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Klaus Schulze


Klaus Schulze biography

Born in Berlin (August 4th)
Drums/bass/guitar with various rock bands
Drummer with trio PSY FREE
LP Electronic Meditation
Founding of ASH RA TEMPEL
LP Ash Ra Tempel
Plenty of concerts with ASH RA TEMPEL
Start as Electronic Music soloist
Acquires first small Synthesizer
First solo LP Irrlicht
First solo concerts
Second solo album Cyborg (2LP)
First prize for best radio-play
Third solo LP Picture Music
Reunion LP Join Inn with ASH RA TEMPEL
Further solo concerts
Fourth solo LP Blackdance
First French concert tour
Produces two LPs of FAR EAST FAMILY BAND in Tokyo and England (with a keyboard player who took later the name KITARO)
Fifth solo LP Timewind
»Grand Prix International« for Timewind
German concert tour
Italian concert tour
European concert tour
Concerts with GO in London and Paris
Release of Go Live From Paris 2LP
Sixth LP Moondawn
Seventh LP Body Love, soundtrack
Body Love in USA Billboard import charts on position #2
GO receives award in Montreux
Eighth LP Mirage
Two sold out concerts at London Planetarium
Extensive Europe concert tour
Production of Go Too in New York
Ninth solo LP Body Love Vol. 2
Tenth LP "X" (double)
"X" in German official record sales charts
European concert tour
Setup of own label IC
Setup of second studio & video studio for IC
Eleventh LP Dune
Two-month concert tour of Europe, with guest ARTHUR BROWN
Various productions for IC
First »Richard Wahnfried« production Time Actor
Twelfth LP ...Live... (double)
Audio and video productions for IC
Opening concert at »ars electronica«
13th solo LP Dig It (first digital)
Further productions for IC
Second »Richard Wahnfried« production
14th LP Trancefer
European concert tour
Gold for IC LP Ideal (producer: kdm)
Platinum for Ideal (over 500,000 LPs sold in Germany)
More productions for IC
Concerts in Gent, London, Budapest
Soundtrack for movie »Next Of Kin«
15th LP Audentity
Largest European concert tour so far
Poland concert tour, overwhelming reception
16th LP Dziekuje Poland (live)
Divestment of IC
Founding of INTEAM label
Release of first INTEAM LPs
Soundtrack for movie »Angst«
Solo LP Angst
Third »Richard Wahnfried« production
Albums no. 18 Aphrica & no. 19 Drive Inn
Last regular European concert tour
First single: Macksy
Music for radio play »Dr. Faustus elektrisiert«
Soundtrack for film »Havlandet« (Norway)
Soundtrack for movie »Walk the Edge«
Solo CD Inter*Face
Release of Poland 2LP in Poland (over a hundred thousand copies sold)
Klaus goes Midi and uses Sampling
Solo LP/CD Dreams
Fourth LP of »Richard Wahnfried«
Publication of a German book about Klaus
Closing down of Inteam
A sequel of 10 broadcasts »The KS Story« on West German radio
CD Babel with ANDREAS GROSSER for Virgin
Compositions for Elisa Monte Dance Company, N.Y.
First edition of discography The Works
23rd LP/CD En=Trance
Visiting New York for interviews & ballet music
Co-Production of pop-group ALPHAVILLE
Special CD sampler History (limited edition)
A different sequel of 9 broadcasts of »The KS Story« on East German radio
USA radio program on 60 stations: »KS Pioneer of Space«
Concert in Dresden in front of 6800 people
One track Unikat for »KLEM Sampler« (limited edition)
24th solo LP/CD Miditerranean Pads
Double CD set The Dresden Performance
One track Face of Mae West for USA sampler: »Dali: The Endless Enigma«
Concert in front of ten thousand at Cologne cathedral
26th solo LP/CD Beyond Recall (last on vinyl)
Concert in London's Royal Festival Hall
Concert tour in España
Special CD sampler 2001 for German '2001 mail-order'
Special CD with sampling library: KS Collection 1
First bootleg CDs appear
27th & 28th solo CDs with complete concert from Royal Festival Hall, + additional studio recordings
Recording synth interpretations of some 'classical' music
29th solo CD The Dome Event (Cologne concert + more)
Some TV and film soundtracks
Ten CD set Silver Edition (30th to 39th solo CD), a genuine limited edition
Sensational excellent reception of Silver Edition
Double CD sampler for Virgin: The Essential 72-93
Le Moulin de Daudet soundtrack CD on Virgin
Solo concerts in Lille, Paris and Rome (standing ovation in Paris, even before KS played a note)
Invitation from King Albert of Belgium and from French président François Mitterrand
Another Wahnfried production: Trancelation, containing up-to-date dance music
41st solo CD Goes Classic
Visiting Los Angeles for some film music
42nd record, the double CD Totentag (opera)
CD Maxi single: Conquest Of Paradise
43rd solo recording, Das Wagner Desaster - Live -, double CD with concert rcordings from Paris and Rome
44th solo disc, the double CD In Blue
Another ten CD set: Historic Edition (45th to 54th solo CD), a genuine limited edition
Private meetings with ROBERT MOOG and PINK FLOYD
Producing and recording with pop group SNAP
Invitation to Berlin's "Love Parade"
Release of 15 year old double album ...Live... finally on CD in a completed version
Release of Moondawn - The Original Master, an unedited CD version plus bonus track
Concert in Derby, England
Sixth Wahnfried album Trance Appeal
Release of a set of old ASH RA TEMPEL recordings, incl. KS on drums and guitar
55nd album Are You Sequenced?
Release of 25 CD set Jubilee Edition (56th to 80th solo CD)
81st album Dosburg Online
7th Wahnfried album Drums 'n' Balls (The Gancha Dub)
A few remix jobs (Armageddon Dildos, Amp, Genuine...)
Solo concert in Bologna, Italy
Release of album A Tribute to KS
Concerts at techno & ambient festivals in Hamburg and Cologne
Release of sampler Trailer
Release of 50 CD set The Ultimate Edition
Concert in London and album with Manuel Göttsching
Release of 10 CD box Contemporary Works I
Music for Millennium Event in Beijing, China
Cameo appearance in German TV movie
Release of 2 CDs Live @ KlangArt
Release of the 5 CD set Contemporary Works II
Promotion for company Alesis, including a free promo CD
Concert with huge light event in Poznan, Poland
Promotion for company Alesis, including another free promo CD
Re-release of most of Schulze's historic albums
Release of formerly unreleased music as bonus tracks
Release of DVD (bonus with album Dig It of concert film from 1980)
Serious disease of KS. Since September convalescent
Release of new studio/concert album Moonlake

Source: Schulze

Klaus Schulze photos - visuals

(c) 2005 Georg Stettner

(c) 2005 Georg Stettner

1972 with organ & guitar - (c) kdm archives

1973 home studio - (c) kdm archives

1975 at the ARP Odyssey, concert tour in France - (c) kdm archives

1976 - (c) Klaus D. Mueller

1978 concert in Oostende, Belgium - (c) Klaus D. Mueller

1980 concert in Linz, Austria - (c) kdm archives

1997 concert in Germany - (c) kdm archives

2002 Klaus Schulze's studio - (c) Georg Abts

November 2003 Poznan/Poland, - (c) Tomasz Kirmuc

Klaus Schulze Discography


"Das Wagner Desaster-Live" (dec 2005)

"Moonlake" (2005)

full discography

Listen to ... Klaus Schulze

Lasse Braun
Friedrich Nietzsche
Friedemann Bach
Objet D'Louis
(live -1978)
Dresden Five
Dresden Two

Klaus Schulze Ipse Dixit


Q: Most of my listeners have said to me that your music is music of the spirit and not so much a music of the body. Do you agree with this? Is this the feeling that you ever wanted to transmit?.
Klaus Schulze: "Every music - except dance music, which is for dancing, I suppose - is for the spirit of the human being, and not for the body. Much music is for a not so high spirit (called mostly: entertainment), some music is for a higher spirit (called mostly: serious music ... but this can be entertaining, too... :-)"

Q: Who would have influenced in your music when you decided to work alone? Have you caught some aspects of the classical music in building your masterpieces? I mean, they are not short songs, not pop music, but long themes, electronic symphonies...
Klaus Schulze: "Do you mean: "Who has influenced you in 1971, 1972?"? For my music, it was no one special. I listened to the rock music of that time, but as you know and can easily hear: my music of that era had nothing to do with the common music of this era. I was experimenting, I was searching for something new. I still do this today, I hardly listen to other music than mine. At least not consciously, like fans do, and music consumers".

Q: What could you tell about your experiences with voices in operistic ways?
Klaus Schulze: " The human voice is the first and most natural musical instrument, also the most emotional. Like many other people, I like to hear singers, be it Willie Nelson or Maria Callas. Sometimes I like to make music together with a singer or with singers. That's all. It started already in 1974 with Blackdance, on which I let an operatic singer sing a Verdi collage."

Source: Schulze interviews

More info , eMail

Klaus D. Mueller ,
Dessauerstr. 13 D-12249 Berlin - Germany
tel : +49-30-7734958
Fax : +49-30-7726155

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