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Psyclon Nine;
ner0 (vocals, guitar, programming);
Eric Gottesman (strings, synthesizer, bass guitar, programming, background vocals);
Josef Heresy (synthesizer)


Psyclon Nine
Summer of 2000 saw a match made in heaven when ex-roommates Marshall Carnage and Josef Heresy decided to form Psyclon Nine. The band started out as a guitar driven industrial band, heavily influenced by KMFDM and Ministry, but the members soon altered their style towards the more aggressive sounding industrial inspiration of bands like Wumpscut, Velvet Acid Christ, and Suicide Commando. Shortly thereafter, the band came together as a whole when Eric Gottesman, the frontman for See Colin Slash joined Carnage and Heresy.
In 2003, Psyclon Nine released their first album Divine Infekt, on Noitekk. The debut album gained the band popularity very quickly with its extremely fast paced music and lyrics.
Now, in 2005, the band releases its first U.S. album after signing with Metropolis Records. Hailed as one of the rising stars of the dark electro scene, San Francisco based Psyclon Nine emitted the new album INRI. The new record features thirteen tracks of dark, aggressive electro focusing on religious themes. Not an album for the faint of heart, this is an all out assault on the senses. Psyclon Nine deliver their message with top notch production and songwriting with each song custom crafted for the dancefloors. The album also features a scorching cover of the Ministry song "You Know What You Are."

Source: Metropolis Records

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Psyclon Nine Discography


Inri (2005)

Divine Infekt (2003)

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Behind A Serrated Grin
Lamb Of God
Rape This World (mp3)
Faith: Disease
Nothing Left (mp3)

Psyclon Nine Ipse Dixit


Patrik Lindström: Tell us more about the members and group of Psyclon Nine.
Ner0: "the current lineup for psyclon_nine is: Josef Heresy (concept, synth), Eric Gottesman (live synth, additional keys) and myself (vox, synth, drums, programming, concept). Josef and I started Psyclon_Nine in 2001 and we tracked Eric (who was frontman for "Seecolinslash" and live member in Deathline Int. at the time) on as a live member in 2002. We're actually looking to expand our live act by adding a drummer, but they're very hard to find around here."

Patrik Lindström: Tell us more about your first release "Divine Infekt"
Heresy: "It took about six weeks to record, start to finish. Maybe a little more. nero spent most of the time in the studio, and I?d join him whenever I got a break from work. I think it was about ten hours a day, five, sometimes six days a week. It was recorded and produced with the assistance of da5id din [Informatik, din_fiv] in San Francisco, at Corrosive audio. We felt that da5id was the best person to work on our album with because he really has a great talent in the studio. I think that one of the biggest immediate attractions of our material to Noitekk was the excellence of production. It was actually done for several months when we finally decided to sign to Noitekk. We were already fans of Aslan Faction and Tactical Sekt, so we felt it was a good place for us to be."

Source: Neuro Anti (2003)

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