Roland DisCover5M Realtime Orchestrator

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Thanks to its icon-based interface, easy song management system and unique "Cover" function, the DisCover 5M Realtime Orchestrator gives musicians the ability to find, play and re-arrange SMFs on the fly. A powerful Vocal Harmonist and lyric display function make this innovative module ideal for vocalists and karaoke applications as well.
World's first sound module capable of realtime SMF manipulation
72 "Covers" permit realtime editing of a track's tone, velocity, reverb chorus, etc.
Professional Vocal Harmonist with revolutionary Singer Key function
Easy operation via large, graphic LCD and intuitive touchscreen interface
Manage large song archives via Song Finder and supplied 64MB SmartMedia card
Video output for displaying chords and lyrics on a TV monitor

With 72 preset Covers (30 for instruments, 18 for drums, 24 for bass), you can instantly change the orchestration of songs on the icon-based touchscreen, or edit detailed song parameters using the Song Makeup Tools. A powerful Vocal Harmonist lets you add realtime harmonies and effects using four modes: Talk, Voice-FX, Auto Pitch and Singer. It can also transpose the song to fit your vocal range automatically.

If you have a large SMF library, the DisCover 5M's Song Finder makes locating songs easy using classifications like genre, author and title. And they load fast, thanks to SmartMedia storage and a Next Song Reserve function that keeps your next song "on deck." A helpful Song Chord Extractor displays chord changes onscreen with lyrics, making it easy to follow along as you play and improvise

Size and weight
Width  445 mm 17-9/16 inches
Depth  303 mm 11-15/16 inches
Height  114 mm 4-1/2 inches
Sound Generator  PCM Wavetable
64 voices
19 parts
1,422 tones
44 drum kits
Compatibility  GM2/GS
Display  1/4 VGA Touch Screen with backlight
Realtime Song Player  with programmable Mark/Jump
Song Makeup Tools  2 modes: Manual and Cover 
User Programs  128
Vocal Harmonist  4 modes (Talk, Voice-FX, Auto Pitch, Singer) and Vocoder
separate effects for Voices and harmonies
Effects  Reverb: 8 types
Chorus: 8 types
Multi-FX: 47 types
Data Storage  Smart Media (up to 128MB)
Tone Finder  34 families
Song/Rhythm Finder: up to 99,000 songs
User Program Finder
Realtime Parts  Upper, Lower, M Drums
Singer Key  Automatic Song transposition
Others  Programmable Fade OUT/IN
Programmable Minus One
Song Chord Extractor
Next Song Reserve
Lyrics and Chords on display 
Text Import/Export
User Program Hold
MIDI  In, Out, Thru
Output  (L/mono R)
Harmonist Output(L,R)
Phones x 2
Video Output (Composite)
Pedals: Footswitch (programmable)
Foot Pedal (expression)
Input  Microphone
Power Supply  100V / 117V / 230V / 230 V
Supplied Accessories  64 MB Smart media with song data

Presentazione DisCover-5M

------- Napoli -------
mercoledì 24 settembre ore 17.30
c/o Cabaret Port'Alba - via Port'Alba, 30

------- Roma -------
giovedì 25 settembre ore 17.30
c/o Saint Louis Music Center - via Urbana, 49/A

------- Palermo Addaura -------
venerdì 26 settembre ore 17.30
c/o Hotel Addaura - Lungomare C. Colombo, 4452

La presentazione della nuova versione a modulo del DisCover-5 sarà tenuta da Mauro Goia, già noto dimostratore della sezione tastiere all'interno di Roland e si protrarrà fino alle ore 20.00.

Roland Italy: tel.(++39)02937781 ,
e-mail, e-mail
Austria Tel.: 0512 264426 , Fax: 0512 266485 ,
Canada phone: 604-270-6626, fax: 604-270-6552,
France Tel : , Fax : ,
Germany 040 526 009 - 0 ,
Portugal Tel: 226 080 06, Fax: 226 080 075 ,
Spain Tel: 933 081 000 , Fax: 933 074 503

advanced technologic sound magazine
2003 september issue 117

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