Born in the Indian Ocean on the island of Mauritius, Ravin was educated in the Hindu tradition, and was then taken by his Indian parents to Jaipur in Rajastan where he would spend most his youth. As a teenager, Ravin then came to Paris where he began working in a record company selecting vinyl compilations.
Very quickly music became his primary meaning in life, and while playing in clubs throughout the 80s, Ravin embarked on a musical voyage that would endure for many years. During this period the happening clubs in Paris witnessed the rapid emergence of new electronic sounds and Ravin, now resident DJ at the Rex, Boy and Bains Douches immersed himself in the exciting high tech wave that would engulf the world.
The opening of the Buddha Bar in 1997 marked a turning point in Ravin's musical direction. The magical atmosphere of this temple-like place harmonised perfectly with Ravin's personality and artistic taste. In the years that followed, Ravin, while working as in house DJ at The Buddha Bar, became an internationally renowned pioneer of an entirely new genre of music that mixed the eastern airs of his youth with the electronic sounds of his new home in Paris. He gained a double gold disc as author of Buddha Bar III and the following year released Amnesty International with Franck Nigel to commemorate its 40th anniversary.
Ravin's growing international reputation has taken him to far off places where he regularly appears in some of the world's most cutting edge clubs, while still remaining resident DJ at the Buddha Bar. Ravin quite literally lives for music. One of his favourite proverbs recalls Nietzsche: "without music, life would be a mistake"
In January 2003, Ravin released his latest offering: a double CD box set entitled Siddharta. This treasure chest contains 30 rare musical gems unearthed from far flung places. The result is a sleekly constructed musical journey that traverses the world's musical landscape and celebrates the emotion and passion of Siddharta.


Buddha Bar III (04/01)

Amnesty International (11/01)

Siddharta (01/03)

advanced technologic sound magazine
2003 march issue 112

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