Roland C 190
76-key portable classic Organ

euro 1.300 circa

A compact 76-key organ for classical music with a two-manual-cum-pedal mode .
Thanks to its intuitive user interface and organ sounds, the C-190 caters to a large group of customers: from music schools to churches.
It is also an instrument for home musicians who cannot afford a console organ or simply do not have the required space.

76 Keys for Two-Manual Performances
The 76-note keyboard allows players to use as an upper and a lower section by activating the Split function. Another application is the use of the extended range when “Swell to Great” is selected.

New 128-voice Polyphonic Sound Engine
128-voice polyphony and countless newly sampled organ and orchestral waves are at the heart of a sound source that allows for various sound combinations, and dynamic voice assignment for the manual pedal parts.

Combination of Sounds
- Swell-to-Great Emulation
The player can use the entire 76-key range for single-part performances and use a classic organ with Swell-to-great coupler. All sounds the player selects can be layered .

- Simulates Two Manuals
The Great section can be assigned to the left half, and the Swell manual function to the right to simulate a two manual organ. When you add the Bass part, the keys at the far left of the lower section even play the selected bass notes.

- Two Manuals Plus Bass Pedals
By connecting an optional pedalboard like the PK-5A or PK-25, you can turn the C-190 into a full-console organ akin to a real pipe organ in churches.

- Orchestral Sounds for More Variation
In addition to organ sounds, players can play orchestral sounds via each manual and even the pedals.

Sound and Combinations
The C-190 comes with 43 organ sounds based on the Roland/Rodgers wave library, which includes samples of historic church organs from central Europe. 13 of them can be recalled in realtime via the front panel 13 tilt tabs, while the remaining sounds can be assigned to the desired tilt tabs for instant access.

Windchest Panning
The C-190 comes with a unique feature called “Windchest Panning” that recreates the sound field of a church environment by simulating the physical pipe location for each note you play. With this new feature, you can change the setting of the pipe system by pressing a few buttons and then save your favorite stereo image setting.

Number of Keys
76 (to simulate two manuals)
Key velocity
Available for orchestra tones (not for organ voices)
Sound Generator
Sound Generator and polyphony
PCM Sound Generator, 128-voice polyphony
Pedal Division
Subbass 16', Principal Bass 16', ViolonBass 16', OctaveBass 8', Gedackt 8', Bombarde 16', Trumprt 8', Choral Bass 4', Clarine 4'
Manual I Division
Principal 8', Diapason 8', Bourdon 8', Spitzflöte 4', Rohrflöte 4', Principal 4', Octave 2', Waldflöte 2', Mixture IV 1-1/3', Sesquialtera II 1-1/3', Sifflet 1', Trompette 8', Trompette 8', Regal 8', Trompette 4'
Manual II Division
Bourdon 8', Flute 8', Geigen Principal 8', Gemshorn 8', Viole Celeste II 8', Salicional 8',Gambe 16', Prestant 4', Koppelflöte 4', Fugara 4', Quinte 2-2/3', Doublette 2', Tierce 1-1/3',Scharff III 1', Vox Humana 8', Fagott 16', Krummhorn 8', Hautbois 8', Clarion 4'
Orchestra Tones
14 orchestra Tones (PEDAL: Ac. Bass, Stringed, Cello. MANUAL I: Piano, E. Piano, Guitar, Strings, Choir. MANUAL II: Harpsi, Brass, Violin, Oboe, Flute, Chimes)
8 different types, with adjustable depth
Panel Controls

VOLUME, PEDAL and MANUAL I sliders, 15 tilt tabs with orange indicators, TRANSPOSE button, TUNE button, UP/DOWN buttons
ORCHESTRA button, SET/SPLIT button, M1/2 (memory bank selection), MEMORIES buttons for 2 x 4 registrations, REC button, PLAY button, REVERB button, WINDCHEST PANNING button
Other functions
Demo Songs
28 Demo Songs (4 Banks: Weddings, Orchestra, Variety, Bach)
–5 to +6 (in semitones)
Easy 1-track Recorder (records notes and setting)
4 song memories

PEDAL IN (to connect PK-5A/ PK-7/ PK-25), MIDI IN & OUT, OUTPUT Stereo (L/Mono, R), EXP/SUST (sustain works only for orchestra tones)
Amplifier & Speakers
Rated Power Output
10 W + 10 W
10 cm x 2
Power Supply

PSB-8U adapter

Keyboard Stand (KS-C-190), Pedalboard (PK-5A/ PK-7/ PK-25), Pedal (DP-2), Expression Pedal (EV-5)

Owner’s manual, PSB-8U Adaptor, Power Cord, Music Rest
Size and Weight ( C-190 )
1,156 mm
45-9/16 inches
347 mm
13-11/16 inches
108 mm
4-1/4 inches
11.0 kg
24 lbs. 5 oz.
Size and Weight ( C-190 with optional KS-C-190 )
1,156 mm
45-9/16 inches
413 mm
16-5/16 inches
762 mm
30 inches
20.0 kg
44 lbs. 2 oz.

Roland Italy: tel.(++39)02937781 ,
e-mail, e-mail
Austria Tel.: 0512 264426 , Fax: 0512 266485 ,
Canada phone: 604-270-6626, fax: 604-270-6552,
France Tel : , Fax : ,
Germany 040 526 009 - 0 ,
Portugal Tel: 226 080 06, Fax: 226 080 075 ,
Spain Tel: 933 081 000 , Fax: 933 074 503

Next age of electronic music
Advanced audio-visual styles
2005 September

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