates various domestic consumer systems where the LFE output is derived from the satellite speaker channels rather than discrete LFE output, or where the LFE output is distributed to the other channels.
Further control is available to tailor any surround system to the chosen listening environment, whether large or asymmetrical, through sonically transparent individual surround channel delay compensation.

All unit functions are remote controllable via the detachable front panel, featuring an alphanumeric display and rotary encoder, readily enabling monitor selection and adjustment from the mix position. Easily accessible mute, solo and dimmer functions and alternate speaker system selection are provided, and a built in Pink Noise generator and LED SPL meter enable ready system calibration. An 8-channel AES/EBU
insert is also provided,with the option for an additional analogue card, for through-encoder monitoring.

Main Features
Standard 8 channel TDIF, AES/EBU and ADAT connections for a stem recorder
Standard TDIF connections to console (AES/EBU and ADAT available on optional cards)
8 Input channels / 8 Output channels
44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, 96k operation
32-bit floating point processing
Pull up/down operation via external master clock
Flexible Downmixing from any surround format (7.1 or 6.1 - 5.1, LR, Mono - 5.1 - LCRS, 4.1, LR, Mono - LCRS - LR, Mono - LR - Mono)
Bass Management for simulating various surround speaker systems
Mute / Solo / Dimmer function
Built-in Pink Noise Generator for monitor calibration
Individual channel Mute/Solo
LED SPL display
Individual channel delay compensation
Input summing router / Output router for track assignment of external devices
Standard monitoring controls like Adjustable Dim, Mono and Alternate speakers
Integrates with your existing console control room monitor output
Standard AES/EBU insert for through-encoder monitoring (Analogue available on optional card)
Analogue and AES/EBU surround monitor outputs
The front control panel can be removed to provide remote control

larger size

TASCAM (Parts Department)
7733 Telegraph Rd.
Montebello, CA 90640-Usa
Tel: 323-727-4840

 Tascam Italy contac: TEAC tel.(++39) 0266010500 - fax.(++30) 0266010484

advanced technologic sound magazine
2003 june issue 105

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