Ste Grown-up in Milan at the Plastic Club – main club
of the Italian artistic circuit – Stefano has always
had a real obsession for that imaginary street half
way between turntablism, funky B-lines, hip hop,
dance old school and all the plastic world correlated.
Grown with bread and groove, Stefano Fontana
blends the scenes of Chicago, New York and
Detroit, electro,hip hop, house and techno, re-interpreting
them for far away: he takes part to the DMC freestyle
championship, rear’s up with his BMX, he risk’s his
life with trick’s on his skateboard, but especially he
draws totally from guru’s like Basement Jaxx,
Underworld, Chemical Brothers without naming
generals of hip hop like Public Enemy, Ludacris,
Timbaland and Neptunes.

In a few years, he becomes one of the Italian most
hot producers and his first long distance fatigue
named Stylophonic is published internationally by
Emi: the album Man Music Technology is a
crossover of hip hop, breaks and house, absolutely
so international that it seems an alien for the national
The single extracts arrive in all the European charts,
the album sees important featuring and remixes (see Digital
Underground, Della Reese,Kevin Saunderson, Chicken Lips,
King Britt,radioslave,etcc) and the name of Stefano
approaches the guru’s of dance, so much to be renamed
the " Italian Fatboy Slim " for the same
versatility and same kaleidoscope of sounds.
Then, between remixes for Planet Funk, Dino Lenny
and Crookers, Stefano dips into the production
of the album for Lorenzo aka Jovanotti(the most important italian
hip hop artist,well connected with the beastie boys): needless
to say that “Buon Sangue” becomes a whirlpool of
groove with a stylophonic touch, like proved with
the crushing single “Tanto3”.
Stefano Fontana becomes on of the most
demanded names in the international clubbing
circuit: besides the Italian major clubs, Stefano
does and undoes the suitcases for sets all round
Europe, from England to Ibiza, from Mykonos to
France, without forgetting the residence
Magazzini Generali of Milano, the base in which
experimenting new colours to dancefloor.
At the same time, Nostro reinforces also his activity
of music designer for various brands such us Adidas,
MTV, Coca Cola, Dolce&Gabbana (with the incredible collaboration with Hype williams),

Diesel creating soundtracks for fashion shows and taking part to
various Italian tours.
In such an intensive period, Stefano Fontanta is
able to set the basis for the new album Stylophonic:
Beatbox Show, of the previous year , is launched
by the single Baby Beatbox (remixed by crookers)– chosen for the
European D&G campaign, as well as included in
various compilations – and is a further step forward
in shakedelia of electro, dance and funk.
Produced by stefano himself and mixed by the sound engineer of Leftfield, Beatbox
Show is the growth to the stylophonic sound: a
futuristic soundtrack for dancing as much us for
listening, variegated like the next singles extracted,
that Pure Imagination that is a thud on radio and
charts, or Dancefloor, once more connected to an
advert for D&G again with the great director hype williams.
After a such intense 2006 and 2007, 2008 seems even more
challenging : Stefano in fact is responsible for a music of a new D&G campaign
always with Hype williams ,with the track called" RU experienced?"
but at the meantime he was very satisfied when remixing the
French ace Martin Solveig, he discovered the talented Crookers (for which he
is responsible of their first production and discographic
moves) and he has been chosen by Nike – with
people like LCD Soundsytem, A-trak ,Aesop Rock and Tomboy
for the new project Nike Plus.
He also did a music for the european Citroen campaign "oh my gold" with Naomi ,

Video - Freemont

Video - D&G spot

Video - Citroen C3 Gold By Pinko oh my Gold



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