Numark HDX hard drive turntable
tabletop HD/CD/MP3 player
A real vinyl control surface, and a random access
to audio as a hard drive can provide.

euro 1.800,00

From scratch and mobile DJs, to producers and DJs in live bands

17.75" x 14.5" x 3.625"(HxWxD)
(371mm x 451mm x 92mm)
22 lbs / 10kg

HDX Hard Drive CD/MP3 Player
The Numark HDX is a tabletop HD/CD/MP3 player. With an ultra-high torque motorized 12” platter, the HDX utilizes a real vinyl record for the ultimate vinyl feel. Styled after Numark's CDX player, the new HDX is an advanced DJ media player . Complete with an onboard hard drive, USB 2.0 ports, and an 8x CD reader, the HDX is a tool developed for professional and aspiring performing DJs, mobile DJs, producers and club installers. The HDX includes a removable 80 GB hard drive supporting MP3, WMA, and WAV media formats. The unit's enhanced search capabilities facilitate easy file location by artist, album, genre, track, plus BPM. With high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity, you have full access to the hard drive for both Mac and PC, making updating of content more easy.

Authentic turntable feel
Ultra-high torque (4.7 kgf cm) direct drive motor
Full size 12” platter holds a real user-replaceable vinyl record
Extensive DSP functionality
Scratching, looping, smart looping via Numark's proprietary Beatkeeper™ technology, auto beat matching
Beat-synched effects include sonar, slide, filter, echo, chop
±100% pitch control, Key Lock
Slot load CD transport
Fast CD loading
Front-load slot
I/O panel connections
Audio input
Audio Output (RCA)
Midi In/Out
Digital Output
Fader Start
USB 2.0
PS/2 Keyboard


Is the hard drive upgradeable?
Yes, with any standard 2.5” hard drive.

If the hard drive crashes, can I still use the CD player on the unit?
No, HDX requires the hard drive to be functioning in order for not only the hard drive functionality, but the CD capability as well.

How can I load songs?
Songs can be loaded using various methods:
- Insert a CD into the built-in CD drive and rip directly to the unit.
- Record audio that is connected via the LINE IN RCA input jacks on the I/O panel.
- Songs can be loaded to the hard drive using the USB 2.0 connector. When connected to a PC, the HDX is seen as a USB mass-storage device. Be sure to eject/stop the HDX connection on the PC before disconnecting the USB connection.

What bit-rates can I rip or record audio at?
Audio can be ripped or recorded at the following bit rates:
No Compression (wav format)
192 kilobytes/second (Compressed - CD Quality)
320 kilobytes/second (Compressed - Professional Quality)

Can I search for tracks on the hard drive using a keyboard?
Yes. A keyboard can be connected via the PS/2 jack on the I/O panel. This can be used to search for tracks via any search method. Track searching/selection can also be done directly on the unit using the rotary encoder, the keyboard is not necessary.

Can I create new playlists directly on the unit?
Yes. You can create and edit playlists directly on the unit using the rotary encoder and
by following the intuitive on-screen instructions. Playlists can be created by accessing the
PLAYLIST option when the MENU button is pressed.

Wfat audio/data formats does the HDX support?
The HDX supports the following file formats from the hard drive and CD:
- MP3

Why is it important to have a 12” motorized platter with vinyl record and slipmat?
For professional DJs, a 12” motorized platter with vinyl record and slipmat provides
the essential experience of
-The DJ uses the active motion of a motorized platter to scratch and adjust pitch.

Can the DJ use their own records and slipmats?
Yes, the HDX can be easily customized with another record and slipmat.

What is the torque and why is this important?
Torque is the force of the platter moving. In the HDX it is the current industry maximum of 4.7 Kgf cm. This is important because, the DJ uses the resistance of this force in order to scratch effectively. Poor torque, such as that found with a belt drive, means the platter will not stand up to the rigors of heavy scratching.

What is smart looping?
Smart looping is a feature that lets the user make perfect loops every time by using the Beatkeeper to create the loop. The user will press the smart loop button, then press the in and out buttons close to the beat they want to loop on. The Beatkeeper aligns and quantizes the loop to be perfect. With the +/- buttons the user can then double or half the loop.

What other cool features are on the HDX?
Fashioned after Numark premium TTX and CDX turntables, the HDX is rugged and durable. A built in Beatkeeper gives accurate and instant BPM readouts. Key Lock allows users to change pitch +/- 100% yet still maintain the current key. The built in DSP processor allows creative effects to be used. Stutter allows the user to jump around the music instantly and still control the music via the vinyl record. Cue point storage allows the user to jump instantly to stored points and not spend time cuing up. MIDI makes this unit fully controllable in a studio environment.

Numark info

Alesis Italy :E-sound Tel : +39 0733 226271 - Fax: +39 0733 226546
Corso Persiani, 77 - 62019 Recanati (MC) - Italy
Via Avogadro, 10 Zona Industriale E.Fermi - 62010 Montelupone (MC) - Italy

World Headquarters
Numark Industries, LLC
200 Scenic View Drive
Cumberland, RI 02864 - USA
401 658 3131 tel
401 658 3640 fax

Numark Deutschland GmbH
Karl Arnold Strasse 2A
Willich D-47877, Germany
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Numark Japan
Pro Audio Japan K.K., Central Nogizaka 1F
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Numark UK LTD
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Numark Taipei
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Taipei 105, Taiwan
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Numark Europe
+32 3 226 4665 tel
+32 3 232 9742 fax

Numark Asia-Pacific
Block 816, Woodlands Street 82 , #07-445 , Singapore 730816 , Singapore
+65 9 789 2710 tel
+65 9 363 4750 fax

Electric Factory , 188 Plenty Rd, Preston 3072, Australia,
Audia , BP40 / 2 rue de Milan Parc d'Activities des Petites Landes, Thouare 44470, France
SDS Music Factory , Hohlstrasse 608, Zurich 8048, Switzerland
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2006 February issue 146

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