Shure UHF-R Wireless Systems

Shure UHF-R Wireless Systems master the high pressure and extreme conditions of any large-scale touring or installation environment, while delivering unparalleled Shure sound. Rock-solid engineering, the latest technology and unparalled RF performance provide sound professionals with all the features and flexibility they need to tightly control up to 108 systems for the most elaborate productions

Components options

Bodypack Transmitters UR1

UR1 - Bodypack Transmitter
($876.00 with TA4F Adapater)

Switchable RF Power, Low Profile Compact Design, Frequency and Power Lockout, Bit-mapped Backlit LCD Display, Up to 8 Battery Life, Automatic Transmitter Setup, All Metal Die-Cast Magneium Construction, Removeable Antenna.
* Switchable RF Power (10/50mW or 10/100mW, Region Dependent)
* Low Profile, Compact Design
* Frequency and Power Lockout
* Bit-mapped Backlit LCD Display
* 2 AA Batteries - Up to 8 hours Continuous Use
* Automatic Transmitter Setup
* Durable, Light-weight Magnesium Construction
* Removable Bodypack Antenna

Handheld Microphone Transmitters UR2
Six available Microphone choices

o UR2/BETA87A ($1,260.00) with Beta 87A Supercardioid Microphone
o UR2/BETA87C ($1,260.00) with Beta 87C Cardioid Microphone
o Beta 58A
o UR2/SM87 ($1,260.00) with SM87A Supercardioid Microphone
o UR2/SM86 ($1,132.80) with SM86 Cardioid Microphone
o UR2/SM58 ($1,008.00) with SM58 Cardioid Microphone
* Switchable RF Power (10/50mW, Region Dependent)
* Frequency and Power Lockout
* Bit-mapped Backlit LCD Display
* 2 AA Batteries - Up to 8 hours Continuous Use
* Automatic Transmitter Setup
* All Metal Die-cast Construction

Bodypack Microphone Options
Headworn or Lavalier
UR1 bodypack transmitters can be used with any Shure headworn or lavalier microphone. For a complete list of Shure microphone options, please see our Wireless Microphone Options.

Two available choices :
UR4S Single Channel Diversity wireless Receiver ($2,035.20)
UR UR4D Dual Channel Diversity wireless Receiver ( $3,052.80)

* Two Single-rack Space Versions:
o UR4S Single Channel
o UR4D Dual Channel
* 2400 Selectable Frequencies Across 60 MHz Bandwidth
* Track Tuning Filtering Technology
* Up to 60 Preset Compatible Systems/Band (140 w/Multiple Bands, Region Dependent)
* Networked Automatic Frequency Selection
* Automatic Transmitter Setup (including Custom Group Upload)
* Flash Memory to Store Six 60-channel Custom Frequency Groups
* Shure's Patented Audio Reference Companding
* Multi-function Bit-mapped Backlit LCD
* Built-in USB & Ethernet Network Compatibility
* Shure's Wireless Workbench Control/Monitoring Software
* AMX/ Crestron Compatible
* Remoteable Antennas
* Shure's Microprocessor-controlled Diversity


WA302 ($30.00)
2.5 foot (.75 m), Instrument Cable, 4-Pin Mini-Connector (TA4F) to 1/4-inch Connector

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