Digidesign ProTools/24

mix3 (pronounced: MIX-cubed)

24-bit digital audio production system

This advanced integrated digital audio workstation has been designed for audio production, post-production, sound design, and multimedia. This cross-platform system allows you to record, edit, process, mix, and master audio projects of high quality.
The modular design of Pro Tools|24 MIX3 makes possible a wide range of expansion options for creative work of all kinds. From integration of samplers, sequencers, and instruments in a music studio, to advanced editing, synchronization and surround mixing in a post-production facility.


64 tracks of simultaneous audio recording and playback

128 virtual audio tracks

128 MIDI tracks

Sample-accurate integration of audio and MIDI

Up to 48 channels of I/O (expandable to 72 with additional cards)

Up to 5 inserts and sends per track

64 internal mix busses

High fidelity 24-bit digital audio production environment

Integrated multiformat surround mixing and processing

DigiRack real-time and file-based plug-ins

Full automation of all mixing and plug-in processing controls

Advanced editing, tempo detection and conforming

DigiSerial port for connection of synchronization peripherals

Comprehensive synchronization capabilities with the optional Universal Slave Driver

Tactile control of Pro Tools interface with optional control surfaces

Wide range of optional software and hardware add-ons from Digidesign and Digdesign Development Partners


-MIX Core card
The MIX Core PCI card provides up to 64 tracks of simultaneous recording and playback, DSP processing capabilities, and up to 16 channels of I/O. The MIX Core card connects to your primary audio interface (purchased separately).

-Two MIX Farm cards
Pro Tools|24 MIX3 includes two MIX Farm cards, adding a wealth of DSP processing capacity and support for up to 16 channels of I/O per card. More MIX Farm cards can be purchased separately to increase processing power and to add more audio interfaces (purchased separately).

-Pro Tools software
The latest version of Pro Tools TDM software is included with all core systems.


A Digidesign-qualified Power Macintosh or Windows computer

At least one Digidesign Audio Interface

One or more Digidesign-qualified disk drives for your audio data

Digidesign-approved SCSI accelerator for full track count

Digidesign Italy: Avid Technology srl - tel. (++39)0257511799 -Email

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