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19 march 2004 - Grand Prix D Eurovision - Arena - Berlin - Germany
03 april 2004 - Megadance festival - Aalborg - Denmark
08 april 2004 - Dubai concert
22 april 2004 - MTV Music Awards - Bukarest - Roumania
30 april 2004 - Euroconcert Festival - Budapest - Hungary
01 may 2004 - Goliath 12 - Zurich - Switzerland


.....And The Beat Goes On. That was the name of Scooter's first album in spring 1995. Over the years the name of the debut album has come to be the motto of the trio from Hamburg, who have stood out as the only quality performers in the short-lived and often monotonous Dance and Techno scene. And not only are the beat and the sound going on, but the different singles and albums over the years have ended up becoming massive sellers, going gold and platinum throughout Europe. The success simply won't stop and, in this respect, H.P. Baxxter, Rick J. Jordan and Axel Coon a.k.a. Scooter seem, together with their long-term manager Jens Thele, to have set the course for the new millennium a long time ago.

It all started in November 1994 with "Hyper Hyperî. Today we can only use one word to describe the success of this song: legendary. Almost 750,000 singles were sold and the title of the song became an integral part of the German language. Scooter became international superstars overnight. And just as "Hyper Hyperî now has cult status among the still-growing rave generation, the career of the three young men from the North of Germany is now doing justice to the title of their song as a superlative.

Six years of Scooter, however, do not simply mean seven albums (!) and the suspected record of 17 single releases (!!), nearly all of which quickly entered the Top 20 of the singles charts. These six years also mean six years of experience, constant exchange of ideas and continuous development. And seemingly inexhaustible creativity - which other band would have the power and drive of Scooter to release two albums in the space of a year (the last studio album "Back To The Heavyweight Jam was released last September)?

On their new (eighteenth) single "I'm Your Pusher", the first single from their eighth album "Sheffieldî, H.P., Rick and Axel are again demonstrating their passion for extremely danceable sounds. Unlike their last album there will be a little surprise however: "On 'Back To The Heavyweight Jam' we were a lot more club-oriented,î explains H.P. "This time we are working with a bigger spectrum and are using completely new sounds. We made a deliberate decision to experiment a little on 'Sheffield'.

But don't panic - whoever loves the typical Scooter sound (and there are more than a quarter of a million fans in Germany alone) will still get what they want. H.P. Baxxter's famous shout style, which has been a trademark for Scooter for a long time and has also been (unsuccessfully) imitated by a host of other dance bands, will again unravel its power.

Scooter are still covering new musical ground with "Sheffield" though. The hit trio come across strangely groovy, even reminding us of the Eighties with an 80 bpm song called "She's The Sunî. "It's all very laid back and mysticalî, explains Rick. "We used sounds from India for the first time.î And on "Sex Dwarf" H.P. and Co. are giving us their version of an early album track from electronic heroes Soft Cell. "That's the only cover version on the album,î says H.P. "On the last one there weren't any.

Whatever happens, the band are ideally equipped for the new millennium. "Sheffieldî impressively underlines Scooters masterly ability to give their songs new structures without doing any harm to the band's identity and the and with Jens Thele they have a manager and co-producer who knows the boys right down to the last detail and gets the best out of them. "Sheffieldî seems to be setting a new direction for the band and the Scooter 'dancefloor motor' is running like a Volkswagen Beetle engine - perfectly oiled and in better shape than ever. Composition, production, label, performance - the masterminds of the dance floor now have it all in their hands.

The long-awaited continuous European tour, which will again underline Scooter's status and uniqueness in the dance genre, begins in the autumn. For over two months, from the start of September to the middle of November, the Scooter crew will be on tour, leaving no European ground uncovered from Germany up to Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. "That will be really excitingî, says Axel. "From clubs to stadiums - we're playing everywhere.

As we mentioned above, the course for the future has already been set - the year 2000 will, with all the positive changes, be another year in which Scooter write a completely new chapter (and a bit more) in their own great music history.



advanced technologic sound magazine
2001 january issue 89

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