USB MIIDI controller with Audio and Effects.
2-Octave with Semi-Weighted and Aftertouch
responsive Keyboard.
Portable (mains or battery powered)


2 Octave Semi-Weighted high quality Aftertouch responsive Keyboard

Portable - Runs for over 18 hours on 6x C-size dry batteries (9 hours on rechargeables). Can also be powered from USB or external PSU

64 User programmable templates, each with over 60 parameters. Over 50 templates factory preset for packages including Reason, Native Instruments, Cubase, Logic etc.

Supplied with coloured ident strips customised to applications or user defined

Pitch bend and programmable mod wheel joystick mechanism with user selectable static or spring loaded mod wheel action

Programmable X/Y touch pad surface for simultaneous control of multiple parameters

24 buttons, 8 knobs, 8 encoders and 8 sliders assignable to each template

Backlit Blue / Silver LCD display for realtime parameter view

Built in MIDI / USB interface. Can be used as stand alone controller or as an interface

Dedicated transport controls and four 'fast template select' function buttons

Ships with USB/MIDI drivers for Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP.

The ergonomically designed front panel is inviting and simple to use. And it’s all there: 8 rotary
potentiometers, 8 sliders, 8 rotary encoders and 24 switches that are entirely programmable. All
controls can be named and memorised as a collection with a group template name, then saved in
any one of the 64 template memories.
It ships with loads of handy coloured control ident strips
which, when used with the pre-programmed templates makes for easy and intuitive control of the
software application / plug-in. Additional strips are also in the box for you to customise to your own

Set of 64 template memories with over 60 parameters
To get up and running fast, the ReMOTE 25 is shipped with over 50 user pre-programmed templates
to control many popular hardware and software instruments. In addition you can create and save
your own templates by combining any data from any preset. More templates will be available from

Shipped with Windows USB drivers, just plug into the USB port, install the driver software and the
ReMOTE 25 is fully operational. Alternatively if your computer system does not have USB or if you
have a Mac, then simply plug into the MIDI ports until Mac USB drivers are available . The ReMOTE 25 provides two MIDI Out ports, one MIDI thru port and one MIDI In port.
Information originating from the ReMOTE 25 keyboard or its controls can be sent directly to the USB
port and / or any of the MIDI out ports. The MIDI ports can be used to integrate the rest of your
MIDI gear into your computer system.

Keyboard Mechanism
Keys 25
Type Semi-Weighted

Pitch and Mod Wheel Mechanism
Pitch Wheel lever
Rubberised - Spring loaded, centre return left to right motion
Mod / Control lever
Rubberised Spring loaded front to back motion or free running forward and backwards
X / Y Touchpad

Touchpad Pressure sensitive
Parameters 2 Assignable in X direction 2 Assignable in Y direction

LCD DIsplay

LCD 2 x 16 character silver. Blue LED backlit


Audio Inputs 2 x Combined 1/4” Jack / XLR sockets
Phantom Power On / Off 48 Volts
Gain Control -60dB - + 10dB Signal Range
A to D Converters 2 x 24 bit Delta Sigma
Audio Outputs 2 x 1/4” Jack sockets
Digital Output SP/DIF - Phono Jack
MIDI and Audio Interfacing

MIDI Ports 1 x MIDI In 2 x MIDI Out
USB 1x Combined MIDI and Audio I/O

Effects Processors

Effects 2 x Multi-Effects Processors
Type Delay / Reverb / Chorus-Phaser / Compressor / Distortion EQ (Bass-Mid-Treble)


Rotary Potentiometers 20 - Rotation 0 to 270 Degrees
Rotary Encoders 4 - Rotation 360 Degrees Cont

9 30mm Length

Transports controls Rewind / Fast Forward / Stop / Start / Record

General Operation
Play : Template Common : Template Edit : Write buttons
Global : Snapshot : Panic

Cursor / Page control
Bank - Page / Up / Down : Program(Cursor) Up / Down : Inst Channel (Cursor) left / Right

Keyboard Control Octave up / Octave Down


Battery Operation
6 x Standard ‘C’ Size 1.5 Volt dry cells or re-chargeable cells

External Power Supply
Standard ‘Centre Positive’ 9V D.C. 600mA

Power Supply (Not Supplied)

Width = 468mm Height = 68mm Depth = 278mm
Weight 2.5Kg

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2003 october issue 118

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