Sony RDR-GX7
DVD recorder/player

DVD+R and DVD+RW formats provide compatibility with current DVD players
Just like a VCR it also features a TV tuner, clock/timer, and VCR Plus+
front-panel i.LINK jack makes the GX7 easy to record directly from a digital camcorder.

Rrecords to DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW
Plays DVD-Video, DVD-R & DVD-RW, and DVD+R & DVD+RW
Plays CD, and audio CD-R & CD-RW
108MHz/12-bit video DAC
Selectable interlaced/progressive-scan video (playback only)
Precision Cinema Progressive de-interlacer with 3-2 pulldown processing
Digital Video Enhancer
Built-in 181-channel NTSC tuner
Timer recording with VCR Plus+
TV Virtual Surround for enhanced 2-speaker sound
Optical and coaxial digital outputs for Dolby Digital/DTS/PCM
3 sets of A/V inputs (composite and S-video), including 1 front-panel input
i.LINK jack (for use with a digital camcorder)
2 sets of A/V outputs (2 composite, 2 S-video, and 1 480i/480p component video)
RF input/output for antenna/cable signals
Remote control (multibrand for TVs)
192kHz/24-bit audio D/A converter
16-15/16"W x 3-7/16"H x 15-15/16"D
Designed for use with "Region 1" coded DVDs
Virtual Surround
CD-R Capable
CD-R/W Capable
No MP3 Playback
No DVD-Audio Playback
No Picture CD/JPEG Capable
Digital Optical Output 1
Digital Coaxial Output 1
Composite Video Outputs 2
S-Video Outputs 2
Component Video Outputs
Commercially-recorded DVDs with copy protection cannot be recorded on GX7.

The Sony RDR-GX7 can record video and audio to blank DVDs, using two types of rewritable discs, DVD-RW and DVD+RW, as well as write-once DVD-R discs. The unit has a front panel DV input jack (also referred to as iLINK, firewire or IEEE1394) for one touch dubbing from Mini DV and Digital 8 camcorders. Three line inputs (two on the rear and one on the front) allow you to record from several sources.

Recording Speeds
You can select from six variable bit-rate speeds when recording a DVD. The picture quality improves as the recording time decreases. The recording speeds and approximate recording times on a 4.7GB blank disc are:

Recording Mode: Recording Time
HQ: 60 minutes
HSP: 90 minutes
SP (Standard mode): 120 minutes
LP: 180 minutes
EP: 240 minutes
SLP: 360 minutes

One-Touch Dubbing
You can transfer the entire contents from a MiniDV or Digital 8 digital video camera to the GX7 with the press of a single button. The recorder, through its DV input jack, controls the camcorder from start-to-finish, from playing the DV/Digital 8 tape to stop and rewind. A single i-LINK optinoal cable is required for connecting the camcorder and DVD recorder .

TV Tuner
The recorder has a built-in 181-channel TV tuner. Like a VCR records to a VHS cassette, TV shows can be recorded to blank DVDs for time-shifting or archiving. Once the recorder has been connected to the antenna or cable, the Easy Setup guides you through the steps of setting the time, date, and searching for receivable channels.

Recording TV Programs: The RDR-GX7 offers several ways to record TV programs:
Manual Recording: Record the currently tuned channel until you stop the recorder or the disc is full
Quick Timer: Record the currently tuned channel in 30-minute increments up to 6 hours.
Timer Recording: Set the timer for a total of 30 programs up to one month in advance. You set the date, time and channel of the program manually.
VCR Plus+: Enter the PlusCode number for each TV program you want to record. The date, time, channel and program duration are automatically set.
Synchro Record: Set the recorder to automatically record programs from connected equipment that has a timer function, such as a satellite receiver.

TV Virtual Surround
When you connect the unit to a TV or a stereo receiver, TV Virtual Surround (TVS) lets you enjoy surround sound effects by using sound imaging to create
virtual rear speakers from two speakers. This can be done using digital (Digital PCM) or analog signals. There are 4 TVS modes (or you can turn TVS off):
Dynamic: creates one set of virtual rear speakers (effective when left and right speakers are close to each other)
Wide: creates five sets of virtual rear speakers (effective when left and right speakers are close to each other)
Night: large sounds, such as explosions, are suppressed, but quieter sounds are unaffected.
Standard: creates three sets of virtual rear speakers (effective when left and right speakers are separated)

General Features
DVD+RW/-RW/-R DVD Format Recording Compatibility
12 Bit Video DAC with 108Mhz processing w/NSV
192 kHz 24 Bit Digital to Analog Converter
Dolby Digital® and dts® Optical/Coaxial Output
TV Virtual Surround - 4 Surround Modes
Block Noise Reduction
Digital Video Enhancer
Digital Video EQ
Custom Picture Mode
Title and Chapter Viewer
Advanced SmoothScan and SmoothSlow modes
Instant Replay and Instant Search
Full 3-2 Reverse Conversion

Inputs and Outputs
Line Input --- TV (RF Type)
Line Input --- S-Video, Composite, Audio L & R
i.LINK Input/Output --- DV, 4 Pin Connector
Line Output --- TV (RF Type)
Line Output --- S-Video, Composite, Audio L & R
Digital Output --- Optical Type
Digital Output --- Coaxial Type
Component Video Output(Y, PB, PR)
Convenience Features
Variable Bit Rate Recording (60-360 Minutes)
One Touch Recording Using i.LINK Interface for DV/D8
Timer Recording Function
Built In Television Tuner
Non-Linear Editing (DVD-RW VR Mode)
Camcorder Control for Editing via i.LINK Interface
Easy to use Graphic User Interface
Remote Commander Remote Control

Supplied Accessories
Instruction Manual
Audio/Video Cord
75 ohm Coaxial Cable
Remote Commander Remote Control
Batteries: AA x 2

Specification Video

Precision Drive System : (2 Laser Assembly)
Video horizontal resolution : >500 TV lines
Digital Output (kHz/Bit) : 48 kHz/16 Bit
Precision Cinema Progressive system : Playback 480P

Specification Audio
Audio Frequency Response (DVD, 96 kHz PCM) : 2-44,000Hz, 1.0dB
Audio Frequency Response (DVD, 48 kHz PCM) : 2-22,000Hz, 0.5dB
Audio Frequency Response (CD) : 2-20,000Hz, 0.5db
Audio Signal-to-Noise Ratio : 115 dB (Line Out L/R (Audio) jacks only
Harmonic Distortion : 0.003%
Audio Dynamic Range : 103 dB (DVD); 99 dB (CD)
Wow and Flutter : Less than detected value (0.001% W PEAK) Audio characteristics (Recording) Frequency Response, Signal to Noise Ratio, Harmonic Range, Dynamic Range

Video Inputs : TV Input (RF Type) S-Video Input x 2 Composite Video Input x 2 i.LINK Input x 1
Video Outputs :
TV Output (RF Type) S-Video Output x 2 Composite Video Output x 2 i.LINK
Output (DV Type) Component Video Output
Audio Inputs : Audio L/R (RCA Type) x 2
Audio Outputs : Audio L/R (RCA Type) x 2 Optical Digital x 1 Coaxial Digital x 1

Power Requirements : AC120V, 60 Hz
Dimensions : Approx. 17 x 3.5 x 15" (430 x 89 x 381mm)
Weight : Approx. 12.6 lbs. (5.7 kg)

advanced technologic sound magazine
2003 septenber issue 117

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