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Bert Booijnk (keyboard) , Hendrik Jan de Jong (guitar) , Sonny Onderwate (bass) , Manda Ophuis (vocals) , Chris Postma (drums) , Martijn Pronk (guitar)


'Threefold Law' (audio)

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Nemesea formed in September 2002 in Groningen, The Netherlands. In April 2003 the band had their first performance as support act for After Forever, with whom they have been touring for over a year, as their steady support act. Now, Nemesea is touring The Netherlands on their own.

In March 2004, Nemesea started recording their debut album. Months of hard work in different studios have resulted in 'Mana' (meaning 'the magical power of things, given by the gods').

Source: Nemesea website


"Mana" album (nov.2004)
Produced by H.J. de Jong
Artwork by Caretaker Creations

tracking list
1. Nemesis (intro)
2. Threefold Law

3. Empress
4. Angel in the Dark
5. Mortalitas
6. Part I - The Taker
7. Part II - Dies Irae
8. Part III - Moriendum Tibi Est
9. Part IV - From Beneath You It Devours
10. Lucifer
11. Disclosure
12. Beyond Evil
13. Cry

Making of "Mana" (strings session) - Video -

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Inge : Do you have a classical background?
Manda : " I started singing when I was 18 years old. But I never sang in a classical way. I started classical singing lessons in 2002. So that's only two years. "
Source: www.vampire-magazine.com , by Inge

Sam Grant : Some of Nemesea’s lyrics concentrate on the occult and the supernatural. There is also clearly a strong interest in Mythology. What drew you to these subjects and what interests you about them?
Manda : " I’m writing most of the lyrics. I write about things that bother me or interest me very much. Wicca is my religion, I have written a lot of lyrics about that. A couple of them are found on Mana. But also things in life that you hear from the media can be used to write about."
Source: www.soniccathedral.com , by Sam Grant


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