ROLAND Fantom S / ROLAND Fantom S88

Workstation keyboards

New versions of the Fantom workstation: the 61-note Fantom-S and 88-note Fantom-S88 (featuring Roland's Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard). With flexible usersampling, seamless integration of audio and MIDI, all-new factory sounds and 16Dynamic Pads plus onboard mastering and a USB port for easy sample exchange

The Fantom-S/-S88 comes with 32MB of sample RAM (expandable to 160MB). Samples can be saved to the 16MB flash memory or optional SmartMedia. The onboard USB port makes it easy to load .WAV/AIFF files, or export a finished song toa computer for CD burning or Internet distribution. Audio can be used as a waveform in the Fantom's expressive stereo 4-Tone synth engine, or sequenced seamlesslyalongside MIDI data complete with realtime timstretching.

Even the factory sounds have been completely overhauled, starting with a brand-new 64MB-equivalent wave ROM with all-new Patches and Rhythm Sets (both models can also be expanded with up to four optional SRX-Series expansions). And to make programming easier, Roland added a new Dynamic Pad Bank with 16 velocity-sensitive pads for playing back internal sounds, RPS patterns or audio including loops. A Skip Back Sampling feature continuously records performances, enabling users to retrieve an idea that might otherwise be lost.

The Fantom-S/-S88's new Mixer View screen makes editing a multitimbral Performance more like a digital mixer, using four knobs and the LCD to change tracklevels, panning and effects. A new Layer View screen offers quick graphic editing for layering and key zones. And with separate reverb, chorus and three multi-effects processorsóplus a new mastering processor musicians can mix down a song just like they're working in a big studio.

Roland V-LINK feature makes it possible to trigger and control video clips from the Fantom-S/-S88 when used with the Edirol DV-7PR Digital Video Workstation (sold separately).

Connections to the Fantom-S/-S88 include two pairs of stereo Line outputs, a stereo Line input, Headphones jack, two Pedal jacks, MIDI In/Out/Thru, a USB port, and coaxial and optional digital outputs.

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advanced technologic sound magazine
2003 march issue112

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