portable media workcenter
Audio workstation designed for DJs, VJs,
music video hobbyists, amateur musicians and podcasters

(external monitor not included)

euro 2.000,00 circa

The Open Labs MiKo is based on the AMD Athlon 64-bit single and dual core processor, which drives a Windows XP-based computer system. MiKo users can record, edit, mix, master, burn, and distribute their creations, whether high-definition video or 7.1 surround sound audio, on DVD or audio CD or send to the Internet, either through Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Audio and Video

. MiKo features a 4-in, 6-out audio section capable of 24bit / 96 KHz operation. Two ultra-low noise high-headroom microphone/instrument preamplifiers with 48V phantom power are located on the front panel for quick and easy connection to your favorite microphones and instruments. The audio section also includes a high quality stereo headphone output with volume adjustment. The headphone output has its own two-channel driver stream, which can be used as a separate stereo bus or two-channel output giving you the ability to send a "cue" mix to the headphone output and a main mix to the main output. Two additional balanced TRS line inputs are provided along with six balanced TRS line outputs. Two channels of S/PDIF input/output and MIDI input/output are also included. Optional 7.1 surround sound module provides decoding of most popular home theater audio standards and provides output for speakers including front left, front right, center, side surround left, side surround right, back surround left and back surround right as well as a dedicated subwoofer.

MiKo's video section provides dual component VGA connection to the built-in 15" LCD touch screen and an external monitor or video projector. Based on a 256-bit graphics engine, each channel is capable of resolutions of up to 2048 x 1536, which provides high-definition video processing for full-screen, full-frame video playback of HDTV and DVD content. The dual 128-bit pixel pipelines are capable of up to 1.1 billion AA samples/sec fill rate and up to 34 Million triangles/sec drawing. This digital video editing/playback feature makes the MiKo useful for VJ's.


the first portable production unit to support HD video
37-note musical keyboard, with a 4-input/6-output, 24-bit/96 KHz audio section
15" XGA LCD touchscreen
support for non-linear video editing
real-time controls, including a dedicated control section for DJ use
interconnectivity for MP3 players, video players, digital camcorders

expanded podcasting capabilities, as well as support for high-quality playback of digital music and video files via the Internet with full 7.1 surround sound.

Miko is a portable workcenter ... you can take your work with you wherever you go.
Software is available for users to create, edit, manage and play digital content.


Processor - AMD Athlon 64-bit single and dual core processors.
RAM - 512MB upgradeable to 4GB
HD - 80GB 7200rpm
DVD- Burner
4in/6out 24bit/96KHz.
1 available HD Bay
PCI Slots (4 available)
Video - Dual Head
37-key Keybed
Firewire 400
USB 2.0 (2 ports - back)
802.11g WiFi USB key
15" color LCD touchscreen
MiKo Master Control Module
DJ Controller with Penny-Gills cross fader
Ethernet 10/100T
Windows, preconfigured for digital media
QWERTY keyboard
5,000 pre-set sound library, Cubase LE, Karsyn, mFusion and Open Labs Navigator.

Open Labs
5810 Trade Center Drive
Building 1, Suite 100
Austin, Texas 78744

Phone: 512-444-6222
Fax: 512-233-2963

Open Labs online store

advanced technologic sound magazine
2006 February issue 146

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