Roland C-80 Digital Harpsichord

"Bringing the Baroque Spirit to Life"

That splendor of keyboard instruments, the harpsichord, first made its appearance in the 16th century.To this day, its dignified plucked melodies have the power to charm us.Imagine the sound of baroque chamber music--in our homes and at concerts--coloring our lives as it did for others so elegantly in times gone.

Today, thanks to the latest in digital technology, Roland has recreated that traditional sound in its full splendor.The new Roland C-80 Digital Harpsichord offers a clear, dignified sound and natural "click" feel that enables us to enjoy what our baroque predecessors held so dearly.The C-80 , the harpsichord, confirms that the rich tradition of baroque music will never leave us.
Accurate Reproduction of the Flemish Harpsichord
Taking great care to accurately reproduce the beautiful, clear sound of the Flemish harpsichord, Roland has painstakingly gone to utmost lengths in re-creating the brilliance and luster of each individual note, incorporating the deep, magical reverberation of this fabulous instrument. Roland has even faithfully reproduced the sound of the plectrum on the strings.
Five harpsichord, celesta and two organ sounds.

Harpsichord Click Action
At its heart, the harpsichord is a plucked string instrument. Roland developed a proprietary click-action keyboard for the C-80 after carefully analyzing the harpsichord keyboard, strings, and touch mechanism.That natural feel, a touch unique to the harpsichord, enables a realism that results in complete satisfaction while playing.

An Instrument that Will Never Let You Down
It is said that the life of a harpsichord is determined by the number of times it is moved. With the C-80, this is no longer true: Plectrums and strings never need replacing, and the correct pitch is always maintained, since the C-80 is not affected by vibration and changes in temperature and humidity. Because it is digital, one can play the C-80 anytime and anywhere, with no fluctuation in timbre and pitch. Players can also change to baroque pitch (A=415 Hz) with the press of a single button and do fine tuning adjustments with a single knob.

Choose the Right Temperament for Baroque Pieces
The main classical tunings have been included in the C-80 so that players can perform in the beautiful harmonies intended by the great composers of the baroque period. A single switch allows you to change between Werckmeister, Kirnberger, Vallotti, Meantone, Pythagorean, and Equal tunings.The keynote can also be changed for further variation in temperament.

"Chamber" Playing
It's no secret that the acoustic characteristics of a locale will shape and color the sound being played. Reverb is an effect used to bring about that feeling of locale.With the reverb knob, you can re-create the acoustic affects of any setting, whether it's a small room or a large hall.You can also adjust the volume for playing at home, at a concert hall, in a recording studio, or for adjusting your level when playing in an ensemble. Headphones (optional RH-120, RH-80 or RH-20) are also available for unrestricted playing at any time.

Keyboard instruments of the baroque period were designed for beauty, both to the ear and to the eye.The C-80 design carries on this principle. With reverse white/black keys and an adjustable lid. Roland finished the C-80 in traditional walnut for a truly dignified look.The C-80 was also designed with function and practicality in mind. Being lightweight with removable legs, is very easy to transport.

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