Sonic State Logic
AWS 900

Analogue Workstation System
Direct access to all major DAW mixing, editing and automation parameters
Simple switching between console layer and DAW control layer
Motorised faders

base price euro 72,600

The system combines analogue processing and sophisticated digital control to provide a solution to the use of Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) in professional audio applications.
The new AWS 900 delivers the same powerful integration benefits to DAW users, who face similar challenges with an array of equipment (Mic Amps, Effects, Controllers etc.) to produce professional results from a modern DAW.

-Combined SSL console and DAW controller
-Legendary SSL SuperAnalogue mic pre's and signal processing
-Full monitoring system up to 5.1 surround
-Direct control of DAW recording, editing and mixing functions
-Flexible signal routing

larger size

SuperAnalogue Console
The AWS 900 is a complete, compact SSL console, with all of the audio quality, robustness and advanced ergonomics that this implies. AWS 900 offers high audio performance, equivalent to SSL’s XL 9000 K Series mixing console which is a feature of major studios the world over.
Signal routing, inputs/outputs, monitoring and signal processing are all permanently available on the console. Top quality motorised faders provide conventional audio level control as well as controlling the recording and replay levels in your DAW.
Console features
-SSL sound quality
-Identical SuperAnalogue technology to SSL’s flagship XL 9000 K Series console
-DC Coupled for excellent low frequency response
-Greater bandwidth than 192kHz recorders
-24 Ultra low-noise dual impedance mic amps
-24 channels withTwin curve SSL E and G Series 4-band parametric equalisation
-Assignable dynamics sections with gate, expander and compressor/limiter
-G Series Stereo main mix buss compressor
-Flexible processing order
-Balanced circuitry throughout
-Oxygen-free cable throughout
-Metering on all channels and main outputs

-Dual mix bus design for comprehensive control of Input and DAW mixing and monitoring
-5.1, stereo or stereo down-mix monitor outputs
-8 Track busses
-Two main busses Record and Mix
-EFX re-assign system on all 24 channel modules
-Wide range of solo modes including Solo in Front
-4 stereo echo returns
-Comprehensive studio monitoring section
-Hi-visibility channel meters, 4 main VU meters and complete bus metering in the centre section.

DAW Controller
DAW’s provide the power and convenience of recording and editing audio, but for many users a PC/Mac is not the most intuitive way to access these controls. For these people , finding an integrated solution that answers all of their working needs is strongly desired. The AWS 900 achieves this .

Controller features
-Direct access to all major DAW mixing, editing and automation parameters
-Direct control of Plug-In settings
-Dedicated control CPU to maximise performance
-Integral colour TFT display with dedicated control keys
-User definable controls on every channel
-High quality motorised faders to write/replay level moves in your DAW
-Simple switching between console layer and DAW control layer
-Full remote control implementation
-Operation independent of platform – works with ProTools, Nuendo, Logic Audio, etc

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