=Pioneer DMP-555=

Digital Media Player with MP3 & SD technology

euro 1.199,00

The DMP-555 is compatible with CD Audio and MP3 formats and will playback from both CD and SD Card. Since these are capable of storing a huge number of MP3 tracks and loops, the DMP-555 allows DJs to enhance their sets and mixes with the latest music from around the world.

When the slim, compact and portable SD Card is used for mixes, the DMP-555 effectively becomes a sampler. This innovation is possible because MP3 loops can be BPM sync'd to the CD output and then fired on cue. In addition, the Master Tempo control can be used to slow down or speed up SD audio, without the pitch being affected.

CD ripping, loop editing and music file management are simple operations with the bundled DJ Booth software. And because the application simulates a set-up using two Pioneer CD players and a mixer, it's easy to master the playback, mixing and editing functions in no time at all. It's even possible to control the software from the DMP-555 itself, making DJ Booth the most innovative and user-friendly application available to today's digital DJs.

Key Features

SD Card
The all new powerful, flexible and removable digital media. DMP-555 supports SD Audio format of SD Card.

MP3 Player
CD player with onboard MP3 capability. Compatible with CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW and SD Card MP3 compression.

Dual Synchronous Play
Playback from both CD and SD Card sources. Mix MP3 loops and samples from the SD Card with CD-DA audio.

3-Band Isolator
From either CD or SD Card, cut out any one of the three frequencies (low: 280Hz and below, mid: 280Hz-6Khz, high: 6Khz and above).

CD and SD Card Control Panels
Separate and dedicated panels for control of each source during Dual Synchronous Play, with all the usual Pioneer CDJ player functions.

SD Card Tempo
Adjustment of SD Card BPM for Dual Play.

SD Card Pitch Bend
Adjust the pitch of a loop or sample on SD Card during Dual Synchronous Play.

SD Card Mixout Control
Mixes SD Card audio output with your CD audio playout during Synchronous Play.

SD Card Synchro
Match and lock SD Card BPM to CD playout BPM, at the touch of a button during Synchronous Play.

SD Card Folder Search
Navigate easily through SD Card contents. One Track Loop Set, Continuous loop of audio track on SD Card or CD.

Additional Features
Scratch Effect
Master Tempo
Tempo Select +/- 6%, +/- 10%, +/- 16%
Loop Out Adjust
CD Text + large screen display
CD and SD Card Audio level meters
CD and SD Card BPM meters
CD Eject Lock
Eject and Power button guards
Front Loading
Digital Output
Anti-shock Memory
Legato Link Conversion
Relay Play
Audio Output
Card Monitor Output
Fader Start
USB 1.1 Interface
Auto Cue
Manual Cue
Time Mode
CD / SD Source Select
100mm diameter Jog Wheel

DJ Booth Software

CD Ripping
Encodes to MP3 format from CD Audio and saves to PC Hard Disk. Input all track information and encode with a constant or variable bit rate.

Music Management
Category grouping by genre, BPM, edit track information and import music files.

DJ Play
Simulation of 2 x CDJ players and a mixer.

Edit and create new loop samples, saved to PC Hard Disk.

Copy audio files to SD Card via USB.

Access to Music Website and online support at the click of a button.

Hardware Control
Control of both virtual CDJ players, in DJ Play and Create modes, from the DMP-555 unit.

Multiple Languages
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Traditional Chinese and Japanese.

Operating Systems Windows 98SE / Me / 2000 / XP Home & Professional
Note: Windows 2000 needs an ASPI driver for CD-R/RW support
* Connection from PC to DMP-555 via USB





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advanced technologic sound magazine
2005 March issue135

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