Tascam CD-GT1
portable CD player, guitar and vocal trainer
to practice licks, rehearse songs and improve playing technique


Designed with all the style of TASCAM's portastudio range, the CD-GT1 comes with a whole host of features and on-board performance aides, making it easy to practice licks, rehearse songs and improve playing technique. The integral CD player includes a Slow Down Speed Audition facility allowing you to reduce the tempo of a song by up to 50% without changing the pitch of the track. Alternatively the pitch of a track can be altered without changing the tempo, enabling a song to be tuned to a guitar, preferred vocal key or any other instrument such as a keyboard.
Seamless in and out looping capabilities, with flash start and seamless locate and play cue point function, enables phrases, songs or solos to be rehearsed over and over. 43 built-in modelling effects include 15 distortion and 15 clean guitar tones with reverb, delay and chorus effects and 15 vocal sounds, including selections of reverbs and processing effects. Footswitch operation enables stopping and starting of the CD and scrolling through the effects. An onboard chromatic tuner is also included.
Power from either mains adaptor (optional accessory) or batteries ensure the CD-GT1 can be used everywhere, from the bedroom or the music class-room to the tour bus.

Main Features:

SSA (0 -8 -16 -32 -50%): Slow Speed Audition, tempo control without affecting key
0 to -50% pitch control (in 1% steps)
Single Loop, All Loop, and Seamless IN-OUT Loop
Flash start: Seamless locate and play from the cue point function
Single play and continuous play
Footswitch input for flash start or effects switching
Built-in effects: distortion (x15), clean tone(x15), and vocal (x13)
Chromatic tuner
Two way power supply: battery and optional AC adapter

TASCAM Division - TEAC Europe GmbH - Bahnstrasse 12 - 65205 Wiesbaden - Germany
Tel +49 611 7158-0 - Fax +49 611 7158-393
People from Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg may call:
+49 611 71 58 260 (in French or Flemish language)

TEAC UK Ltd - 5 Marlin house - The Croxley Centre - Watford - Herts - WD18 8TE - UK
Tel 01923 438880 - Fax 01923 236290

Via C. Cantu 11, 20092
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano, Italy
Tel. 02-66010500 , fax.(++30) 0266010484

TASCAM (Parts Department)
7733 Telegraph Rd.
Montebello, CA 90640-Usa
Tel: 323-727-4840

advanced technologic sound magazine
2005 April issue 136

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