Savas PPascalidis




work in progress
savas pascalidis - nite life (on new gigolo compilation 7)
luke slater - body freefall (savas pascalidis remix)
niteclub school (remix by savas pascalidis on missile rec.)
water lilly - "u kiss" (savas pascalidis remix)

"Galactic Gigolo"
(International Deejay Gigolo) )

tracking list
 1 - Space Age Love Song
 2 - Fly With The Wind
 3 - Medusa
 4 - Superman
 5 - Defend It
 6 - Tar
 7 - Silberland
 8 - Finding - (bonus track)
 9 - Is Anybody There?
 10 - System 605
 11 - Love Makes U Crazy
 12 - She Blinded Me With Science - (bonus track)
 13 - Can't Wait To Get To You - (bonus track)
 14 - Space Woman - (bonus track)

Savas Pascalids: "Galactic Gigolo is a concept album ,the main idea was to make trax for a techno science fiction movie"

Savas Pasclidis biography

Savas Pascalidis was born in Stuttgart (Germany) in 1970. Influenced by Disco and early 80's music, he started his musical career in 1987 as a House / Disco / Funk dj in various clubs in the Stuttgart area. In 1988, he started to play more Acid and New Beat music, which was quite popular at the time.
From 1991 on, Savas organized Techno parties in Stuttgart and its surrounding areas, and spinned at the Oz and the Perkins Park, the only clubs to offer Techno nights at the time.
In 1992, he got in touch with Goran Besov from Megahertz, who introduced him to the basics of electonic music. Equipped with this knowledge, he started to produce his own tracks on an Atari 1040 and a Juno 106. In 1995, he released two EPs on Affie Yussufs label 909 Perversions: "The Power Of Music" and "Masterblaster", followed by "Helter Skelter" on the Vienna cult label Loriz Sounds in 1997.
Richard Bartz got aware of Savas Pascalidis, his first release on Kurbel Records "Sugarland Express" became a real hit 1997 and was licensed around the world. Savas' popularity grew as more gigs abroad followed. In 1998, he produced "Discotheque" as a contribution to the second "Kurbel Compilation", which hit like a bomb. The remix by Richard Bartz even hit the Groove Top Ten Best Remix year poll. In 1999, he released "Sexomatic" on Kurbel, presenting more of his musical abilities and obviously referring to his Disco/Funk roots.
In 1999, all his previous tracks were (re-)released on the newly founded Lasergun label, which turned out to be the perfect platform for his kind of music. Soon, two new releases came out: "Disco Galaxy" and "Stellar Funk". In 2000, he remixed Sexual Harassments "I Need A Freak" and released Superastronaut "Dancing In Outer Space", which was strongly influenced by the music of the 80's. A three days session in Stuttgart with DJ Lab Insect resulted in the release of the "Venus EP" under the name Universal Power.
After one year of hard work, he finally published the "Cosmic Dancer EP" on Kurbel, showing a very well-balanced mixture of his favourite styles: 80's, Disco, and Techno.

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Savas Pascalidis

Kurbel Compilation 03
(mixed by Savas Pascalidis


"Cosmic Dancer EP"

"Venus EP" ep
with DJ Lab Insect , under the name Universal Power

"Dancing In Outer Space"

"I Need A Freak" remix


"Stellar Funk"

"Disco Galaxy"



song contribution to:"Kurbel Compilation 2"

"Sugarland Express"

"Helter Skelter"

"The Power Of Music"



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listen to Pascalis

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"My equipment is a hybrid mixture of analog hardware and software"

"... im always on tour, playing 1-2 times every weekend since yearsaround the world. Also working a lot for my label Lasergun"

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January 2004
30.01. rostock

December 2003
05.12. moa /geneva
06.12. moscow / russia
12.12. barcelona tbc
19.12. ghent/ belgium (tbc)
20.12. turbine/neubrandenburg
27.12. brandenburg
31.12. budapest

November 2003
01.11 ade /amsterdam
06.11. wagenburg / hamburg
08.11. polar tv /berlin
14.11. dome / lindau
15.11. burg rabenstein /brandenburg
21.11. umatic / athen
28.11. chile

October 2003
11.10. polar tv / berlin
14.10. cookies /berlin
17.10. ramien / wien
18.10 badeanstalt / munich
25.10 moscow (tba)
31.10. florida 139/spain



advanced technologic sound magazine
2003 november issue 119

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