Los Angeles Winter NAMM 2002
Steinberg Wavelab 4.0

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Features highlights

- ASIO support. WDM driver support.

-Powerful and easy-to-use Audio Montage (multitrack audio arranging)

-32 Bit floating point wave editor for stereo editing, mastering, broadcasting and multimedia

- New set of high quality plug-ins: UV22: Apogee´s dithering processor, NaturalVerb: high quality reverb, Q: quality mastering EQ plug-in, Multi-band Compressor plug-in, Spectralizer plug-in (enhancer), Denoiser, Declicker, Voice Attenuator.

- New Audio File Formats

-Full set of CD burning and backup tools, including label editor to create CD labels and covers

- Data CD and Mixed Mode CD burning, 1:1 Copy, CD-Extra support, create & burn, ISO images, audio in pause.

- Complete set of real-time and offline audio monitors: Level/pan, phase, spectrum, FFT, wave scope, bit meter. Audio output or input can be monitored in real-time.

- Backup tool: Save to CD or file, allows spanned archives. ZIP compatible + specific audio compression mode.

- Label editor, to design and print custom labels and covers for CDs.

- Enhanced recording. Option to record playback output; smart marker dropping.

-Save while you work: save multiple audio files in the background while you continue working

- Meta leveler. New batch processor plugin, to raise the level of multiple files by a certain common amount, without ever clipping (all file levels are analysed prior adjusting the gain).

- Sampler / Edit Sample Attribute: function to automatically detect the pitch of the sample.

- Pitch Correction dialog: new option to detect, then correct the pitch of the current audio file tomatch a specific key.

- OSQ function for lossless audio file compression

- DTMF generator (for telephony applications).

- $549.99

Steinberg Media Technologies:
Neuer Hoeltigbaum 22-32, 22143 Hamburg (D)
Phone: +49-40-21035-215 -

Selected worldwide contact:s
Italy - Midiware, Roma
Steinberg Australia - A Division of Musiclink Australia, Victoria e-mail
Austria -KS Music, Spielberg e-mail
Netherlands - BMI Groothandel, Den Haag e-mail
Bulgaria - Almar, Sofia e-mail
China - Tom Lee Music, Hong Kong e-mail
Denmark - New Musik, Aarthus e-mail
Steinberg France - Roissy e-mail
Greece - Philippos Nakas Music House, Athens e-mail
India - Audio Media, Chennai Tamil Nadu e-mail
Switzerland - SDS Music Factory, Zurich e-mail
Spain - Adagio, Montcada I Reixac /Barcelona e-mail
Russia - A&T Trade Music, Moscow e-mail
New Zealand - Music Works, Auckland e-mail
Malaysia - Digimedia, Ampang Selangor e-mail

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