Tascam CD RW 900
Professional Audio CD Player
For home recording, studio, theatre, concert sound or permanent installation.

Euro 680,00

CD-RW900 is a CD Recorder for high-quality audio recording on CD-R and CD-RW media.
Analogue material can be recorded via RCA connectors with two independant input level controls for the left and right channels on the front panel. For digital signals, there are optical as well as coaxial SPDIF inputs and a digital volume control accessable over the menu.

Continuous audio streams can be devided into single tracks either level-controlled or manually. It is also possible to fade in or fade out songs during recording and to enter information like track titles or artist names (CD Text) over an externally connected computer keyboard.

The CD-RW900 also playbacks MP3 CDs. You can change pitch and/or key of your audio material, play all or single tracks, play tracks in random or programmed order or repeat a whole CD or A–B sections only.

Main Features

* Records to pro CD-R, CD-RW and consumer CD-R and CD-RW media
* 24-bit A/D and D/A converters
* Input sample rate converter (32 kHz to 48 kHz)
* Independant L/R analogue input level control
* Digital volume
* Sync recording function
* Auto or manual track division
* Digital fade in/out from 1 to 30 sec in 1-sec steps
* Rec mute function to record silence
* Erase/un-finalize CD-RWs
* Supports CD-Text
* PS/2 keyboard can be used for CD-Text input and as a remote control

* Timer function (play when power comes on)
* Continuous, single, random, or program (up to 99 songs) play
* All, single, or A-B repeat play
* Plays MP3 files on CDs (128 Kb/s only)
* Plays MP3 files inside directories
* Shows MP3 tags on Display (ID3)
* Pitch control (±16% in 0.1 to 1.0% steps)
* Key control (±6 semi-tones)
* Key original function (change tempo without changing key)
* SPDIF coaxial digital I/O
* Optical TOS digital I/O
* RCA unbalanced analogue I/O
* Wireless remote control included
* 2U rack mount construction


Recordable media
16-bit linear
Sampling frequency
44.1 kHz
Frequency converter input
32-48 kHz
Frequency response
20 Hz to 20 kHz, ±0.8 dB (Playback)
20 Hz to 20 kHz, ±1.0 dB (Recording)
Signal-to-noise ratio
95 dB (Playback)
90 dB (Recording)
Dynamic range
95 dB (Playback)
90 dB (Recording)
Total harmonic distortion
<0.006 % (Playback)
<0.008 % (Recording)
Channel separation
>90 dB (Playback, at 1 kHz)
>80 dB (Recording, at 1 kHz)
Analogue inputs and outputs
Analogue input
Unbalanced RCA
  Nominal input level
-10 dBV (-16 dBFS)
  Maximum input level
+6 dBV
  Nominal impedance
22k ohm
Analogue output
Unbalanced RCA
  Nominal output level
-10 dBV (-16 dBFS)
  Maximum output level
+6 dBV
  Nominal impedance
600 ohm
Headphones output
6.3-mm stereo jack
  Output power
20 mW + 20 mW (into 32 ohm)
Digital inputs and outputs
Digital inputs

RCA, IEC60958 Type II (SPDIF)
TOS, IEC60958 Type II (SPDIF)
Digital outputs

RCA, IEC60958 Type II (SPDIF)
TOS, IEC60958 Type II (SPDIF)
Power supply and other specifications
Voltage requirements
120 V 60 Hz, USA/Canada
230 V 50 Hz, UK/Europe
240 V 50 Hz, Australia
Power consumption
16 W (USA/Canada)
18 W (UK, Europe, Australia)
Dimensions (W x H x D)
483 mm x 93 mm x 308 mm
4.9 kg
Supplied accessories
RC-RW900 infra-red remote control

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2006 April issue 148

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