ROLAND VK-8M Organ Module

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The Roland VK-8M Organ Module puts Roland’s “Virtual ToneWheel” organ sound in a convenient desktop unit with nine harmonic bars and retro-style wood panels. COSM Amplifier and Rotary Speaker Modeling further complement these authentic sounds, while an audio input and Active Expression feature let players fade in an external tone with a pedal.

Desktop organ module with VK-8 “Virtual ToneWheel” sound
9 harmonic bars for a range of authentic organ tones
4 COSM amp types w/ overdrive, plus rotary speaker modeling and reverb
Line input for blending in an external sound using Active Expression and pedal
D-Beam Controller with multi-colored LED and templates for realtime control using an infrared beam of light
36 User registrations for storing custom sounds
Wooden side panels
Optional bracket for stand mounting

The Soul of the Popular VK-8
Since its introduction, Roland’s VK-8 Combo Organ has made quite an impact with die-hard organ fans—praised for its natural and authentic sound. Now Roland makes these Virtual ToneWheel organ sounds available to any musician with the desktop VK-8M. With its new COSM Amp Modeling, nine harmonic bars and simple knob-based controls, the VK-8M delivers quality organ sounds with easy front-panel editing. Players can also dive into more detailed sound parameters like leakage level and rotary speed.

Onboard COSM Amp Modeling
The VK-8M’s organ sounds are further improved with COSM Amp Modeling. Four different amp types are available for creating everything from clean gospel organs to the gritty overdriven sounds of a rock organ. The newly developed COSM Amp Type IV stands out in particular for its gain and distortion effect.

Active Expression Feature
Performers will appreciate the VK-8M’s Line input and Active Expression feature. Using an optional EV-7 Expression Pedal, players can gradually fade in a sound from an external source, such as a synthesizer or MIDI module. By slowly fading in a pad sound, for example, players can bring out a section of a song, or create energy by fading in a sharper tone like brass.

With its D Beam Controller, the VK-8M offers performers a world of expression. Using an infrared beam of light with an LED that changes color as your hand changes distance, players can control such functions as rotary speed (Slow/Fast) or tone wheel motor stops. And with 36 memory locations, you can store custom settings with a simple one-touch procedure and recall your sounds using the Bank Select and six Registration buttons.

BKT-8 Bracket Kit
EV-5 Expression Pedal
EV-7 Expression Pedal
FV-300L Volume Pedal
PDS-15 Stand
PK-25 Pedal Keyboard
PK-5 Pedal Keyboard
PK-7 Pedal Keyboard

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2003 june issue 115

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